Trump Sails Through Latest Test, with 75% Confirming ‘Pass’

On this website we never under-estimate the challenges that Donald Trump has been confronting and surmounting since he threw his hat into the ring last year. First there was the daunting challenge of the Republican Primaries. Then the challenge of the rigged Presidential debates where he confronted an opponent who had been slipped the questions and had the scales weight against him. Then came the challenge of a prolonged count to confirm victory. Then came the challenge of putting together an Administration prior to the Inauguration, whilst legal challenges proceeded in the States he had narrowly won. Then came the Inauguration ceremony itself, conducted against a backdrop of Far Left street violence, and all of it advanced against a campaign of relentless and vicious Mainstream Media lies and propaganda. And at no time did he waver! Some man!

If all these challenges have been in full view, let us not forget the personal blows behind the scenes he has had to absorb. These include becoming, along with his family, a lifelong target of Muslim assassination; Far Left assassination; the salacious exposure of his wife’s glamorous past; baseless accusations of unfair business dealings; the concealment of a bankrupt business empire; financial fraud; and organized attacks on his business interests. Early on, most men would have concluded it was not worth it. Yesterday came the latest test, his first address to a Congress, half of whose members are filled with irrational hate for him. Like the Inauguration ceremony, television made this a world appearance.

It is easy to dismiss Trump’s handling of these stressful situations because he has had inside experience of television, but he has never been a politician and these are all political situations. Yesterday Trump once again met the challenge and sailed through. Opinion polls show that 75% of those who watched his address approved of his performance.

The evidence is rapidly accumulating that this 70 years old man, who spends little time sleeping and never takes time off to relax, has amazing stamina, unbounded emotional and mental energy, and an ability to learn when most his age are struggling with forgetfulness. Even his most dedicated enemies must now be realizing they hugely underestimated him. His supporters must be relieved to know they picked an incredible leader.

Apart from his ability to meet and surmount each challenge, we on the Broad Right can breathe a collective sigh of relief, for Trump is not retreating from any of his campaign commitments. His speech to Congress was stocked with Nationalist intent, clearly stated in plain language, realistic, and appealingly worded. He is the President of the American worker and the American worker’s family, and he is not going to forget those who for too long have been the underdogs.

It is natural for us on the Broad Right to want more. After all, our side has been losing ground for decades and there is so much ground to regain, but Rome was not built in a day and we must be grateful for the Trump we have. In the meantime, Jeff Sessions is beavering away, and today we learn that the DOJ is going to “pull back” from probes into police departments that do their dangerous jobs by keeping law and order on inner city streets. Obama’s nationalization of the Nation’s police forces has ended.

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