Trump: No Retreat From Campaign Promises

This morning, here in the land of lunacy, I joined a small group of Trumpets to watch the Inauguration. All of those present were fearful that Trump would be assassinated before taking the Oath of Office. This widespread fear among members of the Broad Right says much about the increasing intimidation of the last 8 years, and there was great relief in our crowd when Trump finally became President.

There was even more relief when he made his speech, for he set aside any worries that he would tack to the squishy center once elected. His was a most uncompromisingly Nationalist speech delivered directly to America’s workers and patriots. It was not at all about himself other than that he will be the people’s servant. His denunciation of Washington and his fore-runners Carter, Bush, Clinton and Obama, demonstrated that he intends to pull no punches and take few prisoners.

We can expect Conservative appointments to the Supreme Court, the return of free speech as well as jobs, and the return of borders. We can also expect that the Federal Government will be thoroughly pruned, the Armed Forces rebuilt, and law and order once again making the streets safe. We can all sleep better tonight!

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Joe Henderson (1937-2001) recorded Blue Bossa on the album Page One in 1963. Also on the recording are Kenny Dorham (trumpet), McCoy Tyner (piano), Butch Warren (bass), and Pete La Roca (drums). Enjoy!

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