Trump TowerGate Accusation Erupts This Morning

We should not be surprised by the turmoil and unparalleled nastiness of this post-election period. A new Revolutionary Ruling Class was dramatically, narrowly and unexpectedly ejected from occupancy of the White House, just as it was on the cusp (sorry to use this word again but it is appropriate!) of completing the total transformation of America.

Eight years of the Obama Presidency, shielded and guided by the awesome propaganda power of the Mainstream Media(MSM), at first with stealth but increasingly with boldness, had marched America to within sight of the totalitarian New World Order. It would take just a year or two of Hillary Clinton in the White House, completing the Media Class/ Far Left agenda whilst plundering the treasury for herself, and the One-party State would have been our reality.

Our new Ruling Class had discovered – thanks to Obama’s psychopathic confidence – that a Revolutionary President could rule by edict, discarding the Constitution and consigning the Republican Congress to legislative irrelevance. Obama, despite his frivolous approach to governing, had nevertheless succeeded in purging the military and Federal Judiciary and captured for the Revolution, the Supreme Court.

 Most importantly, he had first through Eric Holder and then through Loretta Lynch as Attorney Generals, wholly politicized the Security Services, the DOJ and the FBI. It was obvious early on in the Obama reign that the DOJ had been transformed into a Revolutionary Gestapo. It became obvious only late in the day and just prior to the election, that the FBI was also a political tool of the President and his masters.

In the last two weeks we have discovered that the Security Services had also been captured for the Revolution, and remain active in opposing a duly-elected Counter-Revolutionary President.

This morning President Trump tweeted that his home, and base for his election campaign (Trump Towers in New York), had been wire-tapped on the instructions of then-President Obama. The wire-tapping is alleged to have begun (as far as we can ascertain) during the Presidential election campaign and the objective or rationale, was to monitor possible illegal Trump contacts with Russia. Trump alleges that the wire-tapping continued after the campaign was over. This is an accusation of enormous import.

In passing, we can note that Trump chose to ‘tweet’ this in the early hours, thus by-passing and pre-empting the MSM. The charge he is making has – at the time of writing this article – only been featured by Fox News, and the only politician who has commented, on the record, is the collaborator Lindsey Graham. No other Republican politicians have weighed in.

In a society that despite Republican control of Congress and the White House, is essentially still under the control of the Revolutionary Media Class and its propaganda, it is difficult to discern what is true about anything, so we ask ‘is Trump being set up by false information from the FBI, in order to lure him into an embarrassing false charge?”

If Trump has genuine information that can ultimately be backed by evidence, how long has he possessed it? Has he had it for days and is now revealing it as a tactic? Did he share it with the Republican leadership? What are the legal implications, if indeed the wire-tapping is a fact? Trump and Sessions are in a position to investigate and punish law breaking, even by a former President. Or are they?

Most importantly, how will the hostile MSM (apart from Fox News and the Internet) deal with this? The Trump charge cannot be buried, but the MSM will have no interest in dealing with it as news, only how it can be minimized, undermined, discredited, refuted and muddled.

If Trump’s charge is true and can be substantiated, the consequences will take us another step closer to a civil war.

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