Trump Must Tackle the Fundamentals For A Counter-Revolution

Assuming that Donald Trump physically survives to occupy the White House, and assuming that he succeeds in assembling a cabinet of people motivated and capable of creating water-tight borders, law and order on streets populated by legal citizens, of stemming the export of manufacturing jobs, and de-fanging the oppressive Federal Government machine – in short halting America’s imminent transformation into a materialist and totalitarian Socialist colony of the UN – what needs to be done to reverse direction?

For a number of reasons, the population of America is now almost equally divided between those eager to complete, or passively comply with the Revolutionary transformation, and those (the Broad Right) who demand a return to the USA of traditions, unique identity, time-honored laws and moral normality. We have to recognize that Trump, by clever and Herculean tactical campaigning, has saved the day but only gained a temporary advantage in a subterranean civil war.

On this website we certainly believe that Clinton’s share of the popular vote was substantially inflated by fraudulent voting. Some investigators suggest that as many as 3 million ‘votes’ were fraudulent. But whilst we refute the MSM claims that she won the popular vote, we have to acknowledge that Trump’s win was too close for comfort.

It is surely true that far too many legal citizens have no attachment to the American Nation State, its Christian-based culture and history, its Constitution, and the moral beliefs necessary to make America great again.

Partly, this can be explained by three decades or more of an officially-plotted, indiscriminate invasion of culturally alien peoples, indifferent or (worse) hostile to the host nation, and who came only for material gain. I have met many here in Silicon Valley, from Europe and Asia, who can be compared to vultures feeding on a carcass. Way back in the distant past they would not have been a major problem or a new challenge, for America enjoyed a strong patriotic culture and rewarded assimilation.

Unfortunately our new Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies have been intent on Balkanization whilst simultaneously propagating American (White) guilt. We should not be surprised that so many new citizens are dismissive, even hostile to the Nation they occupy.

But the truth is that prior to the immigration invasion the rot had already set in among too many of America’s White native people. Post-war affluence, the move away from physical work and the land, welfare, and the explosion of colleges as tax-funded centers of useless ‘arts’ education and discontent, contributed to a growing National sickness and loss of will. And with affluence came the insidious influence of television that enabled Hollywood’s empty materialism and sick morality to exercise a dangerous influence within every household.

The breakdown of marriage -partly due to welfare – the decline of Christianity in the face of materialism and the propaganda power of the rising Media Class, have contributed to generations of Americans who have failed to truly mature. The Hollywood and Pop Star role models (replacing real American heroes) adopted by several generations can be seen everywhere and are symbolic of a civilization in free-fall.

This website will lose visitors for saying so, but the tattooed, pony-tailed, unshaven or head-shaved men of all ages, owning only jeans and T-shirts and sporting baseball caps on backwards for a night out on the town – no concept of dignity – are symptoms of a serious National decline. And these are not the worst, but among the best we have to work with to save America. And now there have multiplied tattooed, perpetually semi-naked women to match!

More deeply depressing is that ever fewer Americans get married, fewer stay married, and fewer still have children. The money, time and emotion that they have available are spent on dogs. Dogs are ‘rescued’ and babies are aborted. Perhaps we deserve to be colonized by breeding Muslims!

At the root of this National suicide is the MSM, especially Hollywood, the garbage of contemporary popular music, and morally sick television. It is hard to blame people who know no better. The public schools, many secular private schools and nearly all colleges, are deliberately spewing out brainwashed, guilty, anti-American, amoral morons. If the future is theirs, America is doomed and 4 years of Trump will only slow the end.

We cannot blame immigrants with colored skins for our deep crisis, though their votes – legal and illegal – for America’s dissolution are an immediate problem. I attend a Bible-based Church in California. My child attends a Bible-based school. There is daily evidence in front of my eyes that people of many ethnicities and skin colors can become committed and integrated Americans when offered a moral and patriotic environment.

Most of the parents are in low-paid employment yet make great material sacrifices to protect their children from the moral corruption of the public schools of California. Many more in this and similar Congregations would send their children to Christian schools where patriotism and morality are fiercely taught – if they could afford to do so.

If the counter-revolution is to restore America, Trump’s government must tackle the sources of National decline. The Media Class must be stripped of its power of propaganda – a difficult task if an equally dangerous alternative of government control is to be avoided. At least large, semi-monopolistic, Media companies could be broken up, including those in Silicon Valley.

The traditional Christian Churches must be officially encouraged back into the mainstream, indeed the center, of official American life, and their symbols replaced back in the town square. Traditional Christian Churches that support moral politicians must be freed from IRS persecution. Trump must quickly introduce school vouchers for all so that parents can rescue their children from the public schools. The Federal Education Department must be scrapped and all education responsibilities returned to the States. Nationalists who believe that America can be restored without Christianity and its moral influence, really belong with the Godless, materialist Libertarians.

The Clintons and other Far Left politicians who have broken laws must face due process. There can be no legal forgiveness for the elite. There must be one law for all. There is no need for Trump to say anything at this time but merely appoint a head of the DOJ who will follow the law without exceptions. George Soros and other rich anti-Americans must be investigated. He is wanted in France and should be sent there to face trial.

America’s colleges, in so far as they receive tax-payer funds, must be examined for waste. There are too many colleges and too many are teaching nonsense. They have become hotbeds of Revolution funded by tax-payers and unwitting parents. This is not a minor problem for they nourish our enemy.

Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the SPLC and similar Communist front organizations must be stripped of public funding, charity status and special legal protections. The Obama administration succeeded in persecuting our people, now comes the time for revenge!

Trump and the Republican Congress must not compromise over the appointment of Federal and Supreme Court judges. No more judicial activism, only a strict interpretation of the Constitution!

The homosexual agenda must be rolled right back. It has no place in any schools. The military must not continue to be a place of social experiments. Common sense must be restored by a purge of Obama-appointed leaders. Traditional marriage must be protected and all unnatural alternatives rejected. Sodomy among consenting adults need not be criminalized but it has no right to be above criticism.

We must not fall into the trap of returning to ‘politics as usual’, for those days are gone. The stealthy Revolution will continue unless we ruthlessly and comprehensively attack its roots. Trump need not fully reveal his Counter-Revolutionary hand until he is in the White House, but then he must act swiftly on behalf of those who rallied to him.

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