Trump Versus Judiciary To Be Welcomed

Frustration, even suppressed rage, are probably the first reactions of most members of the Broad Right, when a Federal Judge blocks an executive order issued by President Trump. The latest episode has ‘outed’ judges in Hawaii and Maryland. They have joined a Federal Judge in Portland, Oregon, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, in brazenly ignoring the Constitution and revealing themselves, not as members of the judiciary, but as activists for the Far Left cause.

This little gang of Revolutionaries in black gowns are delighting the Rank-and-file of the Democrat Party and their comrades in the Mainstream Media (MSM). Headlines like “Ruling marks a blow to president” inadvertently reveal not only the political nature of their rulings but, as they accumulate, reveal the longstanding breakdown of law and order and Constitutional government in the USA.

It is true that many of the sheep who have their eyes glued to their ipads and their brains averted from the real world (see yesterday’s article on this website!) will not be jolted into alertness, but those who voted for Donald Trump are learning that the old America was quietly dismantled during the Obama years and replaced with something new.

It would be a mistake to conclude that the three Federal judges challenging the President’s right to govern, are ‘lone wolves’ who have been cherry-picked by ACLU activists. They are not three individualists who have taken a brave, career-threatening decision, but members of a ‘profession’ that has long been captured by the Revolutionary Ruling Class. Their blatant disregard of the Constitution and the oaths they took to uphold it, arise from the knowledge that they are in the mainstream of the Federal judiciary. In their politics and their legal decisions they are indistinguishable from their comrades in the ACLU and the rioters on the streets.

When Donald Trump entered the Republican primaries, motivated only by concerns about the invasion of illegals from the Southern border, the decline of America’s heavy industry, and ‘stupid’ trade deals, he had no idea that by winning the Presidency he would reveal the fault line of America’s politics. After all, the Ruling Class that placed Obama in the White House, had been able to advance a Revolution by stealth.

In the course of less than a year, Trump’s progress has revealed beyond any doubt, to him and to America’s Broad Right, that a Ruling Class has been temporarily ousted from power, that the MSM is its organized source of real political power and propaganda, that the (temporarily) ousted Ruling Class is wholly Internationalist, and that the machinery of government has been transformed into an enemy of the people.

So much more has been laid bare by Trump’s journey to the White House than we can cover here, though we have written about it on this website for many years. Just one example! The  world of Hollywood, Pop music and Fashion -which we always maintained was part of the Revolutionary Media Class –  has been in the forefront of calling for the assassination of Trump. These are the people who ‘educate’ the American people via entertainment and corrupt their young.

Now the Federal Judiciary is revealing itself as an instrument of the (temporarily) ousted Ruling Class, and all can see that law has been replaced by Revolutionary politics. This is good news for it further clarifies the division of America between Revolutionaries and Counter-Revolutionaries.

Fortunately, Donald Trump was sincere in his initial vaguely Nationalist instincts. As he is further educated each day by the Revolutionary forces opposed to him, his Nationalism and his Conservatism are being tempered into steel. It is best for all on the Broad Right that the great divide is everywhere revealed, for the Media Class/Far Left made their gains by stealth and largely hidden from sight. Each day we draw closer to an open conflict and the next step is surely a Constitutional crisis.

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