Trump Should Ditch Kushner and Co.

I remain confident that President Trump never colluded with any representative of the Russian Government during the election campaign, and that nothing the Russian Secret Service did corrupted the outcome of the election.

Whatever information about the Democratic Party surfaced through WikiLeaks was for the public good, and in the absence of an honest MSM, made the election more honest. End of story!

However, the involvement of Jared Kushner and any others with Trump connections who have making money as a motive unnecessarily taints the Administration and is providing ammunition to our enemies. Kushner and his wife should have no place in or near the Trump Administration.

Trump himself has made great financial sacrifices to serve the American people, and his businesses have been under constant attack as a means to silence him. He has been honorable throughout. But he has been naïve regarding Kushner, and Trump’s daughter’s politics are an embarrassment.

This last weekend I was in Auburn to watch the motorcycle speedway. Looking for somewhere to grab a quick meal, I picked Chick-fil-A. Chicken burgers are not to my taste but I wanted to show support for (real) Christian marriage.

The restaurant was clean and efficiently managed and the food good-enough of its kind. The staff and clientele were noticeably different from similar places. The young people had stepped out of the 1950s in appearance and behavior and there were several family groups. Not one tattoo on male or female, or pony tail on any male.

I assume that a certain type of traditional Christian chooses this chain, and California would be a far better place if there were more such people. For those who like fast food, I can recommend this Christian chain.

At the Fast Friday Speedway there were plenty of tattoos and more than a few pony tails among the predominantly White working-class crowd. There were also shirts with political messages about the right to own guns and the right to live free of government oppression. When the National Anthem began, every one of the thousands gathered removed hats, stood to attention, faced the flag and cheered at the end.When the civil war (so desired by the College professors, perverts, and the inner-city mob) breaks out, the rough working people who were gathered at Auburn will be ready to resist.

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