Trump’s Philadelphia Speech Was Presidential

Trump’s speech in which he outlined his policies for the military and defense, not only reassured all Conservatives and Nationalists of his grasp of the issues and America’s Obama-created weakness, but laid bare why a Hillary Clinton Presidency would be catastrophic for America.

With each masterful speech he now delivers, it becomes increasingly incomprehensible that any patriot, or Conservative of any stripe, can justify not giving the Trump campaign full and unqualified support. Today, Rush Limbaugh finally declared war on the ‘Never Trump’ brigade, and the dogmatic and thin-skinned Mark Levin grudgingly announced he will vote for The Donald. But let us not forget courageous Michael Savage who took up Trump’s standard right from the beginning.

Limbaugh, quoting from an anonymous magazine article, took aim at those Washington Conservative intellectuals in their Think Tanks who make livings denouncing Obama’s destruction of America yet are willing to support 8 more years of the same. He was unwilling to name names but we will! Bret (Israel First) Stephens, Joseph Rago and Kimberley Strassel are at the top of the list of phonies, followed closely by Erick Erickson, Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, George Will, Ben Shapiro, Beck and Jennifer Rubin.

As for the Republican sell-outs Bush, Graham, Collins, Kasich, Romney, Hatch, Ayotte, Cochran, Portman, Kirk, Lee and Cruz, have they no shame?

With every day that goes by on the journey to the November election, the case against Clinton becomes more stunning and a defense of her becomes more outrageous. Meanwhile Trump grows in stature. The time is long past when it was respectable to justify supporting him as a Hobson’s Choice. He is beginning to emerge as America’s savior and there is more to come.

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