Trump Moves Ahead In Polls

The latest opinion polls show Trump up 3 in Pennsylvania, 4 in Florida, 9 in New Hampshire, 10 in Missouri, a whopping 14 in Indiana and 17 in Kansas. This is good movement and all in one direction. For the record and for context, Romney won Missouri by 9 and Kansas by 21. The latest from Georgia shows a very tight race but perhaps opinion has moved significantly in the last couple of days. Georgia is a MUST, because Trump (and us) needs the South to be a Trump lock-box in November.

It might well be that most polls have been tilted dishonestly for some time, for they are largely funded or conducted by the Mainstream Media. Perhaps Trump has never trailed, though it would be surprising if he has always been ahead, given relentless MSM propaganda and the much-publicized treachery of the Internationalist, collaborationist, gutless Republican elite.

Let us not forget or forgive the self-serving desertion of politicians Romney, Graham, McCain, Flake, Sasse, Oath-breakers Bush, Kasich, and more. In their defense we can only say that they never concealed their readiness to pander to the new Far Left Ruling Class in return for MSM favors, and to please Internationalist Big Business for donations.

The greater treachery has been exemplified by those who always claimed to inhabit the Broad Right. Debra Sanders, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, George Will, the Newsmax crowd, The WSJ Israelites and Glen Beck, we now know have no place in the Broad Right. Nor does the rabid Mark Levin whose shrill voice becomes more shrill every day, as he tries to mask his treachery with the Constitution, and his hollow hero the Oath-breaker Ted Cruz. May they sink into obscurity together!

The Trump gains in the polls may be due to the outstanding speech he gave at the end of the Republican Convention and the undeniable energy and size of his following. This could not be wholly concealed by the MSM.

It remains to be seen if the MSM can hide from the wider public the depth of the rebellion by the Sanders followers, and the WikiLeaks evidence of Party conspiracy to defeat Sanders. For sure the Sanders activists are now aware of the official cheating that ensured Clinton’s primary victory. Some may vote for Trump and many more will vote for a Third Party. Clinton’s cause was wounded.

The parade of feckless parents of deceased Black thugs and wasters may shore up the Black vote but will surely have alienated even more working class White voters. We think it was a bad move, for Black votes were already assured by the further evidence of Clinton lies and crookedness. Blacks and Far Leftists admire crooked, bold liars.

The Clinton Love Story, crooned by the brazen philanderer Bill, was surely the pinnacle of history rewritten. If the MSM can sell this to College-educated women then America is lost. It might be argued that many are too young to know the truth, and just in case, The Donald had better recount the gory details, even though they suck!!

As if the Philadelphia Convention was not already a great challenge for the MSM propaganda machine, the Religion of Peace had to strike right in the middle of the proceedings with a bloody Muslim execution of an old Catholic priest and a Nun. As this took place in Europe, where such Islamic sacrifices are almost commonplace daily events, the MSM has ‘moved on’, but surely some independents and moderates are recognizing that Obama, Hillary and the Democrat Party are intent on bringing killers into their midst in the names of multi-culturalism and White Guilt.

It is likely that the MSM has plans ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ to combat more incriminating WikiLeaks this week and another sacrifice or two by peace-loving Muslim brothers of our crypto-Muslim President. More WikiLeaks will be used to paint Trump as a Russian pawn, and the MSM theme that will drown out even a Muslim bombing of the Pentagon, is the shattering of the Glass Ceiling.

On this website where we have always had the greatest respect for the propaganda powers of the MSM, and for the abilities of Far Left psychopaths to confidently tell the biggest whoppers, we take nothing for granted. It is possible that lying, hypocritical, cold-blooded, self-serving crooked Hillary Clinton will emerge from this Convention with an opinion poll bounce, no matter what, for the combination of the MSM, a parasitic racial element living off other people’s taxes and the brainwashed, have a lot of votes. By next Tuesday, the polls will likely tell us if America can be great again or if all is finally lost.

If Trump wins in November let us not forget that Bernie was willing to endorse Hillary but on our side the defectors sold out to the enemy and must not be forgiven.

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