Trump Leads In Ohio

The latest Quinnipiac University poll finds Trump beating Hillary Clinton 43% to 39% in Ohio. When combined with its polls from Florida and Pennsylvania, where Trump and Clinton are statistically tied, this is encouraging news for Nationalists. These are three swing States, crucial for victory in a tight national contest.

Florida, despite its large Black population, is a ‘must’ for Trump for it has a Republican Governor and Senators and leans more Right than Left. Ohio and Pennsylvania are musts for any Democrat aspirant, so this poll is bad news for the Democrat Party bosses.

More encouraging news for Nationalists came last week from Louisiana where Trump leads Clinton 52% to 36%. Whilst Louisiana should be safe territory for Trump, the margin in this poll is impressive and it seems that Clinton has been reduced to the Black vote. This unification of the Southern White vote goes some way to easing worries about Georgia, where a recent poll put Trump only 1% ahead of Clinton. If Whites are uniting in Louisiana it seems probable that they will in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and S. Carolina.

Remember, as we frequently reiterate on this website, Trump is the daily target of relentless negative reporting in the Mainstream Media, supplemented by well-reported backstabbing from Republican ‘elder statesmen’, conservative scribblers and TV whores. The good news is that the backstabbers are becoming increasingly isolated and more shrill as more and more Republican professional politicians are publicly falling into Trump’s line for the November election.

Meanwhile Trump is continuing his impressively energetic campaign schedule of mass rallies across the continent with TV appearances squeezed in. Do you remember when the experts said he was not serious about the Presidency? And he has reiterated at every rally and TV interview that the wall will be built, illegals sent back home and Muslims barred from entry.

Overwhelming victories on high turn-outs tonight in West Virginia and Nebraska will not only consolidate his delegate count but increase his momentum and aura of inevitability. These two results should provide a nice contrast to yet another defeat for Clinton. The West Virginia polling shows the old Trotskyite doing his shaky bit to clean her clock. The MSM will do its best to minimize her defeat but in reality it is a humiliation. A thinner skinned candidate would hide away in embarrassment but Hillary, protected by countless face-lifts and inch-deep makeup, does not have to face the world in quite the same way as the rest of us. Only Huma knows what moves behind the mask!

The email marathon is taking its toll, despite MSM silence and DOJ inaction, but the scandal bigger than her brazen rule-breaking is the DOJ’s refusal to arrest her. The failure to charge Lois Lerner and her comrades at the IRS and now the refusal to investigate Clinton is a shocking reminder that Obama has successfully packed and purged all government departments with Far Left activists. The transition of America into a State where laws are issued by Presidential edict and arbitrarily applied to suit a Far Left Revolutionary agenda, has taken less than 7 years.

The Republican members of Congress should have walked out from the House and Senate en masse the very first time Obama acted outside the Constitution. They should have refused to go back until he acknowledged the limits of his office. An un-Constitutional act should have been sufficient to provoke a Constitutional crisis. After all, they had sworn an oath to protect the law. The answer was to bring Government to a standstill and arouse a passive citizenry. State Republicans should have been mobilized to act in concert.

That the Congressional Republicans failed to act and lead, thus allowing Constitutional government to be abandoned by increments, is sufficient reason to now look for leadership of the Right outside of the Congressional Republicans and lawyers. When Trump enters the White House he must immediately disband the DOJ, for it has become the arm of Far Left official oppression. What more evidence is needed than its inaction against Lerner and Clinton and its action against North Carolina? While these two law-breakers walk free, police officers who did their duty are facing criminal trials in Ferguson and Baltimore instigated by the DOJ.

In several past articles on this website we have referred to Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal (one of the Gang-of-Four anti-Trump, anti-Nationalist scribblers) as ‘Bret Israel-First Stephens’. We have done so because we noted over the years that his pre-occupation with Israel’s well-being always ‘trumped’ (no pun intended!) America’s well-being.

In Saturday’s WSJ Book Review under the heading “Israel’s Prophetic War”, Stephens reviewed Matti Friedman’s “Pumpkinflowers”, a book describing Israel’s forgotten war in Lebanon. Read Stephen’s review and ask yourself if he is writing it as an American or an Israeli? Then ask yourself if his poisonous attacks on Donald Trump are motivated by concerns about Americans or Israel. Friedman, as an Israeli citizen and ex-soldier, has every right to put Israel’s interests first. But what about those scribblers at the WSJ who denigrate Trump’s Nationalism and sneer at his millions of solid American followers?

512b Global Warming Watch 512b

California’s Far Left Governor Jerry Brown has made the State’s current water restrictions permanent. He correctly anticipates that this winter’s rainfall (ludicrously greeted as El Nino) will be followed by dry years. He is pretending that the dry years will be evidence of global warming. In fact they will be a continuation of the droughts that have long created desert States in America’s South West.

Brown, a product of San Francisco’s 1960’s conversion to sodomy, fantasy and lunacy, nevertheless is a proponent of mass illegal immigration and Third World population growth. From his asylum in Sacramento he directs that every Californian small town and city must build, build and build. Developers gratefully contribute to the Democrat Party, and illegal Mexican workers (good men, by the way!) flood in to do the building, as rampant urbanization eats up every open space. Brown’s answer to the choked freeways is mass transit and dense living standards. He has nothing to say about increasing the rainfall since that would require an act of God, and God is not going to help Sodom and Gonorrhea. His Socialist solution is to punish by rationing the existing citizens. We need a Governor Trump!

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