Uganda bombing – Media unprepared for Islamist Violence

Mr Radical has saved an early morning edition of the BBC’s internet news report of the bomb blasts in Uganda that targetted people watching the World Cup. The expressed reactions reported in this BBC article surely support the claims frequently made on this website regarding both Christians and the Media Class. Two in particular stand out.

1. An injured American, a member of a Church group from Pennsylvania (possibly on a mission of some sort – although this is not stated), is quoted as saying, “I’m wondering why this happened and who did this. At this point we’re just glad to be alive.”

If this good fellow really doesn’t have a clue who might have done this nor why, after all that has passed in the last nine years, then he and all who share his beliefs had better start thinking fast – especially as he appears glad not to be martyred just now.

2. Most revealing is the “Shock” expressed by the BBC representative in Uganda and clearly shared by the BBC: “Nobody expected this to happen in a World Cup final. One would have thought that whoever did this would have waited for another time [my emphasis]. It is just a time when people are making merry and very excited about the World Cup final, then this happens. It is quite shocking.”

But why should the World Cup final be any different to any other time? Did the BBC believe this media show-case for their Utopian vision should be an exception? The report doesn’t blame Somalian Islamists outright, however it does raise the possibility; and for them surely the event must have seemed an opportunity to show-case their own particular nightmare vision.

R&R BBC News Archive – Twin blasts in Uganda capital Kampala kill at least 64.mht

Initial news reports in the immediate aftermath are often the most direct and honest, while those that follow are the subject of careful review and endless revision. We find that both these quotes have been removed from later versions; the BBC have regained their poise to present what they no doubt regard as a more balanced report, leading with a plea of gratitude for the murderers: “We thank the mujahideen that carried out the attack…”

R&R BBC News Archive – Somali militants behind Kampala World Cup blasts.mht

Clearly someone here is not reading from the script. We leave it up to you dear reader to decide just who that it is.

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