Two Polls Today – Two Conflicting Results

Today’s Morning Consult Poll has Clinton leading by 7 points nationally. The LATimes daily tracking poll has Trump at 47 (yesterday 46.9) to Clinton’s 42.4 (yesterday 42.2) [along with a UPI/CVoter Poll giving Trump a “slim” lead of 2.5 points*]. A Monmouth poll has Clinton leading by 11 in Colorado. Generally the polls, including Quinnipiac, are favoring Clinton.

Meanwhile Trump is continuing to draw massive, energized crowds to his rallies and Clinton is addressing small, apathetic audiences at hers.

For members of the Broad Right it is hard to view any of this conflicting evidence without being dragged down by the relentless Mainstream Media (M) attacks on Trump. The ‘reporters’ and ‘commentators’ of the MSM are like a pack of wild dogs that have isolated a victim and are closing in for the kill. Once again we point out that the whole MSM is hunting as a pack and why would this be except that all are united by their Class interest.

As one, they have today abandoned Alicia Machado (who is she you may well ask now?) and moved on to Trump’s tax ‘scandal’. If this one doesn’t continue to have legs as propaganda they will in unison move to the next. The ‘next’ will almost certainly be unearthed by the MSM, possibly in collaboration with a government department. The Democrat Party hardly has a role, as befits its junior status in the Revolutionary movement that seeks a third and permanent term in the White House.

As Donald Trump never visited this website prior to entering the campaign and thus was ignorant of the great Revolutionary force dismantling the American Nation State, he was unprepared for the battle. He was not alone in thinking that his opponent was Hillary Clinton. Only now are he and his allies learning (painfully) that the MSM -representing the Ruling Media Class – are the warriors of the Revolution and Clinton is merely a figure-head.

Meanwhile Julian Assange, a fugitive in Ecuador’s London embassy, is threatening to release hacked information tomorrow that he claims will destroy Clinton’s campaign. He probably has evidence of outrageous Clinton wrong-doing. The more damaging the information, the more we can be certain that the MSM will bury it. Information about Clinton, no matter how scandalous or criminal, will ever surface in the MSM or receive FBI and DOJ attention. Information about Trump, no matter how trivial or baseless, will be presented as scandalous headlines and warrant official investigation. That is how it will be until election day.

Today’s WSJ Newspaper’s main front-page headline is “Taxes Pose New Challenge for Trump”. Not one of Clinton’s many email revelations has ever received the WSJ’s main headline and nothing negative will.

It may be that enough American voters will ignore the pernicious propaganda of the MSM and realize that Trump is the (unlikely and unprepared) hero of the hour. Hope springs eternal!

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(Great women singers/great songs)

Billie Holiday’s 1938 recording of “Any Old Time” with the Artie Shaw orchestra. Shaw wrote this song for Holiday.

*From Epaminondas


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