Trump in Georgia. Man Of The People

This morning I watched the YouTube film of Trump’s Macon meeting of the previous evening. Thank God for the Internet and those who post the real news on it! If I, and the millions of Americans who are denied a voice and all truth in the Mainstream Media, had no Internet access, we would not know that Donald Trump is packing in tens of thousands of citizens of all ages at every venue he visits.

Nor would we know what he has actually been saying. Instead, relying on the MSM, we would believe that, insatiable for more riches, he has demanded millions of dollars to appear in the next Republican debate. We would believe that he has said that all Mexicans are rapists and criminals. We would believe that he has been shunned and denounced by every Black Pastor in America. And so it goes on, day after day, deliberate MSM misrepresentations, Trump jokes replayed as serious statements, and everything he has said taken out of context to paint him as a dangerous and obnoxious clown

As I watch more of his rallies I am beginning to understand that Trump is a man of incredible emotional, mental and physical energy. Last night he flew to Georgia from New York where it seems certain that he had a successful Trump Towers meeting with a large number of Black pastors. If I had relied on the MSM I would have believed that his invitation to them had been rejected, revealing itself as a pathetic and desperate stunt that had boomeranged.

The MSM will search among the large number of attendees to find one disgruntled pastor who has something very negative to say about Trump. If it cannot find an attendee, it will find a negative Black voice somewhere in America and present it as the voice of all Black pastors and their congregations. It has taken his joke about charging for a debate appearance and repackaged a headline accusing him of taking a unilateral and greedy stand. Last night, Trump, unfazed by MSM attacks, said he intends to continue making jokes and pulling legs. Good for him, for these are two of his many characteristics that set him apart from calculating and nervous politicians.

Trump seems to be maintaining an amazing schedule of TV appearances and daily rallies all across the territory east of the Mississippi. He is energetic, relaxed, humorous, good-natured and unspoiled by the size and enthusiasm of his crowds. It is becoming apparent that he has an impressive organization working and planning for him and that there is nothing going wrong. These enormous rallies, requiring the largest venues in the towns, are filled and ready for his helicopter-delivered arrival. Most would be stressed by the schedule and the incessant MSM and Elite hostility and lies, yet The Donald seems to be enjoying every minute and every audience.

Last night he remarked that as yet he has not bought Media advertising time for attacks on his opponents. His rivals have already spent fortunes. Despite this unusual approach he has led everywhere and is the best-known candidate. We must assume that behind all this is a strategic master-plan and a well-oiled machine. This bodes well for his unfolding campaign and for the Nation if he succeeds in winning the White House.

I have never liked Rudy Giuliani and always thought his undoubted success as Mayor of New York was inflated by Conservative Talk-Show hosts. He always struck me as a vain and over-confidant ladies-man – the sort of man I avoid at social gatherings and would not trust as a friend. Like John McCain, as his time has passed he has become more desperate to suck up to the MSM and the powers behind the scenes in an attempt to be relevant. Trump’s designation as the maverick politician beyond the pale means a welcoming Media door for any old has-been who is prepared to take a shot at him. Giuliani has suddenly been able to trade on his time as Mayor during 9/11 to dispute a Trump remark that thousands of Muslims in the North East danced in the streets to celebrate the Twin Towers attack.

I well remember that day for personal reasons and there were many reports of Muslim jubilation both in America and across the world. Every Muslim community harbors large numbers of Islamist sympathizers and more than a handful of dangerous homicidal plotters. Besides those who danced in the streets we can be sure there were many more who quietly celebrated. Trump will not take back his accusation because he is right. Giuliani has revealed himself as another John McCain.

The Washington Examiner’s commentator David Drucker has written an article claiming to have discovered the ‘soft underbelly’ in Trump’s polling numbers. In the WSJ, regular columnist William McGurn claims to have discovered Chris Christie’s “Second Wind”. Apparently it can be found in New Hampshire. Drucker may have better luck looking for soft underbelly inside Christie’s pants.

McGurn is generally a good writer and worth reading but all WSJ contributors are expected to push an open-door Republican candidate. Immediately above McGurn’s article in today’s WSJ is an excellent piece by Bret Stephens on Obama, Paris, Jihadists and Climate Change. Stephens, a Jew, is a good writer but obsessed with Israel’s best interests, and another open (American) borders advocate. Still today he is worth a read!

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Peggy Lee singing “You Came A Long Way From St. Louis” accompanied by the master pianist George Shearing. I would think these BLM days anyone would go a long way from St. Louis.


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