Trump Tax Rallies to Revive Urban Street Protests

Today’s Far Left nationally-organized marches have nothing to do with Trump’s tax returns and everything to do with reviving Revolutionary fervor on Big City streets. We are once again witnessing a well-tested tactic of Communist Revolutionaries, crafted to keep the radical mob occupied, create a sense of national instability, suck in the gullible of ‘good intentions’, and co-operate with the Mainstream Media (MSM).

In the great scheme of things – racial divisions, lawless urban minorities, border control, national debt, North Korean nuclear weapons crisis, ISIS butchery, health care and jobs – who really cares if Trump’s businesses lawfully avoided paying too much tax?

It is no coincidence that this ‘protest’ is timed for the Easter Saturday. Once upon a time, when Stalin wanted the West disarmed, the Communist-organized ‘Peace’ marches in Western Europe were augmented by feeble-minded Bishops and their sheep who believed they were marching for world peace, but were actually advancing Soviet tyranny.

These marches are cynically organized and funded by  rich Internationalists, Leftist fanatics and perverts, some of whom deserve to be tried and hanged for their treachery.

Today it is Trump’s taxes. Next it will be some other issue chosen to embarrass the President and distract from Lois Lerner, Hillary’s email, Obama’s spying and all the real scandals that were part of the stealthy Revolution.

One thing that is even more certain than tomorrow’s abnormally cold temperature here in Middle California, is that the Mainstream Media will be drooling over the marchers, inflating their numbers, and ensuring we all share their experience.

It looks like Bill O’Reilly is about to be taken out by the sinister forces inside the Media Class. We can expect that increasing numbers of women, sniffing a pay day and a career promotion, will come forward with accusations of his sexual misbehavior.

We don’t have TV at home, but occasionally on our travels we watch Fox and O’Reilly. I must admit I like the guy and his style, though I know there are many on the Right who detest him. Perhaps it is his Catholicism that angers them but it doesn’t bother me. What I like about his Conservatism is his common-sense approach.

I have always assumed that TV, like Hollywood, is full of Media Class perverts, sexual predators, ambitious amoral good-looking women and pretty boys, psychopaths of all three sexes, and casting couches. It must take an iron-willed man with normal instincts to resist the opportunities for dangerous pleasures.

Any inhabitant of TV who dares to be a Class traitor and express traditional views, should know that sooner or later a ‘crime’ will be discovered. I doubt that even the Pence arrangement (wife always present) would be sufficient to prevent accusations.

There is one thing about which I feel certain concerning the TV and Hollywood world. It is that there is no participant who is unaware of its rules, its vices, its opportunities and dangers. And no participant who is shockable. If you are guilty, Bill, I hope you had your pound of flesh many times over. If you are innocent, be pleased that you lasted so long.

Finally, the latest decision of a Federal Judge in Arkansas blocking executions, is a reminder that the Federal judiciary has been infested by Obama with lawless Leftists. I read that the judge found floating in the Hudson River was admired for her favoritism in Court for minorities, the poor and the oppressed. It will take Trump four years or more to re-fill the Federal Courts with judges who simply administer the law.

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