Truth Is No Longer Permissible

With the passing years the great writer Eric Blair (Gorge Orwell 1903-1950) is proving to have been amazingly prescient. Not only did Orwell perceive that totalitarianism was the supreme modern challenge to freedom but he also understood that propaganda, lies and deceit were its currency. Orwell wrote that “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Orwell, who, like this writer, had spent some years becoming familiar with Leftists, became aware that Leftists yearn for totalitarianism and regard truth as wholly expendable whenever it fails to advance their cause. Once Orwell began to write critical things about the Soviet Government he discovered that Victor Gollancz (the Socialist publisher long regarded as a man dedicated to the truth) would not publish him. He also found that the British Establishment had little appetite for truth if it offended Stalin. Depressed by the knowledge that Socialism led to tyranny and the destruction of freedom Orwell wrote his two great pessimistic futuristic novels, 1984 and Animal Farm.

If Orwell were alive today, we can be sure that he would denouncing the EU, Islamic Imperialism, mass immigration as a means of suppressing the White working Class, the rewriting of history for PC purposes, abortion and the homosexual attack on traditional morality. Orwell would never be allowed on any modern college campus, his contemporary books would be burned by Academics and their students, and he would have to live in hiding to avoid assassination by hate-filled Muslims. Orwell would be unwelcome in the EU, Obama’s USA, Canada and any country in which Islam has gained a foothold and homosexuality a stranglehold. In his own country, which had sacrificed much blood to defend freedom and free speech, Orwell would be in prison, for his writings would offend all those who must not be offended.

This is a sad state of affairs indeed, but any visitors to this website who think this is an exaggeration have simply not been keeping abreast of the laws that are now mysteriously being adopted in the Western World. I almost wrote – without thinking – ‘keeping abreast of the news’ in the previous sentence and then realized what a dumb sentence that would be, for it is the Media Class that ensures that ordinary people remain unaware of the loss of their essential freedoms and who are driving much of the agenda that can only be implemented by suppressing free speech. There is no honest news to keep abreast of! If you do not believe me, reader, then go to the truth underground (aka as the Internet) and the Free Republic entry of 6th February entitled “Free Speech on Trial in Europe”. This will take you to the Hudson New York of January 27th and an excellent article by Soeren Kern1. Mr. Kern draws attention to the trial of Lars Hedegaard now taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hedegaard is the President of a small organization called the Danish Free Press and he has written some things critical of Islam. He is being charged with ‘racism’ for someone – and it does not have to be a Muslim – has claimed to be offended. There are laws on the books of Denmark that make it a severe criminal offence to write or say anything that is deemed to be offensive to certain groups of people. These groups include (and they are the two groups the laws are really meant to shield) Muslims and homosexuals. Hedegaard, if found guilty, faces up to two years in prison. We might regard this as a pretty stiff sentence, especially when compared to the ever more lenient sentences now dished out to thugs and thieves. Mr. Kern lists many other prosecutions that have taken place in European States for similar offences. They include Finland, Holland (Geert Wilders, a Dutch Member of Parliament is currently on trial), Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Mr. Kern, perhaps guilty himself of a sin of omission, does not mention the recent Leeds trial of two BNP members in the UK. This trial is also not mentioned on the Free Republic website which operates its own censorship of political groups who offend it, even when there is valid news involved.

There is no doubt that the curtain is coming down on free speech all across the Western World. The USA with its historic written Constitution devised by freedom lovers at a time when Protestant Christianity’s hunger for freedom of speech and written word were in the ascendancy, is one of the few countries where free speech is still legal. This is not to say that free speech is welcome across the USA. It has a multitude of enemies and they are gaining strength. Indeed they are in the ascendancy for the new Ruling Class has an agenda that is not sufficiently popular and so must resort to stifling free speech. Allied with Leftists who never tolerate free speech, (their college campuses and public schools are off-limits to all those who espouse traditional Christianity, conservatism and Nationalism) the Ruling Media Class is working to banish free speech from the airwaves, TV screens, from the printed word and the public forum. Unless the American people who benefit from freedom (Christians, conservatives and Nationalists) wake up, our Ruling Class will take the US down the European road at breakneck speed. We can see from the modern European experience that it is remarkably easy to subvert the judiciary and law enforcement, for in Europe and Canada it is as easy to prosecute and persecute Orwell’s ‘revolutionaries for truth’ as it was in the days of Stalin and Hitler. The two contemporary key departures from our Christian-based system that ensured free speech are these: the abandonment of trial by jury (installing trial by judge) and the enshrinement in law that truth is no defense.

In the case of the trial of the BNP Two in Leeds, the British Government had successfully removed truth as a defense but had not yet fully banished trial by jury (i.e. one’s peers). Thus the BNP Two escaped conviction and imprisonment. This loophole in the criminalization of truths that do not please the Ruling Class will soon be plugged, for current Prime Minister David Cameron and his LibDem Comrades are no friends of free speech and are eager to win the support of the Media Class. In the European trials of Orwell’s ‘revolutionaries for truth’, I will repeat that there is only trial by Judge and truth is absolutely no defense. These two departures from basic justice (judgment by one’s peers and the supremacy of truth as an absolute defense) open the doors to servitude for the people. It is often argued by Leftists that we now live in a tinderbox urban society (due to the mass immigration that the Left has achieved in order to rid society of revolting whiteness) and thus cannot afford to have citizens shouting fire in a crowded cinema. This is one of the core arguments used to stop free speech (the other being that ‘hate speech’ fuels violence). It is a totally flawed argument for it is one’s duty to shout ‘fire’ if indeed the cinema is on fire. In other words it is a duty to proclaim the truth. Yet our rulers are making it a crime to proclaim that Islam is an intolerant and bloodthirsty religion, that sodomy is a dirty and perverted practice and that same-sex relationships are based on fantasy. All these are indisputable truths which is why truth can no longer be tolerated as a legal defense in Europe and Canada. It is the intention of our new US Ruling Class to emulate the European and Canadian experience. Many other truths will quickly follow into criminalization for truth is the enemy of totalitarianism.

In a previous article I speculated that US stocks were advancing because people were reluctant to hold cash on the eve of rampant inflation. This week I read that almost half the house purchases in the US are now being negotiated with cash. This is, I believe, without precedent, and one explanation is that smart people are getting out of cash as fast as possible, whether it be into stocks or property. If one believes the lying Mainstream Media (MSM) and its propaganda designed to bolster Obama, one will conclude that the US economy is sizzling. I think the dollar might soon be sizzling which is to say only fit for burning.

Last week, here in mid-California we enjoyed some pleasantly warm days (and cold nights). Perhaps the witless Prince Charles was here on vacation for I read that he is castigating climate skeptics despite the record snowfalls on most of the USA. I doubt it takes much to get him spouting on the global warming nonsense for the only way he can get good Media coverage is if he toes the Media Class line. I am surprised that he has not yet publicly embraced same-sex marriage though looking at pictures of his latest bride I wonder if he is a practitioner of same. Anything that Charlie pontificates on has to be a joke for he surely has little ‘upstairs’?

Our musical choice today is a recording from December 1954, a period before the Media Class and its Leftist allies were in a position to dumb down the adult population with stuff that was either infantile, crude, mindlessly angry or a combination of all three. The Modern Jazz Quartet was formed from musicians who had all been instrumental (no pun intended) in the New York bebop scene. Milt Jackson, a fine pianist and superb vibraphone player formed a musical partnership with pianist John Lewis who was also a composer of quality. Together with bassist Percy Heath and drummer Kenny Clarke they formed the MJQ and began to play pieces often written and always arranged by Lewis. The MJQ, with Clarke being replaced by Connie Kay after 1955, continued to tour the world and record for many more decades, and their music never deteriorated. Unlike today’s musical morons, the MJQ members never had to resort to pink hair, facial jewelry, clowns clothes or agit-speak. Their music spoke for itself and their audiences were grown-ups. Their first recording of Lewis’ composition “Django” (a tribute to Django Reinhardt who had perished in 1953) was a masterpiece of melody, group understanding, emotional content, rhythmic subtlety and barely suppressed excitement. The group recorded ‘Django’ on many other occasions and all of them splendid, but this one with Clarke supplying a little more aggression than his successor, is a recording that will stand the tests of time and fashion for all those who like their music to appeal to both the senses and the brain.

1. Hudosn New York – Free Speech on Trial in Europe

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