Trump Is The Silver Fox

An old saying in England is “Crafty as a fox.”


Dictionary* Definitions:

Crafty: skillful in schemes; cunning


Cunning: skill employed in a shrewd or sly manner

We have devoted many articles to Donald Trump since he burst on to the political scene by announcing his candidacy. Mostly we have been preoccupied with the issues he alone has dared to raise, the attacks that his opponents have made on his character, his dynamic campaigns, and his cabinet picks during this dangerous period leading up to the White House.

During this latter period we have observed a Donald Trump that suggests he is as crafty and cunning as a fox. Unless you are a chicken farmer, the fox is an animal to be admired for his resourcefulness, individuality, speed, stamina, appetite and killer instinct. Perhaps all those who cross The Donald should beware!

Many of the Broad Right have worried as they watch the comings and goings to Trump Towers, attempting to interpret his plans from the identities of his visitors. Perhaps they should hold off with conclusions and wait to judge him on his actions and achievements when President.

The visits of Mitt Romney and other back-stabbers, talent-less Show-biz celebrities, computer billionaires and a host of shallow, preening, symbols of America’s decline, have alarmed those who hope Trump will drain the swamp and make America great again.

More worrying still for them have been his meetings (followed by warm praise) with Obama and others whose departure from power cannot come fast enough for all good Americans.

Perhaps Trump has been toying with some, humiliating others, compromising enemies and, like a fox, throwing people off his scent. For example, surely Romney was humiliated and his character revealed by his sprint to Trump Towers when invited. Sensing a big job in the new Administration he swaggered in and sneaked out.

Does anyone really believe that Trump thinks Hillary Clinton is a nice woman or that he considers Obama will be a source of good advice after January? Trump is happy to insult rivals one day and praise them the next whenever he has won and moved on. Let us wait and see if the Trump FBI begins to investigate the Clintons and then we will know how nice he thinks she is.

Trump is well aware, after their scurrilous coverage of the Presidential campaign, that those in the Mainstream Media are his bitterest enemies and that all those in it are plague-carrying vermin. He knows that they have two plans, for they have been using them on good people for decades. One is to destroy by cumulative lies and distortions, and the other is to totally ignore and thus render invisible.

The unexpected visitors to Trump Towers and the meetings with enemies, have lured the MSM into hour-by-hour Trump coverage and endless exposure and speculation. Trump not only dominated their headlines and content during the campaign but has continued to do so since victory. They promote his name and his fame despite themselves. They have been drawn into overlooking the President and covering Trump, as though he already is President.

And all the time, among the distracting visitors, Trump has been interviewing and selecting a cabinet that is significantly conservative, Christian and Counter-Revolutionary – not enough to make us swoon, but enough to be going on with.

Looking ahead Trump can see that he has some deadly Republican enemies in the Senate and a few elderly publicity-hogs who will grandstand for the Media when required. He may achieve much by using the Obama pen and phone, but his cabinet appointments and Supreme Court Justices have to pass the Senate. He has no alternative but to purchase the support of those who can be bought. That is the reality and we must put ourselves in his Presidential shoes.

We have seen no evidence that Trump has abandoned those who supported him in his time of need, or retreated from his promises to the Broad Right. For better or worse he has not dumped Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani or Newt Gingrich, merely put them on the back burner. He continues to commit to building that wall! And he finds time to go back to his grass-root supporters and re-affirm his campaign pledges.

Trump (and we, his supporters) may have scraped through the election and won the White House, and the enemy may be in some disarray, but they are everywhere and still just as rich, numerous and powerful. He faces an up-hill task of mammoth proportions from January. We should be glad that he is cunning, crafty, wily, artful, sly, ingenious and knowing, like a fox.

*Dictionary definitions from May be slightly different from the original definition.

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