Trump Soaring in Polls

Do you remember way back last year, when the MSM scribblers, both Conservative and Far Left, repeatedly wrote that Trump had peaked and that he would soon retire from the contest? So much for ‘experts’ and ‘objective’ opinion! Someone should shame them with a list of names, dates and comments.

Do you remember the same ‘experts’ accusing Trump of not seeking the Presidency but merely using the primaries to advertise his products, gain personal notoriety, even shore up a creaky business empire. Republican voters, they all wrote, would soon see for themselves that the man was a fraud, a con man and a crook. More than one know-it-all asserted that Trump had no personal wealth, little in the way of a paid organization and had only got so far by a manipulation of the MSM that had run its course.

Here are the latest opinion poll snapshots, starting with New York State, where actual voting takes place tomorrow.

New York – YouGov – 13-15th April. Sample 705

Trump 54%; Cruz 21%; Kasich 19%.

California – YouGov – 13-16th April. Sample 1012.

Trump 49%; Cruz 31%; Kasich 16%.

Connecticut – Emerson College – 10-11th April. Sample 356.

Trump 50%; Cruz 17%; Kasich 26%

Pennsylvania – YouGov – 13-15th April. Sample 833.

Trump 46%; Cruz 26%; Kasich 23%.

Maryland – Monmouth University – 10-12th April, Sample 301

Trump 47%, Cruz 19%; Kasich 27%.

There is a remarkable uniformity about these numbers. As we are well past the primary halfway mark and getting within sight of the Ohio Convention, we humbly point out to the expert scribblers of the MSM, that Trump has not dropped out, that a majority of Republican voters have not ‘seen through him’, and up to now he has not peaked. Nor has he run out of money or started using other people’s.

These latest Opinion poll numbers must be driving mad Mark Levin and Glen Beck, though some unkind Nationalists may say their collective insanity has been emerging for some time. The Wall Street Journal Gang of Four, Israel Firster Bret Stephens, Daniel Henninger, Holman W. Jenkins and Kimberley Strassel, and behind the scenes Paul Gigot and Rupert Murdoch, must all be gnashing teeth down to the gums. And surely when Rush Limbaugh looks at the Cruz percentages and then ‘explains’ to his listeners why Cruz would be a legitimate nominee on a second or third ballot, he feels a little uneasy.

If Jeb Bush had garnered Trump’s numbers at this stage, he would have been hailed as the indisputable winner and the Convention would be his coronation. That is not going to be the case in July, no matter if Trump exceeds the magic number of delegates, for we are in a Revolutionary era and this time politics is about much more than the old musical chairs.

Trump and his supporters are a Counter-Revolutionary force, even if The Donald does not realize it. A Ruling Class – and especially one that has only just taken power and not completed its Revolution – does not give up control without resisting with all its might, and heedless of rules. Unless Trump’s campaign crashes in the next few weeks, we are going to be in uncharted waters. Let us hope that his personal security is tight and the Obama regime full of bunglers.

Meanwhile the uncharacteristic noisy episode down in Hollywood’s Far Left haven of fiscal equality, otherwise known as Beverley Hills, revealed much about our Ruling Class. It also provided evidence for the claims of this website that the Media Class exists and rules.

George Clooney, privileged son of entertainer Rosemary Clooney, hosted a fund-raiser for the almost-anointed leader of the workers’ party. Hillary Clinton, a tireless campaigner for the little people, did what all Far Left American politicians do, and that is make yet another pilgrimage to the heart of the Ruling Class.

Hollywood people were expected to chip in $350,000 per person to attend the gathering. Some might dismiss Clooney as a man of little talent in a medium that deals in illusion, but he and his fellow minstrels are obviously on to a good thing financially. Despite their great concern for the poor, the world’s under-privileged, climate change and equality, the Clooney people concentrate their wealth on the cause of getting into the White House politicians who will keep the Ruling Media Class in power.

What the Clooney people understand is that the Far Left rhetoric of Obama, Hillary and Democrat Party Congressmen, is just for public consumption via the MSM. But in the turmoil of the Revolution, some elements of the mindless Red Mob, unleashed by George Soros, do not understand nuanced political messages and have been taking things literally. They turned up in Beverley Hills with the intention of protesting great wealth.

Beverley Hills is not Chicago, and Clinton is not Trump, so the police did not allow the Mob to get anywhere near to the Clooney mansion and disturb the sound of check-writing. Incidentally, we would predict that there were many limp hands writing the checks.

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