Trump Is The Best We Have

Donald Trump is not a Conservative. He is not much of a political creature, more a business creature. We can say with some certainty that he has never been deeply interested in politics, America’s unique history, the Constitution, Christianity and its place in Western civilization, or conserving the environment. We can say with some certainty that he has been absorbed in the construction industry, buying and selling property (speculating), making money.

and marrying women.

In so far as these activities in places like over-governed New York City have brought him into contact and negotiation with politicians and bureaucrats, he has become politically aware. His business interests in many foreign countries have forced him to be aware of international powers and their methods. His day-to-day life in big cities over some 60 years will have taught him many lessons, just as life experience teaches most of us.

Conservatives who are looking for a leader who embodies the whole conservative package will not find it in Trump. They will probably find more of it in Ted Cruz. There are significant gaps in Trump’s political persona. So why do we, and many conservatives, strongly support his bid for the White House?

Trump, in this campaign, and despite or because of his background, has emerged, not as a Conservative, but as a representative of America’s working, law-abiding people. And he has emerged when for the first time in America’s history, those people have become cowed, ignored, intimidated, burdened with an imposed guilt and deprived of free speech.

One Conservative characteristic that Trump possesses in spades, is common sense. He opens his mouth and expresses it on many topics -not enough for our liking- at a time when common sense has officially been turned upside down. He bluntly expresses truths that arise from common sense. Americans have been so brainwashed by the MSM and public education, that blunt truths are treated by the establishment as ‘shocking’ and ‘outrageous’. Trump, almost uniquely among public figures, doesn’t care, makes no apologies, and doubles down. What a sense of liberation this brings to normal, common-sense people!

Trump is proudly American and successful. He never qualifies this with guilt. The core of his political message is simply that the American Government should look out for the American people. His enemies on the Far Left and those who masquerade as Conservatives but who are Internationalists, have been quick to realize that Trump is expressing Nationalism and arousing Nationalism among voters.

It is difficult to judge how much Trump understands the raw divide he has exposed and aroused in American politics. Does he realize that America now has a Ruling Class/Far Left coalition with a truly Revolutionary agenda and that Nationalism unleashed will completely confront their agenda of Internationalism and moral corruption? Probably not, but he is quickly learning that the MSM is a propaganda tool and that his common sense utterances are being publicly defined as ‘shocking’, ‘outrageous’ and dangerous. He must by now be aware that there are powerful forces in America that fear good Americans and hate commonsense free speech and that the political conflict he has stumbled into is not the old politics of reasonableness.

There are at least five good reasons for choosing Trump over the courageous Conservative Cruz or any of the other Republican contestants.

The first is that Trump is able to finance his own campaign and so is not beholden in the slightest to Internationalist Big Business or to shadowy billionaires.

The second is that his resolution has been proven in his business dealings and more recently tested in his political positions – and not found wanting. He gets things done.

The third is he can communicate with multitudes. He may ramble at times, spend valuable time poking fun at himself and others, speak too often in generalities, and indulge in showmanship but these characteristics are doing him no harm. Many Americans like it and see in all this an honesty of purpose. Generalities are better than ‘policy-wonk’ and we can all see that beneath the surface he is a serious player. We will have to live with the anxiety that he can be a loose cannon.

Fourthly, he alone of Rightwing politicians, has been able to beat the MSM at its own game, often dictating terms and always enjoying publicity at its expense.

Finally, notwithstanding the hairstyle, he is a proven heterosexual!

On this website we could wish he would come out for a complete halt to all immigration. We could wish he would denounce Islam as incompatible with America. We could wish he would demand a return to the Constitution and a purging from the Supreme and Federal Courts of all who have betrayed their oaths to uphold it. We could wish he would energetically support real marriage and be explicit about free speech. We could wish he would announce his determination to shut down all those Federal Departments that are un-Constitutional. We can only hope that the campaign and its lessons will hone his Nationalism.

On October 22nd he addressed more than 3,000 supporters in Burlington, Iowa. This was a massive crowd for this location. He is about to campaign in Florida, the home turf of Tippy-toes and Rubio, and will probably break attendance records. Skeptics say that crowd numbers only reveal intensity and not depth, but intensity is not to be sniffed at and who among his rivals can claim depth? As things stand we say that The Donald is the best we have.

Last night I heard just a snippet from the Clinton House Hearing. I cannot bear to listen to this shameless, bold, habitual liar whose confidence stems from the knowledge that the MSM will package and protect her and that the Democrat rank-and-file admire brazen lies and a complete absence of integrity. In the snippet I heard, Trey Gowdy asked her why, when forwarding on a State Department email, she erased the identity of the original sender. Behind this question was the presence of the shady Sidney Blumenthal as her confidante and advisor on Libyan policy.

Clinton without hesitation answered that she did so in order that the recipient not be distracted from the content. Even a guilty 10 year-old would have blushed saying this.

It is hard to see how she can avoid prosecution.


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