Trump Stays Loyal to American Workers

Yesterday I wrote that I keep a Trump bumper sticker on my vehicle. I have a Trump sign on my front yard. I would have removed both if Trump had sold out on the Paris Accord. I am sure many others on the Broad Right would have deserted this President if he had gone back on a promise that was central to his campaign.

I have just had the pleasure of listening to him live from Washington D.C. spelling out in the clearest language that America will withdraw from this agreement, un-Constitutionally made by the America-hater-in-chief, Barack Obama.

Trump listed the American industries that the agreement was punishing and the economic advantages it gave to China, India and other signatories. The Paris Accord is at best Socialist redistribution on a world-wide scale, but more likely a treasure chest for the political elites who gather at the UN, for those Internationalists of big business, for global bureaucrats, and Third World despots.

The Accord was designed so that US workers and small businesses would fill the treasure chest, and the USA slip deeper into debt. America’s MSM and its Far-Left Allies, together with the globalists of big business now have one more reason for wanting to see Donald Trumps severed head on display. There will be a cacophony of MSM-orchestrated protest and wailing, hourly reports of melting glaciers, rising seas and marooned polar bears, Soros-sponsored marches, and crocodile tears from Democrat politicians and Hollywood celebrities gathering in protest in swank resorts.

Meanwhile, in the village of Starcross, Devon, UK, perched only a few feet above the high-tide line of the English Channel, there is not the slightest evidence of rising sea levels and property prices are stable!

Trump has said that he would be willing to re-negotiate the Paris Accord, but not at the expense of the American people. Since, from the beginning it was designed to be at the expense of the American people, we are effectively out of it for the next 4 years, and hopefully forever.

Trump’s Broad Right supporters will now breathe sighs of relief, reassured that their leader is not under the Kushner influence, and though bloodied, not bowed.

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