Turmoil from Japan to Libya to Wisconsin

One thing is certain this sunny, cool morning here in California. There is no shortage of news around the world. I had intended to start with another visit to Wisconsin but the terrible natural disaster in Japan has to take precedence over all things. The final death toll is bound to be horrendous and the economic damage will surely be on the scale of America’s public debt! This morning, the news reports are upgrading the biggest Japanese earthquake from 8.9 to 9.2. There were hundreds of other quakes, many of them extremely powerful by any reckoning. Added to these was the Tsunami that swept over the coast with little warning, since the quakes were close to Japan and not far out to sea. For those who live on or near California’s San Andreas Fault line and several other active fault lines which run more or less parallel to it, this is a time for great anxiety. When the big quake recently hit Chile it seemed to me that such a movement of the Earth’s crust must surely produce a knock-on effect around the Pacific Rim – if not the whole world. Since then there has indeed been a series of big movements. There is no reason to believe that this Japanese quake is the final episode in the current rearrangement of the Earth’s crust and I think all West Coast residents should be prepared for the worst. We are reminded of the fragility of our planet, not from man-made activities but from forces beyond our power and comprehension.

The pictures coming from Japan – flooding, raging fires, building and other material destruction and human misery – leave me wondering how any society can begin to get on top of the chaos. Now nuclear plant threats are added to the mix. I would not want to be Prime Minister. Japan will have to hope that their man is not a superficial glib talker who spends much time on the golf course and preening himself with Show-biz celebrities. Organizing community agitators is not likely to be a useful qualification for leading a whole Nation out of a disaster of these proportions. Still, my guess is that when the fires are out and the waters have receded, the Japanese people will, like the people of Chile, quickly rebuild and will require minimal help from the rest of the world. In today’s Western world, where Leftist political correctness rules, it is not permissible to ask why some peoples seem able to overcome all challenges whilst others are endless international welfare recipients. Is it down to superior and inferior cultures or intelligence? From a genuinely humanitarian perspective this is a crucial question and yet no-one is allowed to honestly explore it.

In Libya, Gadhafi appears to be reasserting control over his oil-rich desert State. He has been forced to take time away from his work on Human Rights at the United Nations to deal with a rebellion of those who did not appreciate his work there with all those other Humanitarians. How does the UN have ANY credibility with anyone with an IQ over 80? Yet Western Leftist academics, along with virtually the whole world of Show-biz, public service bureaucrats and politicians (other than those on the ‘Far Right’) insist that the UN is our wonderful World Government-in-waiting. Some are simply blind to its nauseating faults, their gaze clouded by ideology. They are the latest generation of the dopes who insisted that Stalin’s giant murderous prison camp was just a slightly flawed stage on the road to perfection. I am sure however that many others see a gravy train for themselves and a means of destroying individual liberty.

It is always possible that Gadhafi will be assassinated or that his forces will fall apart but it is becoming increasingly clear that he will not be brought down by American efforts. Obama is nothing if not consistent. Whether it is the steady suppression of the US oil industry, the marginalizing of the US Constitution, the Balkanization of America by race, the destruction of the American currency or the imposition of homosexuality on the American people, Obama, despite his speeches (mostly packed with lies) never veers in his actions from a revolutionary path. He always made it clear that he would not defend America’s interests or exert America’s leadership in the world and now in regard to Libya he is deliberately avoiding a world leadership role. If he had been thinking of American interests he would have either stayed carefully neutral or acted against the Gadhafi regime from the beginning. Instead he has alienated Gadhafi with words and avoided helping those who might create a new regime. Either way, America’s interests are not helped. Some might accuse Obama of muddle or stupidity but I think he is just indifferent to America’s interests. I suppose there are many isolationists and peace-niks in the US, the former mostly on the Right, and the latter all on the Left and they might applaud Obama’s inaction, but I think it is likely that if Gadhafi wins many US voters in 2012 might (wrongly) judge Obama inept.

On a week when there is not much good news it is nice to report that Wisconsin’s Republicans and Governor did not bow to the thugs of the Public Service Unions and their Leftists mobs. The Mainstream Media (MSM) is doing its utmost to sanitize the mob’s violence and to frame the Wisconsin struggle as one of Human Rights and if Governor Walker had given away the MSM would have been jubilant. Instead, the Democrat politicians are beginning to look silly and outwitted and the thugs and their rich paymasters will have to go back to the drawing board. The conservative Internet websites have been full of pictures of the Red Mobs but predictably the MSM has seen nothing.

It is almost always conservatives or Christians who get ambushed and set up by journalists and then hung out to dry when ‘off the-record’ discussions are headlined, so it makes a change when Leftist Media Class elitists get a dose of their own medicine. Last week an enterprising conservative set up a gathering of supposed Muslim activists and then lured two leading members of National Public Radio into revealing their rabid Leftist views and anti-Israeli prejudices. Both have now been forced to resign and their downfall has now dragged down the President/CEO, Vivian Schiller. For the benefit of UK visitors to this website, NPR is largely tax-funded, also receives big donations from ultra-rich Leftists and, while insisting it is pursuing nothing but honest journalism, is busy peddling Leftist propaganda. Think BBC, and you Brits will get the picture – elitist, privileged snobs (and probably many homosexuals) who consider themselves to be on the side of social progress and therefore entitled to be dishonest with news and about motives. The good thing about this little ambush is that the Internet has enabled it to reach a wider public, for the MSM was always going to rally around the comrades. It has also come at a time when some of the new intake of conservative Republicans in the House is seeking to stop scarce tax payer money getting to Leftist propagandists. I doubt they will succeed for some of their ‘moderate’ colleagues will surely bottle out, but you never know. The really important aspect of this whole episode is that the NPR staffers are not one whit different from their comrades in the private sector for all are a part of the Media Class and are pushing the same revolutionary social agenda.

No area of human activity is more dishonestly reported in the MSM than crime whenever race is in the mix. Two US incidents perfectly bear this out. I will cover the least reported one first. Clint Dobson, a pastor in Arlington near Dallas was tied up and beaten as the victim of a robbery. He was subsequently suffocated with a plastic bag. His assistant, an older Church member who was with him, was badly beaten and left for dead. Dobson was only 28 and served the community in which he was murdered. This sickening crime has received little national publicity. The alleged killers, Anthony Springs 19 and Steven Lawayne Nelson 24 only got a cash card for their efforts so poor Dobson, a father, husband and Pastor died to provide pin money. I have read the Mainstream Media reports, in so far as they exist, and can find no mention of the race of the victims or alleged perpetrators. We all know what this means and thanks to the Internet and its conservative websites it is possible to discover that the alleged perpetrators were Black and the victims White.

In Cleveland, Texas (about 45 miles from Houston) an equally horrendous crime has surfaced and this one has at last made it to the MSM. Police were given a video of an 11 year old girl being repeatedly sexually assaulted over several days in an empty building. So far, 18 young men have been charged with sexual crimes against her and more are expected to be charged. The men’s ages range from 14 to the late 20’s and all are local. I have not yet read what the sexual crimes involve but I would be surprised if rape and sodomy are not included.

Initially it was not possible to ascertain the race of either the alleged perpetrators or young victim from MSM reports so this was obviously a crime involving race, for if it had been White perpetrators and a Black victim the crime would have received Duke University coverage and massive Editorial outrage. In this case, I think MSM propaganda has inadvertently given the crime the racial publicity it sought to stifle, for a Media report sought to drum up sympathy for the alleged perpetrators by reported interviews with Black residents. These interviews were mostly expressing sympathy for the men and blaming the child victim for provocative behavior. It now transpires that the alleged perpetrators were Black and the victim Latino so the local Latino population is now angry and racial tensions in the small town are said to be tense.

I am writing about these two incidents not to imply that all sex and violent crimes are committed by Black males, though a hugely disproportionate number are, but that the MSM regularly conceals facts in pursuit of a hidden political and social agenda.

My correspondent in East Devon (UK) has reported on the recent unanimous decision of the local council to give the planning go-ahead for 3000 houses to be built on beautiful agricultural land near the village of Rockbeare. This development will also include a library and other amenities so we are looking at a small town where a green belt between Rockbeare and Exeter now stands. Most local residents are outraged but powerless. The usual crowd of builders and developers are ecstatic as one would expect but what possesses the elected representatives and bureaucrats to be equally jolly? There are answers to this question but we have already touched on them in reporting on the proposed gypsy/traveler site in Exeter. The silence of the professional environmentalists should not surprise visitors to this website for as we have often written they are really Leftists in disguise and care nothing for the environment when the greater Leftist agenda is involved. The real question that needs to be asked is why, when the birth rate of the native British people is plummeting, more housing is required anywhere? Housing is said to be in short supply in East Devon but this is an argument used everywhere as England’s lovely countryside is concreted over. As always, the planners make much of how the Rockbeare plan will include ‘affordable housing’, a tried and trusted Leftist ploy to make objectors appear to be selfish and against the poor. It will probably not yet be argued that some of the housing must be allocated to refugees and Muslims. That will come later, after the houses are completed and the locals vanquished.

Incidentally, a typically nice and triumphant touch from the traitors who are destroying a once green and pleasant land – the development is to be called ‘Cranbrook’. I expect the streets will be called Oak Lane, Orchard Gardens, Elm Close and Meadow Way to commemorate the things that have needlessly disappeared for ever.

The BNP had a minor success on Thursday and we should not let it pass without mention. In Burnley, Lancashire, in a ward by-election, the results were; Labour 521; BNP 288; Lib Dem 261; Conservative Party 81; and Independent 58. We would be pretty up-beat about this result were it not for the fact that not so long ago Burnley was a stronghold of the BNP until internal disputes tore the Party apart. Still, beating the LibDems and Cameron’s fake Conservatives is better than nothing and may signal a change of fortunes for Griffin’s brave followers.

Music Choice – This time it is singer Frankie Laine who blasted through the popular music world of the 1950’s and 1960’s. He was one of the many Italian Americans whose vocal talents dominated the hit parades of not only the US but many other countries. He was from Chicago and initially a jazz-influenced singer and I am not sure he ever rode a horse or roped a steer before he made his reputation singing about such things. He was best known for providing the vocal on ‘Rawhide’, the theme song for the TV series of the same name and it is this track that I want to commemorate. The tune and lyrics were written by Washington and Tiomkin, who also wrote ‘High Noon’ another great Western song for a film of the same name. This latter song was recorded by Laine but really belongs to Tex Ritter who sang it for the film soundtrack. Both singers were able to conjure up the cowboy era and Laine’s powerful and breathless style was perfect for the ‘Rawhide’ series, which like almost all pre-1970’s TV pushed manliness and heroism. Laine also recorded some excellent humorous numbers including ‘The Rock of Gibraltar’; ‘Hey Joe!’ and ‘Tell Me a Story’, and the dramatic numbers ‘Jezebel’ and ‘Where the Wind Blows’. Just to prove that he was more than a singer he also composed the classic popular song ‘We’ll be Together Again’ which was included in Sinatra’s first big-selling album ‘Songs for Swingin’ Lovers’. I suppose manly voices are now a thing of the past, along with songs that are singable and lyrics that are neither obscene, whining or politically edgy.

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