Trump Versus Media Class. Hillary Need Not Campaign!

Let us start with some good news and set aside for the moment all the propaganda that the MSM is pumping out. Let us also put on hold for later commentary the efforts of the repulsive collaborators and deserters who have been masquerading as ‘moderate’ and ‘conservative’ Republicans, until Trump forced them into the open.

The latest Dornsife/LA Times daybreak poll for October 1st has Trump still leading with 46.7 to Clinton’s 42.3 (a 4.4 lead for those who can’t deal with decimals!). This is a small fall for Trump but considering the Mainstream Media’s (MSM) hysterical onslaught over the Venezuelan porn star’s accusations, not bad!

The MSM propaganda attack using ex-beauty queen Alicia Machado and Trump’s use of the words ‘Miss Piggy’, provides a clear example of the energy, resourcefulness, ruthlessness, dedication, unity and hypocrisy of the Media Class. What digging it must have taken to unearth these two words from Trump’s past!

Some on the Broad Right speculate that the words and the woman were discovered by the Clinton campaign. Others attribute to the MSM this scholarly research into the garbage bin. Our view (and we are the ultimate experts on MSM propaganda, for we identified the Media Class and the Revolutionary political agenda of its MSM, over 20 years ago) is that the members of the Media Class (MC) who are engaged in propaganda (‘reporters’ and ‘commentators’), move seamlessly between Media work and the Democrat Party’s organization.

If you delve back into our archives you will find examples of our pinpointing by name, WSJ reporters as Far Left propagandists. And then 2 or 3 years later they surfaced as employees of the Democrat Party machine and Far Left Think Tanks. John Harwood was a prime example.

We can do the same again, naming Byron Tau, Reid Epstein, Laura Meckler, Jess Bravin, Beth Reinhard, Siobhan Hughes, and several more as propagandists of the Far Left who will sooner or later move across and out into the open. The other seamless moves are by inter-marriage between ‘reporters’ and professional Far Left activists, and entertainers into Democrat safe seats.

So we say it is irrelevant who dug Ms. Machado out of the decomposing pig swill. What is important is that ‘Miss Piggy’ was inserted into Hillary Clinton’s ammunition pouch to be fired near the end of the debate as an out-of-the-blue example of Trump’s misogamy. Firing it at the end was a masterpiece of timing, for it left Trump baffled, enraged and very effectively smeared.

We have to concede that Mrs. Clinton is a mistress of such shameless tactics. Possessing the ability to set aside her husband’s long history of extreme physical misogamy, including substantial allegations of rape and the proven exploitation of a young girl in the Oval Office and elsewhere and then hitting Trump with two harmless words. Of course it helps more than a little if the debate moderator and the MSM are in on the conspiracy.

Here on the Broad Right there is almost universal recognition that the MSM is now a formidable political force in its own right. It has taken a long time and the rise of Trump Nationalism for this realization to take hold. Only yesterday, a website visitor referred us to an excellent item on YouTube called “The War For Western Civilization” featuring Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux. We strongly recommend our website visitors to view the discussion between the two.

What both point out is that the Internet has undermined the MSM, and that millions of people are now by-passing the MSM propaganda and getting their news and information from websites like theirs. They claim that some of their articles reach hundreds of thousands. Good for them and us! Watson and Molyneux understand that the MSM has a political agenda that is swamping the normal channels of news. They are not alone and this election is multiplying the numbers of Broad Rightists who now see the MSM for what it is. They believe that this is progress.

Well, we say, yes and no! To begin with the Internet is in the hands of very smart moral degenerates, dysfunctional techies who have enormous power, easy-come vast wealth, a commitment to globalism and a claim to membership of the Ruling Media Class. They are West Coast misfits who fear Christianity, despise patriotism and the Nation State, lust for more power, are contemptuous of the farmers, ranchers, artisans and small-town people of the fruited plains and mountains, and already practice persecution in their workplaces.

These dangerous enemies of America, Western civilization and democracy are in the forefront of the Clinton campaign, for her victory will enable them to purge Watson, Molyneux and the rest of us from the Internet. Let us be clear about these Silicon Valley billionaires. They are as dedicated to silencing the Broad Right as George Soros. No workers in Silicon valley dare wear a Cross to work, have a ‘real marriage’ bumper sticker on their vehicle in the parking lot, wear a White Lives Matter badge or a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap, or utter a conservative or patriotic word in the canteen.

If the Silicon Valley candidate wins in November, there will be no alternative voice from the Right and no believable news on the Internet. And Christian pastors will be heading for jail.

Watson and Molyneux are doing a fine job, but the hundreds of thousands they now reach do not include most Americans. Sadly, our website only reached hundreds each day.

We say ‘sadly’ because we explain why the MSM marches in lockstep, why it promotes one united narrative, and without conspiring behind closed doors, hands Hillary Clinton election ammunition for debates whilst enabling her to rest at home instead of campaigning across America.

Clinton and the Democrat Party leadership are almost invisible in this election campaign. The MSM editors reporters and commentators are deciding the issues, destroying Trump’s character, concealing his policies from the voters, ignoring his rallies and their vast audiences, fixing the opinion polls one way and another, and inventing economic good news.

Clinton and Pelosi are summoned to the studios for walk-on parts and sound-bites. The Democrat Party is relevant only to get identified supporters to the polls and in certain venues record votes of the dead. If Hillary Clinton is suffering from a progressive illness, the MSM will doctor what the public sees. The other arm of the Media -the entertainment arm- is busy lampooning Trump and out celebrity campaigning.

The profound question is ‘Why is the MSM the political voice and organization of the Ruling Class and the Revolutionary Far Left?’

We long ago answered all this by identifying the rise of the Media Class, its membership, its social/moral agenda, its expansion into Fashion, Advertising and pro-Sport, its alliance with the Far Left, its purging of the Democrat Party, its financing and promotion of Obama, its capture of the White House, its alliance with Big Business and its stealthy Revolution, government by Presidential edict and the relentless march to Totalitarianism.

We have long identified the enemies of the Media Class. We explained early on that Trump’s blunder into Nationalism and its arousal of masses had propelled him and them into the Counter-Revolutionary war we are now experiencing. Because this election is really about Revolution (a new Class has become a Ruling Class) and Counter-revolution, it is like no previous election and the stakes are life-and-death.

We on the Broad Right should be deciding how to enforce a Counter-Revolution if Trump wins, and how to resist persecution and oppression if he loses and we are denied access to the Internet. We will do neither successfully if we do not understand the historical forces at work.

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