Trump Leads In Latest Poll

On this website we have repeatedly alleged that the Opinion Polls are being deliberately skewed to boost Clinton support and demoralize and depress Trump support. One exception we have noted is the USC Dornsife LA Times Daily Tracking Poll. Despite being funded by a Far Left Mainstream Media ( MSM) organ, the poll, which samples a large number of identified regular interviewees, has continually showed the race to be close and has never ventured into the wild fluctuations that smell disgustingly of MSM manipulation.

The biggest fluctuation the poll has shown was a 5 point lead for Clinton. It followed the Democrat Convention, which was dishonestly presented by the MSM as a happily unified and wildly enthusiastic event, and reinforced by an intense MSM onslaught on Donald Trump’s character that was unprecedented in modern-day political reporting. The LA Times poll convincingly reflected that confluence of pressures.

The poll soon returned to a small 2 point lead for Clinton and, given the MSM attacks on Trump and his lack of advertising versus her advertising blitz, this was believable. Now, with Trump greatly outpacing Clinton in public appearances, delivering tight policy statements, and behaving like a President in Louisiana, his 2 point lead covering August 19 to 21st seems like the real deal. His newly-opened offensive advertising campaign in battle-ground States should see a further small gain tomorrow. His diversion to Louisiana will pay lasting dividends in the South.

Meanwhile we recommend a visit to the Forbes website to read an article by Thomas Stewart. It concerns his work for a client that involved negotiating with Trump on a business deal and is titled “The Day I Went Head-To-Head With Donald Trump”. For those influenced by the MSM regarding Trump’s character and capabilities, this is an essential read and deserves to be widely disseminated.

Among the many observations Stewart makes about ‘Trump the businessman and negotiator’ are “stickler for detail”, “gimlet eye”, “wasted no time on civilities” and “He cut right to the heart of things”. He also records that Trump “drove a hard bargain, was honest” and “was a square dealer”. He rounds these observations off with noting that Trump may not have been liked by those he had just negotiated with but he was respected. Stewart concludes Trump is “a tough man who can fill the toughest job in the world”.

In order to correct the false picture of Trump that is being created by the MSM and the despicable ‘no-Trumpers’ of the Republican Party, this article must be read and circulated as widely as possible. Do your bit!

Yesterday’s flimsily-written but important article on this website omitted to complete the comments on sociopaths (psychopaths) by noting that socio-pathology is not a mental illness.

Schizophrenia, manic-depression (bi-polar in the USA), some other types of depressions (endogenous not reactive), and Alzheimers, are genuine, indeed tragic, illnesses over which the sufferer has no control, for they are caused by brain damage or brain deterioration.

Sociopaths are almost certainly the unfortunate victims of poor parenting or no parenting at all, and in a few cases may inherit a deficit of character/conscience, but they do have sufficient free will to renounce their own anti-social behavior. Sociopaths who habitually lie, including those who lie solely to prove intellectual superiority, are as capable of change as habitual thieves, bullies, arsonists, philanderers, rapists, perverts and child molesters.

The agents of such change are not medicines and doctors but religion, necessity, and a society that is properly judgmental. A society that is Godless, a society that discourages good parenting (a father and mother fully engaged in caring), and a society that does not sufficiently punish anti-social behavior, will produce more sociopaths. It is no coincidence that an America , first influenced and now ruled by a corrupt and perverted Media Class, has a President who is a grand socio-pathic liar, and an aspiring President who is driven to lie by greed, unpunished criminal acts, and insatiable ambition.

The ability of the MSM to convince so many Americans that what they read, hear and see each day, is the truth, depresses those of us who pay attention and realize that it is all propaganda. This morning, looking at the xfinity page on my computer that I must pass to get to my email, another penny dropped. The stuff at the top was headline news coverage of the Olympics, and was probably all truthful – and unavoidable on my way to my interests.

Further down were the other ‘news’ headlines. The FIRST one -pride of place – was a negative about Trump. It was actually trivial in its content but it was wholly NEGATIVE about Trump as has been the FIRST one every day. The headlines that followed were about relatively big issues that were newsworthy. But they had been relegated to second, third and fourth place.

My point is that for the unwary visitor to xfinity, the initial truthful Olympic reporting prepares the readers’ mind to be unsuspecting of the propaganda that follows in the form of an insubstantial attack on Trump. No doubt the topics that were relegated to second, third and fourth contained artful propaganda also. This is just one way the MSM captures minds!

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