Trump Leads In Indiana

The latest Opinion Poll from Indiana is by the American Research Group, contacting 400 likely Republican voters and covering the period April 27th to 28th. It reports Trump on 41%, Cruz on 32% and Kasich on 21%.

This poll was taken before Governor Mike Pence publicly announced today that he would be voting for Ted Cruz. The Pence announcement may influence some voters. It certainly made Rush Limbaugh happy. He was already buoyed up by the Carly Fiorina betrothal and had reverted back to his all-out support for Cruz, who he sees as the heroic Conservative who alone brought government to a standstill and thus earned the ire of the do-nothing Republican establishment.

It sounded as though former House Speaker John Boehner’s latest character attack on Cruz, calling him Lucifer, has also rallied Rush for Cruz. Limbaugh was right to point out that the old soak Boehner has been willing to affectionately embrace over the years Pelosi, Harry Read and just about every corrupt, traitorous Far Left Democrat, yet is stirred to hatred by Ted Cruz.

This certainly tells us much about the tippler Boehner and his former Republican buddies, who can mix so comfortably with the enemy in Washington and reserve their enmity for anyone genuinely on the Right. Are they like this before they get to Washington or are they corrupted when they settle there?

It is worth pointing out that many Republicans who call themselves ‘Conservatives’, yet who are not in Congress or even corrupted by Washington, now hate Donald Trump more than they hate Hillary Clinton. The people at Newsmax, Mark Levin, the WSJ Gang of Four, and many other prominent Conservatives are full of vitriol for Trump. Cruz is not the only one to be hated by the Republican establishment.

Rush was willing to cherry-pick this morning from his array of information in order to promote Cruz, citing only an opinion poll that put Cruz and Trump neck and neck. He also repeatedly claimed that Cruz has staunchly endured a hostile Mainstream Media that has bent over backwards for Trump. Rush rested this assertion on the fact that the MSM has attended Trump rallies and filmed them live and complete but minus a reporter’s summary or comments.

My strong impression has been that the whole MSM has been relentlessly hostile to Trump and his followers. Not one News network has mentioned the huge crowds he has drawn every single time. They have gone to great lengths to avoid showing the size of them, even though these were the single most newsworthy aspect of them.

They have also gone to great lengths to focus on protestors, no matter how few, grant them equal or greater coverage than the Trump supporters, and portray the disruptors’ violence and provocation as the work of Trump people. Trump has repeatedly called out the MSM for their propaganda role, pointing to them and calling them liars and worse, hardly appropriate if they were there to help his campaign.

What Rush is deliberately avoiding is that the MSM’s vultures have been following Trump, not because their networks like him, but because he is a phenomenon, unpredictable, has (for them) a totally outrageous message, and possesses charisma. Unlike the boring Cruz and Kasich, Trump is unscripted and unorthodox, as well as radical. The MSM, realizing some time ago that Trump might win the nomination, have been lying in wait for his slip of the tongue, his fall off the stage, an internal brawl with Red Thugs, his collapse from an assailants blow, or maybe even his assassination.

That Trump has survived and prospered from the hostile MSM coverage, whilst Ted Cruz and John Kasich have languished in the MSM shadows, is because he has what it takes to beat the MSM at their own game, and they don’t.

It is possible that Cruz will win in Indiana by making much of Pence’s statement, but reading between the lines we can see that Pence has been ‘leaned on’ from above, for he went out of his way to praise both Trump and Kasich and to say that in November he would vote for either. He did not ‘endorse’ Cruz, saying only that he will vote for him in the primary. He will not be campaigning for him in Indiana. This is lukewarm support at best. Still, Ted today had the endorsement of Rush Limbaugh.

Meanwhile, three cheers for Radio Talk Show Host Michael Savage for today interviewing Donald Trump from the battlefields of California. We are now beginning to see the unfolding battle of the streets as the Red, Black and Brown mobs, fomented by Trotskyites and Far Left Democrats, and funded by Soros and other footloose billionaire opponents of National identity, rehearse their violent tactics.

Savage, a Jewish American, was among the first of the Radio TS hosts to identify Trump as the voice of American Nationalism. Savage’s slogan of ‘Borders, Language and Culture’ has surely been an inspiration for Trump.

For good measure, last week, Savage played several clips of Charlie Parker recordings. He is the first TS host to recognize American music of quality since the great Jim Easton back in the 1990’s.

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  1. I doubt that the Governor of Indiana – who apparently believes a brokered convention would be a good thing – will defray those Indiana voters who were put off by Cruz’s publicity stunt in choosing Carly Fiorina as his running mate a few hours after losing every county in five states by a quite wide margin. She made over 40 million dollars at HP, even as she laid off (i.e., mercilessly fired) a great many American employees who had been longstanding faithful employees, only to turn around and replace them with foreigners. In a pathetic attempt to defend her actions, she said, “There is no job that is America’s god-given right anymore.”

    Plus which, Bobby Knight, who walks on water in Indiana, has come out for Trump.

    Trump will win Indiana, and after today’s declaration of war by Mexicans on Americans, he will certainly win California.

    Maybe then we won’t have to hear from Cruz for a good long while. The sooner we can deport all of our enemies, the quicker we can get this place in shape.

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