Tyler Clementi and Nicki Diaz Santillan. What they have in common!

Tyler Clementi is the teen-age Rutgers student who last week was reported to have committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River. It is likely that the motive for his alleged suicide was that two other Rutgers’ students planted a webcam in his room and filmed him in a sexual engagement with another (so far unidentified) male. The two students accused of planting the webcam and then posting the film on a website have been named as Clementi’s room-mate Dhraun Ravi and Molly Wei. Both are 18. This is certainly a tragedy for all three of the young people involved and for their families and the consequences will never fade. The heartbreak for Clementi’s parents is beyond description. The suicide of a child who is on the brink of adulthood after all the years of nurturing and sacrifice haunts parents for ever. I have friends who have experienced this and I knew at first hand of other similar situations in my working life.

Clementi may have been experimenting with homosexuality or he might have been openly homosexual, at least at college, but he was entitled to believe that what he did in private, was – well private! The fact that his activity was homosexual may have increased his sense of guilt but there are many things that people do in private that are likely to be mortifying if revealed to the world on the Internet. I suspect that most people, especially, though not only in their teenage years, have a private life that they would not want parents, family, friends and the wider world to know about. The Internet, especially those websites that are frequented by the emotionally arrested of all ages and which are used to reveal far too much that should be private, have become a dangerous menace. Webcams used to invade privacy are also extremely dangerous. Ravi and Wei, who are also young and typically lacking in judgment, will have plenty of time to regret the impulsive use of modern technology, for they could not have considered the consequences of their disrespect for someone’s privacy.

Unfortunately, but predictably, the homosexual ‘Human Rights’ crowd and their comrades in the Media Class are busy turning this tragic local event into a national campaign in order to further the homosexual agenda. They did this with the brutal killing of Matthew Sheppard and I suppose it all began with the murder of Harvey Milk. Every day, young people in the USA commit suicide for a host of reasons, including fear of illness, depression, being overweight, too short, too tall, too thin, parental divorce, powerful sexual drives and bullying. We can now add Internet exposure to the list of causes. All these tragedies are local and the Mainstream Media (MSM) usually has little interest in reporting them. We should be on our guard when the MSM and a host of activist organizations decide to give just one of these tragedies the maximum publicity. They are not interested in the family’s suffering but in advancing an agenda.

This brings me to the case of Miss Santillan who is now being cruelly exploited by the MSM for its Leftist agenda. Santillan, was for some 9 years employed as a housekeeper by Meg Whitman, the rich business woman who is now seeking election for the Governorship of California. Whitman is a Republican and wealthy enough to be able to match the Californian Democrat Party’s deep Hollywood-lined pockets and thus defeat the bumbling Jerry Brown. Whitman, when she was busy working at e-Bay, recruited Santillan through an agency. The following facts appear to be beyond dispute. The agency vetted Santillan, who used false documents, including a driver’s license. She also made many false statements and dishonestly signed documents, so that the agency believed that she was legally in the US. Whitman was fully entitled to accept this and not do any further investigations, for she had specifically asked the agency to be careful and diligent. Whitman paid Santillan something well over $20 an hour. In 2006, the Social Security Department sent the Whitman household a letter querying why Santillan’s name did not match her SS number. The Whitmans cannot recall this letter which is not surprising, as few can recall mail from 4 years ago. They might never have received it, since Santillan was responsible for picking up the daily mail and would surely have always been on the alert for INS and SS mail. In any case, SS letters in such cases specifically disbar employers from initiating any actions such as investigations of the employee’s legitimacy or dismissal. The letter did not imply that Santillan was illegal. This might sound strange to law-abiding and logical people but this is ‘inclusive’ and Leftist-dominated California where laws on the books must not make the lawless feel alienated.

In 2009 Whitman learned that Santillan was illegal and reluctantly sacked her. Presumably Whitman was at this point planning a bid for Governor and was aware that everything about her private life would be relentlessly raked over by a Media Class with a Leftist agenda that depends on the personal destruction of opponents. She was right about that but perhaps did not foresee that the Leftists would be happy to exploit a vulnerable Mexican woman and then throw her under the bus. Enter the Leftist lawyer Gloria Allred, so aptly named that one could not make it up. Allred reminds us why Charles Dickens had contempt for lawyers. That ‘profession’ has not altered in the intervening years, with the exception of a relative handful. Allred has put the unfortunate Santillan in front of a panting Leftist Media but only to say a few scripted words. A sobbing Santillan claimed that she was mistreated for all the years she was living well in the Whitman household but Allred would not permit the reporters to ask her any questions – not that the MSM is interested in any truths in this case but only in derailing the Whitman campaign. The pertinent questions include (1) How did Santillan find her way to Allred, for they do not live in the same town and Santillan appears to be an uneducated woman? (2) Where has Santillan been for the last year and what has she been doing? (3) Why has this case, presumably being handled by a lawyer on behalf of the client, only surface at this time in the political campaign? (4) Why has Santillan not been charged with offences in connection with the documentation she clearly falsified? (5) Why has she not been deported? (6) If she was being badly treated in the Whitman household why did she stay there for 9 years?

Santillan has been given much tearful exposure on Spanish-language TV in California in a Leftist bid to reduce the Latino vote for Republicans. Allred must stand accused of exposing her client to criminal charges and deportation in order to pursue a Leftist political agenda and it would be enlightening to know who Allred has been meeting with in the Democrat Party prior to this ‘revelation’. It is, of course, a Leftist axiom that the individual can always be sacrificed for the greater good of the ‘Cause’ and in this case, Allred and her comrades in the MSM are surely sacrificing a vulnerable member of a minority. I strongly recommend to all our website visitors that they get to hear the grilling that Lawyer (one of the few truly great legal minds) Mark Levin gave to the voluble but unprincipled Allred on his radio program. He destroyed her!

The real lesson in both the Clementi and Santillan situations is the role of the MSM, for nothing becomes news and receives repeated headlines unless it serves the Media Class agenda.

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