Two Cheers for Putin

The old saying ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is not a very principled one but in wartime, when things are desperate, it is wise advice. There must be more than a few American counter-revolutionaries who are now regarding Vladimir Putin with some respect and maybe even a little affection.   It seems that the entire Mainstream Media (MSM) is hoping that the Winter Olympics at Sochi will be a disaster. All the reporting has a negative slant and it is clear that the Media Class of the Western World, and those politicians who are beholden to it, have decided that this Olympics must not be allowed to go down in history as anything other than a failure. It is not hard to discover the reasons for their negativity but just for the record we will lay them out here. 

    There are three and only three. One is that Putin has been running rings around Obama over Syria and the Middle East, and the US Media Class has it in for anyone who dares to treat their man in the White House with anything less than awe and adulation. It would be good for Obama and his Media masters if his bumbling interference in the Muslim world could be presented as the work of a superior mind. Instead Putin has played the chess master and Obama has looked like the man who cannot even master checkers. Obama’s adventures into the Muslim world, a mixture of an idler’s detachment, covert support for Islamic Imperialism and sporadic opportunism dictated by internal Democrat Party politics, has been a disaster that cannot be wholly concealed. Even the US MSM, so skilled at persuading Americans (before their lying eyes) that Black is White and White is Black, cannot put his Egyptian/Libyan/Syria Humpty Dumpty back together. And who has more publicly hung him out to dry before the world than Vladimir Putin? 

    The second humiliation for Obama (and the USA) has been Putin’s very public ensnarement of Edward Snowden and his portfolio of American secrets. The one-time secret police master of the Soviet Union now has access to a treasure trove of American security arrangements and plots, and is contemptuously dismissive of Obama’s pressure for the return of them and their thief. 

    Last but most important, Putin has unforgivably and properly defined homosexuals as perverts and corrupters of the young. Adopting the role of defender of the normal family, of tradition, of Christianity and of the morals of Russia’s young people, Putin has single-handedly stopped the homosexual juggernaut which has rolled across the USA and Western Europe. The world’s perverted Media Class and its Leftist allies might have forgiven Putin for Syria and Snowden but the homosexual agenda and its ultimate victory lies at the very heart of the Media Class agenda. Homosexual advancement is the litmus test it applies to every public figure and every policy. Those who delve back into the archives of this website will find that we insisted from our debut that it was so. Originally many website visitors thought we were suffering from an obsession when we claimed that homosexual advancement was at the top of the agenda of a new emerging Ruling Class but time has revealed that it is our Ruling Class that is obsessed. And we have repeatedly explained why! Indeed the Media Class has become ever more brazen and confident in its promotion of its top agenda item. All Media reporting now starts from the basis that ‘gay’ rights are being demanded by the world’s people and that those who oppose such things as SSM and the compulsory sexual indoctrination of all schoolchildren, are cruel and reactionary bigots. Putin’s restrictions on homosexual propagandizing at Sochi has outraged the Media Class, not because it will stop perverts from finding young victims, but because it was the Media Class intention to use every great public event for homosexual evangelizing. The goal of the Media Class is to present perversion as normal and Putin has insisted that it is not. 

    The MSM reports gleefully that most Western leaders are boycotting Sochi because of Putin’s ‘restrictions’ on ‘human rights’. At the top was France’s Premier Francois Hollande, a pawn of the Media Class who trumpets SSM at the same time as his personal life offers clear evidence that he disdains marriage between man and woman. Those who have not boycotted Sochi have rushed to show that they are nevertheless signed on to the agenda. Anyone who has questioned this website’s ‘obsession’ with the homosexual agenda may ask themselves what power it is that can so intimidate World leaders. Are we to believe that European Prime Ministers and Presidents are so concerned with the ‘rights’ of this small, unhygienic and distasteful minority that they turn down an international junket? The MSM, always extremely skilful at propaganda, relentlessly writes and reports in such a way as to imply that it is the people of the Nations that are outraged by Putin’s moral stand. Contrary to this, we believe that the ‘leaders’ are not representative of the people and that great numbers of ordinary people in every Western Nation will be quietly applauding Vladimir Putin and hoping that he remains steadfast. Here in California I have heard working people saying “Putin for President!” 

    As a footnote to Putin’s concern to protect Russia’s children and young people from homosexual corruption and recruitment it is worth mentioning that recently a Cornell University professor released the results of a study that showed that 70% of teenagers who reported a same-sex romantic attraction later told researchers that they were unreservedly heterosexual. (Archives of Sexual Behavior). 

    Meanwhile in the multi-racial Third World melting pot (and soon-to-be criminal haven) which is New York city, its new Far Left mayor Bill de Blasio (New York’s answer to Francois Hollande) has said he will boycott the annual St Patrick’s Day parade because it is not allowing the ‘Pride’ perverts to flaunt their perverted lifestyle in front of families. De Blasio, married to a Black former lesbian, is an example of Leftists in power who now feel emboldened to shock and intimidate the old America. Knowing that the White House and Department of Justice are brazenly casting off all legal and moral restraints in pursuit of the moral revolution, de Blasio in New York, Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and Wendy Davis in Texas (Occidental Observer please note! All White and not Jewish!) are emerging as trail-blazers for extremism. MSM reporting is aimed at positively promoting these extremists in order to push the ‘center’ of political debate ever Leftwards. 

    In another blow to normality, Scotland’s parliament voted 105 to 18 to legalize SSM, despite objections from Scotland’s Christian Churches. I am sure that if you sampled any 123 ordinary people on the streets of anywhere other than the streets of SF and other modern sodomite enclaves, the numbers would reverse. Yet elected politicians everywhere in the Western World are overwhelming in their willingness to blatantly ignore public opinion and push the homosexual agenda. Of course they instinctively know that they will receive uncritical Media approval, but there must be more to it than that to get a vote of 105 to 18. The BNP’s Nick Griffin always talks as if a sinister all-powerful clique of World Government Jews controls the Media (and presumably summons them to secret meetings for instructions) and we reject such a tight conspiracy theory. However, recently I read of the existence of a homosexual group called the ‘Equality Network’. There seem to be endless such groups of homosexual activists, no doubt all with paid staff, offices and large budgets and nothing to do but bugger each other and target politicians and Business leaders. Not only are the homosexual forces nestled in the heart of the Media Class but they are also richly financed and focused. Against them the Christian Churches and the general population seem powerless. 

    Occasionally, the people get a small victory. This last weekend the Swiss people, legendary in their independence and small and democratic government, voted to curb immigration. It was by the slimmest of margins but nevertheless it was a defeat for Big Business, the Swiss Media Class, Leftist forces and EU bureaucrats. It was also a victory for Switzerland’s growing Nationalist party. Given the Nation’s constitution and history of small government it is unlikely that the party will be criminalized as was Greece’s Golden Dawn. 

    Here in middle California, an astonishing piece of news emerged this week yet it remains largely under the public’s radar. Last April, an attack was launched on a San Jose power station belonging to P G & E. A newspaper enquiry has uncovered what is believed to be a sophisticated terrorist attack by a group armed with rifles. The attackers inflicted substantial damage to 17 transformers before fleeing. They have not been caught and so are still at large. Experts say that a successful attack on a power station can bring chaos to Silicon Valley tech industries as well as a wide area of population. Several cities around the SF Bay have large Muslim populations. There has yet to be an official explanation as to why news of this attack has been kept secret for some 9 months. Since we began writing this on Friday evening, Peggy Noonan in the WSJ has written an enlightening piece on this terrorist attack, thus bringing it to a wider public. 

    In a previous article on this website we called attention to the arrest and detention of Paul Golding, an activist for the UK’s ‘Britain First’ Nationalist Party. Golding had been leading a lawful and peaceful protest in London against Muslim hate preacher Anjou Choudary. Golding was later arrested at his home and held in custody under laws which now grant Britain’s police wide powers of detention for arbitrarily designated speech offences. Golding’s home was searched and many items removed. He was initially charged by the Crown Prosecution Service and besides undergoing police interrogation was further questioned by officers of SO 15 Counter Terrorist Command. It is most unlikely that Golding would be involved in terrorist activities though Choudary, whose public meetings receive heavy police protection, could well be linked to Islamic Imperialists. This week, Golding was called back by the police and informed that no charges would be made against him. 

    This British police tactic, arrest – often at night, detention, rigorous questioning that might best be described as a ‘fishing expedition’, the confiscation of computers and personal papers, release and all charges dropped, are standard anti-Nationalist terror tactics designed to handicap political activity, intimidate and enable establishment politicians to smear those who resist the multi-cultural agenda. The refusal of entry to the UK of conservative Talk Show host Michael Savage is part of the same curtailment of free speech and association. 

    Weather – Middle California is at last getting some real rain, enough to end the drought but not yet nearly enough to replenish reservoirs and underground lakes. Still, winter is not over and who knows what might come. The wet weather has ended some 16 weeks of frosty nights. Oregon and Washington State are experiencing MMGW in the form of ice, snow and very low temperatures. Over and down into Florida the cold has also penetrated. 

    In the UK, the south west is still being pummeled by storms. Much is being made by the MSM and the proponents of MMGW, of the damage to Brunel’s coastal railway line at Dawlish. A little perspective is needed before we fall for the propaganda of historic climate change. First, a local man who visits this website tells us that several storms before the big one had washed away the sand at the base of the defenses, so that when the big storm arrived the sea was able to penetrate under the railway line. Winter storms on this coast often move huge amounts of sand from one place to another in the space of a few tides. The other factor was that the big storm came from the east and not the south east and so the southwest peninsula bore the brunt of it rather than the coast from Sidmouth to Lyme Regis and beyond. There have been many such storms in the past and a big one in the late 1800’s also took away parts of Brunel’s railway line around Dawlish. Black and white photos of this storm and its damage were posted on Exeter’s local newspaper website last week.

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