Trump Is Losing Media War

The Bloomberg Opinion Poll released today has Donald Trump losing by between 11% and 12% to crooked Hillary Clinton. Many Nationalists and Conservatives will dismiss this poll as the work of Media propagandists intent on creating opinion rather than reflecting it. Others will dismiss it as an outlier that is based on faulty sampling.

It is the opinion of this website that the Bloomberg poll is probably correct, for circumstances have changed since Trump appeared to be neck-and-neck with Clinton in the polls. The harsh reality is that it has now become possible for the Mainstream Media to focus on destroying Trump and crowning Hillary. With Bernie Sanders comfortably defeated in California and seemingly having thrown in the towel, the MSM has presented Clinton as an undisputed winner.

There has been much positive MSM speculation of a meeting between the two in which Sanders will ask only that the Democrat platform include his distinctive policies, and in return he will endorse her. Nowhere in the MSM are there reports of enduring divisions among Democrats, either in the leadership or among the rank-and-file.

Now it may be that Sanders is a bitter loser and intent on disrupting the Democrat Convention. His followers may be even more uncompromising and the Convention may reveal fratricidal conflict, but the MSM is successfully painting a picture of Democrat Party tranquility and unity henceforward.

In contrast the MSM is presenting a picture of the Republican Party sorely divided and approaching its Convention in complete disunity. It is as if Trump’s decisive and historic accumulation of delegates had never occurred. The Party, if the MSM is to be believed, is just as divided as it was throughout the primaries. To reinforce this appearance there is a daily parade in the MSM of Republican worthies, some distancing themselves from a Trump they recently reluctantly endorsed, and others doubling down on condemnation of him as totally unfit for public office.

Trump’s wholly justified attack on Dist. Judge Gonzalo Curiel, a Latino activist who most certainly will use his office to punish Trump for his immigration policies, has been very effectively used by the MSM to make Trump look defensive, prejudiced (thus turning the situation on its head, for it is Trump who is protesting prejudice!), and impulsive. The MSM had no difficulty finding eminent Republicans ready to defend the judiciary’s objectivity, despite the fact that judges for the last seven years have been appointed solely to represent minority special interests.

Last week I was reminded of the power of the MSM and the gullibility and vulnerability of all who are exposed to its clever propaganda. I was in Florida having dinner with lifelong Republicans, one of whom was a former lawyer. All were dedicated Clinton haters but as soon as we began discussing Trump there was a universal condemnation and embarrassment over his ‘reckless’ statements, and in particular his attack on Curiel.

When I pointed out how all judicial appointments are publicly promoted as opportunities to advance the interests of minorities who supposedly could not expect justice from White judges, and that the judiciary under Obama’s rule was an arm of racial revenge, there was no disagreement. The lawyer retreated on his condemnation of Trump, and it was as if the group had been awakened from hypnosis. Such is the power of the MSM to cast its spell on all who expose themselves to it. If it can capture the minds of lifelong Republicans, what success it must be having with the politically unattached? And this was in Florida!

A very Conservative friend here in California recounted to me a lunchtime gathering of well-paid Silicon Valley financial professionals. One loudmouthed woman at the table voiced concern about continuing to live in the USA should Trump win the Presidency. All who spoke agreed that Trump was a dangerous, ignorant buffoon. Two of the dozen remained quiet and one made an excuse to leave the table. My friend, who is a Trump supporter said nothing, despite feeling uncomfortable.

The people around that table, who intend to vote for Clinton, were mostly White, affluent, and the sort of people who ensure they live away from Blacks and Mexicans and seek ‘good’ public schools for their children – if they have any. It is doubtful if any of them have seen a Trump rally or thought for a moment about the abilities of a man who has repeatedly led major building projects. Their views are entirely created by regular and casual exposure to the MSM, as they pursue their careers, worry about balance sheets and relax in the malls.

What is as depressing as the MSM power, is the reluctance of Conservative dissenters to express dissent. It would have been the same if the topic had been transgender nonsense or the ridiculous same-sex marriage. The MSM has created a climate of opinion that none dare challenge in public. And presumably none of these honest professionals – for they are honest – are sufficiently aware of the Clinton’s lifelong dishonesty.

Trump appeared to have the upper hand with the MSM during the primaries but that may have been because it suited the Media Class agenda to sow maximum disunity in the Republican camp. Now he is in their sights for destruction it may be that he is getting little exposure and all of it negative. Perhaps like his predecessors, he will be unable to reach that portion of non-partisan voters who rely on the MSM for information. If so, he will have to find a way around the MSM to the people, or he will be stuck with the supporters who pay real attention to politics and detest the MSM and its propaganda.

In the UK the opportunity to exit the parasitic, internationalist EU is approaching and opinion polls suggest that the electorate is evenly divided. On this website we support the position of the truly Nationalist BNP, though that persecuted Party will have little impact on the British voters. It may be that the British people will suffer some initial financial hardship but that is a small price to pay for National independence and racial identity. In two world wars British men, including relatives of mine, gave their lives, and the people at home suffered great economic hardship. Few complained!

Rush Limbaugh is fully behind Donald Trump and sounds extremely comfortable. Mark Steyn, who covered for Rush on Monday, is another great voice for Trump but it is the Jewish Michael Savage who has been most forthright for Trump from the beginning. He is a true Nationalist and gets better with age. This week he has been featuring the American music of the genius Charlie Parker and wins the Radical and Right award for cultural taste.

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