Trump Warns Posturing Purists

In a previous article commenting on the House Republican retreat from Health Care reform, we accused the Freedom Caucus opponents of Trump of placing ideology above a Counter-Revolutionary momentum. We reject the arguments put forward by some on the Right as justification for a public relations disaster that has severely wounded our President and brought relief to America’s internal enemies in the Mainstream Media and its Far-Left allies in the Democrat Party.

The Bill backed by Ryan and Trump was not Obama-Lite, though this was a skillful smear designed to arouse all those who, after decades of Republican sell-outs and betrayals, are prone to knee-jerk reactions.

The Bill, despite not creating a complete free market system, would have dismantled a large part of ObamaCare. Trump had promised that there would be further improvements in stages, and he put his reputation on the line in support of the Bill.

Here is an indisputable fact! If Ryan had allowed the Bill to go to a vote, the Freedom Caucus Republicans would have voted along with the united Democrats and defeated Trump’s first major initiative. In the Senate, other Republican purists would have found themselves siding with not just the Democrats, but with McCain and the gang of Collaborators who are years away from the electorate and always minutes away from a fawning MSM camera.

There is a big picture here and the purists of the Right are either failing to see it, or prefer forever posturing as part of a powerless minority. They prefer to posture for an unrestrained free market that hasn’t existed for more than a hundred years, than fight to save America’s gravely threatened ‘borders, language and culture’.

Let us remember that Trump and his populist Nationalism was not only opposed in the primaries by RINOS and some moderate Conservatives, but also by the ideologues of Free-Market capitalism and myopic worshippers at the altar of the Constitution. There were, and are, unrepentant Never-Trumpers of the Right in Congress, and they only, and very reluctantly, marched with the Trump army when they could do no more damage from the outside.

On this website we have long advocated a Broad Right of Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists, acknowledging that they are three separate but overlapping groups. They must march in unity at this time in our history because the forces of social Revolution and Globalist economics, in unity, have enormous power and a nearly-completed transformation of America.

Trump, for all his ideological short-comings as a Broad Right Counter-Revolutionary, won the Republican primary race as a primitive Nationalist, and as a candidate with energy, transparency, resilience, honesty, flair, a disregard for the pc that has neutered Conservatives, and charisma. With those assets, he defeated – against all the odds – the Media Class, its MSM, the Republican collaborators, and Hillary Clinton. And in so doing he narrowly saved America from a completed Revolution that would have ended in complete moral degeneracy and totalitarianism.

Trump’s narrow win was achieved because he detached White working class voters from the Democrat Party by offering economic Nationalism and a halt to a Third World invasion intended to swamp them.

On this website we are ready to postpone – for the time being – many goals which we believe are essential in the long term to restore pre-Revolutionary America. Real marriage, an end to abortion-on-demand, school vouchers for all parents, compulsory teaching of Christianity and the Pledge of Allegiance in ALL schools, a ban on Mosques and other Muslim institutions that encourage Islamic growth, and many other reforms that Trump will probably not agree with, or cannot implement even if he wishes.

Keeping Trump in the White House, building the wall, keeping jobs in the US, halting Muslim immigration, cutting taxes as a means of reducing the Federal Government machine, capturing the Federal Courts, and rebuilding a fighting military, are as much – and in some cases even greater – priorities than pure free-market Health Care.

If there is one thing the Obama years have taught us, it is that occupying the White House is crucial. Congress could have purist Republican majorities for years but the Revolution would not be rolled back, for Congress can only slow down the Far Left agenda if the Counter-Revolution does not have the Presidency and the Federal Courts.

We now have the Presidency – just! The forces that lost control of it are as powerful as ever and determined to bring down Trump. He is our General and unless Conservative posturing is cast aside and all unite behind him, the election victory will have been in vain.


  1. Great article! We have to stand behind this President! The. Time is NOW! I listened to CSPAN yesterday and HAD to pick up the phone and call and defend OUR President. More people need to flood those lines. Liberals are calling in saying despicable things about him…mostly people who can’t speak proper english and are hate-spewing and ignorant. Conservative Americans need to flood CSPAN with calls to encourage people to see the good that President Trump is accomplishing and all those anti-Trump republicans need to get behind our President. 2018 is right around the corner and the American people are watching NOW more than ever before.

    • Thank you Amy! We have many gripes with Trump, but in the big picture he is our formidable Counter-Revolutionary President battling the poisonous MSM, its lapdogs in the Congressional Democrat Party, the violent Far Left in the Country and Academia, and Internationalist footloose Big Business. When we are on the brink of rolling back a transforming, near-completed Revolution, unity of the Broad Right must be demanded.

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