Trump Leads Clinton In Latest Poll

Whilst the Mainstream Media, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News are ignoring what is for them ‘bad news’, we can report the good news. In the latest Rasmussen Poll for 30th June, Donald Trump has exchanged position with Hillary Clinton and now leads 43% to 39%. 12% prefer someone else and 5% are undecided. This poll is of likely voters on phone and on-line and samples 1000.

One significant number in this poll is that 14% of likely Democrat voters will vote for Trump. Given that Trump has spent nothing on commercials, not even in battleground States, and Clinton has spent over $120m, this is an amazing poll result. It seems that the optimism of website visitor, Epaminondas, is well-founded. Only the NRA has been putting up Trump ads, but what if the Trump campaign had been matching Clinton, perhaps he would be 10% in the lead.

It seems inconceivable that any Republicans, no matter what they thought of Trump’s populism, would vote for the crooked Clinton, the continued emasculation of our armed forces, the irreversible corruption of the Supreme Court and the Federal Courts, the importation of Muslims, and the suppression of Christianity and free speech. Indeed one would have assumed that every Republican would be desperate to get to the polling booths and vote for the reversal of the Democrat march to Totalitarianism.

Yet we are learning that any Republican candidate leaning to Nationalism, no matter how mild, is anathema to those Republican globalists who put personal financial and political self-interest above the Constitution, public honesty and free speech. Hillary Clinton and her Party are openly driven by financial recklessness, redistribution, a contempt for America’s past and a Revolutionary social agenda that should make any Republican, Conservative, traditional Christian and caring parent cringe. It is well past time that Republican ranks were closed behind Trump and all should take a leaf from the book of Maine’s Republican Governor, Paul LePage. Watch his introductory speech for Trump yesterday before a massive audience in Maine! If this support was erupting in every Republican State, Hillary Clinton would be heading to jail in 2017.

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