Trump vs. Bush in Final?

It is reported that Trump has twice had to move the venue for his Friday night speech in Mobile, Alabama in order to accommodate the anticipated crowd. There is a suggestion that the crowd may number tens of thousands.

Not many weeks ago such a report would have sounded preposterous but not any longer. Not many weeks ago, even we Trumpets did not think it likely that The Donald would make it to the Convention. Now it is getting hard to see what might halt his progress as the Republican Establishment’s worst night-mare looks likely.

The field of contestants has not yet officially thinned but already there are several who we can say have no chance. Some, like Graham, are only along for the personal publicity but at this early point in time does anyone think that serious contenders Huckabee, Christie, Paul, and Jindal have a ghost of a chance? At the beginning any of these looked to have an outside or better chance. Rubio, Cruz, Walker, and Fiorina are still running but it will take the dramatic collapse of one of the leaders to give any of them a chance.

On this website we wish that Ted Cruz had been gifted with a billion or two dollars of his own money and a larger-than-life personality. Sadly Cruz, who has courageously fought in the Senate, almost alone, for all the right things, has been eclipsed by Donald Trump as the standard-bearer of a counter-revolution. Cruz is more committed to the Constitution, has a better moral character and a more comprehensive Conservative/Nationalist compass than The Donald, but alas he has no charisma. Trump so far has it in cartloads and thus has the power to reach over the MSM. If Trump fell out of the race, there is no doubt that Cruz would inherit more of his followers than anyone else. But The Donald does not look like he will fall and if he did it is doubtful that the under-funded Cruz would be able to reach far enough beyond the Conservative core and the MSM to defeat an Establishment favorite.

Rubio and Bush have the support of the same small portion of the grass roots, and are Party Establishment favorites, but Bush has more money and will surely edge out his Florida rival. Fiorina and Walker cannot be discounted, Walker for his achievements in Wisconsin, and Fiorina as the lone woman and a Party outsider from business. But surely it would take a Party Convention in need of a compromise for either to emerge as the final candidate.

This leaves Kasich and Carson. Kasich has occupied the now-crowded Bush/Rubio ground and outside of Ohio he has failed to make enough impact. He has no charisma and less money than Bush. Carson has no money but is making a surprising impact as a man who is anti-charisma but the epitome of decency. He too could be a compromise candidate if he can survive the primaries.

This leaves the two men with enough money to emerge from the primary contest to the Convention financially intact. We think Bush will survive simply because the Establishment and Big Business has already placed too much money and hope on him to switch horses. Trump looks like surviving because he has his own money, has charisma and has effectively raised the counter-revolutionary banner of a Nationalism that inspires many working Americans.

We think the contest is emerging as Trump versus Bush–grass roots versus Republican Establishment — determination versus compromise–people versus MSM — Nationalism versus Internationalism — a less-than-perfect Conservatism versus surrender to ‘ inevitable progress’—Right versus Left.

What is happening on the ground may be even more telling than the polls, though they are telling us much. They tell us that Trump is beating Bush and Rubio even on their home turf in Florida, where Trump is also leading Clinton. Trump is only just behind Kasich in Ohio. Trump is ahead in Pennsylvania where he leads Bush by a massive 18%. But, most telling of all was the very personal contest up in New Hampshire where Trump held a town hall meeting only 19 miles from a Bush town hall meeting and at the same time.

Poor Jeb quietly ‘enjoyed’ a sedate meeting of about 100 pensioners and dozing Party faithful. Trump sizzled at an over flow meeting of more than 2000 enthusiasts of all ages who were described by reporters as ‘raucous, noisy and frequently cheering his remarks’. Film and pictures of the competing events will have depressed and worried Bush advisors and the candidate himself.

Nothing is decided this far out from the conclusion of the primaries but one thing is certain. Trump and the Clinton scandals have ensured they will be more exciting and unpredictable than any previous primary contests.


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  1. I agree with Trump that Bush shows little energy. He reminds me of someone who might need ten cups of coffee to wake up in the morning and as a person who also has had no coffee for the past ten days. He displays no energy. On the other hand Trump has so much energy I hope he can survive the first month as President without a heart attack. He is overloaded with energy. It might help his campaign if he would have his personal physician come out with a statement relative to his health. Also I might add I am inclined to want to vote for Trump if he can prove to me that he will go all the way and make certain all abortion facilities become a thing of the past. Life begins at conception! Being pro-life I am not one of those people who want us to go slow against our enemies in the Middle East. I want our President to completely wipe off the face of this earth the radical Muslim terrorist. And, I consider Iran to be the mother of terrorism going all the way back to where they overtook our embassy.

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