Trump Signs the Pledge

We thought about beginning this article with the words “Against the advice of Radical and Right, Donald Trump foolishly signed the Pledge and fell into the trap laid by his enemies in the Republican elite”. Well, we are humble enough to know that our advice does not reach The Donald and even if it had, he still would have signed.

It is our view that by signing, Trump has dented his reputation for facing down all establishment intimidation. If he would not rule out a Third Party run six weeks ago, why now? Is this not surrendering to the Republican Party elite?

Probably the answer to why he changed his mind is that six weeks ago he thought he had little chance of emerging so convincingly as front-runner that the Party elite would be fearful of the consequences of acting unfairly against him. Now he has calculated that signing the Pledge and asserting his rightful place within the Party (as its National de facto leader at this stage) is the best tactic, even at the risk of denting his reputation as an uncompromising outsider.

We don’t think that signing the Pledge was a surrender to the elite, given his strength in the polls. After all, he is leading a powerful army and the elite’s own candidates are being exposed as leaders without troops on the ground. If, at some point in the future he is cheated out of the candidacy in favor of a collaborator, we have no doubt he will make the case that he is justified in running Third Party.

Is the Party elite celebrating his signature on the Pledge as a public humiliation of him? Probably, but depriving him of State delegations and opening a distracting (for him) issue of disloyalty would have cheered it even more. Our conclusion is that by signing, Trump has achieved damage limitation.

It is disappointing that he hasn’t spoken in support of Kentucky’s jailed Rowan County Christian clerk, Kim Davis. District Judge Banning said that not punishing her for resisting his order would “set a dangerous precedent by allowing other people to assume that they could pick and choose which Court orders they would follow”.

This is rich given the blatant unpunished disregard for law by Supreme Court Justices, IRS employees, Hillary Clinton and her State Department officials, Obama and the mayors of sanctuary cities all across America. Davis is obeying the law of Kentucky regarding marriage and there is no Constitutional authority for setting it aside.

As we have pointed out on this website ever since Obama began ruling, we now live in a lawless society. We have said this not because there are no laws but because new un-Constitutional ’laws’ are proliferating and the existing laws are being applied arbitrarily and for nakedly partisan purposes.

Kim Davis may not be the best poster child for the resistance to lawlessness but she is our first insurrectionist to suffer incarceration at the hands of the Revolutionary regime. There will be many more as Obama and his Courts pursue the homosexual agenda of the Media Class and its allies. Mrs. Davis will argue that she is obeying a Higher Authority and his teaching. This Christian motive will not sit well with some on the Right but Conservatives should admire her. She is obeying the Christian belief that God’s power is above all the earthly power of Rulers. It is this belief that motivated the Founding Fathers and they would have rallied to her support.

Trump may believe that her resistance to the Obama regime on this issue is an unwelcome distraction. In fact he, in opposing illegal immigration, is also confronting our lawless Government and he will need Christian support as the insurrection he is leading develops. The Left would not abandon one of their people in any circumstances but would unite in protest.


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