Trump’s Greatest Test Of Political Resolve May Start Early

At the beginning of the Republican primary contest there was evidence that Trump and Jeb Bush were opposites in terms of resolve – not in determination to win the Republican contest, but in terms of policies once in the White House.

No-one doubted that Bush, his family and his sponsors wanted the nomination – but to do what? Trump proclaimed his commitment to bold, radical policies that we on the Broad Right liked, but was he only resolved about winning the nomination, only to prove malleable on policies once in the White House?

As the contest progressed Trump defined Jeb as ‘low energy’, a term so accurate that Bush was soon humiliatingly driven from the contest. Most of Trump’s other competitors, forced to endorse or renounce his bold policies, also revealed enough timidity to fall by the wayside. Only the unappealing Ted Cruz offered a real contest.

With each set of primary contests, despite a firestorm of opposition from the Republican elite and the Main Stream Media (MSM), Trump showed real resolve. At every rally he repeated ‘we are going to build that wall!’, soon added ‘Mexico will pay for it’, and then included Muslims in his immigration package.

As he entered the Presidential campaign against Clinton – and as was soon apparent, against the MSM and Republican elite – we on the Broad Right and the working class learned to our satisfaction that The Donald, far from backing down, always doubled up. And his dynamic, tireless, radical campaign in the closing weeks confirmed he is a man of great resolve. Also to our satisfaction we witnessed a candidate of the Broad Right emerge from a candidate originally lacking a comprehensive program.

With the election decisively won – though not in a landslide, for that was never possible given the MSM onslaught and Republican treachery – we might have expected that the next test of his resolve would be after taking office.

However no-one can truly see the future, and though we on this website always recognized the revolutionary nature of this election, the Ruling Class/Far Left Alliance resistance to his entering the White House is swifter, more multi-faceted, and more violent than we anticipated. It is just possible that America will experience a civil war before Christmas.

The well-funded Ruling Class is mounting a campaign to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s victory by feeding the notion that the popular vote should be decisive. In a debating class this claim could be dismissed on several grounds – Constitution, Democrat vote-rigging, votes by illegals, and a true tally – but it is sufficient motivation for those who reject the Constitution, who believe that ends justify means, who dislike laws, and who expected the Obama Revolutionary transition to be completed.

Great pressure is going to be brought to bear on collaborators in the Republican electoral college to cave in the face of widespread street violence , i.e. for the sake of avoiding America being ripped apart and blood spilt, and to appease the mob, Clinton must be elected.

The Red/Black mobs that are assembling in big cities are impressive in size, organization and rage. They are not spontaneous and the Soros-paid web of organizers are clearly at work. But they are creating an atmosphere of ‘Trump will make America ungovernable’ that the MSM can work into a crisis. The rioting is probably intended to build to a crescendo for inauguration day, unless the Republican electoral college can be bought or intimidated into undoing the election.

Trump could have expected a respite from campaigning whilst picking his cabinet and mapping out a first hundred days of action. Instead, the growing riots may compel him to organize a forcible response if Obama is unwilling to stamp them out and restore order. This could be Donald Trump’s greatest test of resolve so far.

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