Trump Hatred – Rabinowtz Jewish Derangement Syndrome

Before dealing with Wall Street Journal Dorothy Rabinowitz’s amazing claim that Hillary Clinton stands between America and a Trump disaster, news has emerged from New Jersey that suggests we were unnecessarily suspicious about the reluctance of the MSM and officialdom to identify the engineer involved in the deadly crash.

We now know that the 48 year-old engineer was a White man with no criminal or ill-health history and the authorities say that terrorism can be ruled out as a cause. Well, maybe ‘yes’ or maybe we do not have full information about him. Citizen Internet detectives will now fill in the picture if the official story is not the whole truth.

We shall soon know if the engineer had a medical or sleep problem that prevented him slowing the train and applying the brakes. If not, the Black box will reveal if there was a mechanical fault. If both of these causes are ruled out, we are back to either the suicidal impulse of an unstable man or perhaps terrorism. Is it possible for a Muslim mechanic to interfere with the mechanisms during a routine service, or to interfere with the train’s computer system?

Dorothy Rabinowitz, a member of the WSJ editorial board along with anti-Trump fanatics Joseph Rago and Bret Stephens, once took up a noble cause. When the Feminazi’s who dominated the worlds of psychology and social work were conducting a campaign to discover child abuse in every normal family, she defended an unfortunate brother and sister who ran a private Massachusetts child day-care service and who were falsely accused of terrible crimes against the children in their charge.

In a wave of Feminist hysteria reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials, the brother, Mr. Amirault, was convicted and sent to prison. He maintained his innocence throughout and Rabinowtz, to her credit, continued to campaign for his release. Because he would not ‘confess’ and admit to crimes he had never committed, his jail sentence was served to the full.

I followed this case over the years because I had seen the same Feminist hysteria grip Child Care Services in the UK. Progressive and ambitious psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers there jumped on the bandwagon, claiming that child sexual abuse was the norm in families, victims of any age were to be totally believed if they made accusations against fathers, and it only needed the suggestions of professionals to uncover buried memories in children.

Because of my admiration for Rabinowitz’s lonely campaign, I regularly read her articles and reviews in the WSJ. After a time I realized that she was not the conservative I supposed her to be. Perhaps a life in New York among Media people caused her to ‘evolve’, because she revealed a commitment to same-sex marriage and other socially revolutionary views in all her writings.

She has stepped on to the WSJ opinion page today, to add to the hatred for Donald Trump that drips from the pens of Stephens and Rago. The article is headed “Hillary-Hatred Derangement Syndrome”. So great is her hatred for Trump that she claims to view Clinton as standing “between America and the reign of the most unstable, unfit president in US history”.

Let us leave aside the uncontrolled sexual predatory history of Bill Clinton and his brazen lies under oath (as President!), who will be back in the oval Office if Hillary wins. Let us leave aside Hillary’s email scandal and the lies and corruption of the DOJ and FBI this has triggered! Let us ignore the sale of Secretary of State power for contributions to the Clinton Foundation! Let us leave aside Hillary Clinton’s persecution of women abused by her husband!

Even if we are left only with Hillary Clinton’s glaring failings of judgment as Secretary of State, we have to conclude that as President those failings would be extremely dangerous for America and its people. Rabinowitz must know this, so why does she claim that Trump as President would destabilize America?

When Rabinowitz writes “Mrs. Clinton – the educated former secretary of state, with lengthy experience in government”, we have to assume that she has a reason for setting aside bare facts.

It is probable that Rabinowitz was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in the Bronx. Clearly, given her embrace of same-sex marriage and other Far Leftist social views, we can assume that she has forsaken Orthodoxy and joined the battalions of progressive and secular Jews who now exert such influence and power from within the Media Class and its MSM, in Hollywood, Entertainment and Wall Street.

Read between the lines of Rabinowitz’s Opinion article and you will find what also lurks in the articles of Stephens, Rago and other Republican Jews who have deserted to the enemy. It is a fear and hatred, not of Trump, but of his followers. They fear the resurgence of America’s long repressed and demoralized White Christian and Christian-leaning people of the heartlands, and their conservative attachment to the Nation State.

My next-door neighbor is a secular Jew and he intends to vote for Donald Trump. There are many Jews who are committed to the US and the Nation State – and to age-old moral wisdoms. Michael Savage and Larry Kudlow are in the forefront of the fight to elect Trump and save America. Thank goodness some Jews have retained a grip on reality!

Amidst the bad news coming from the Opinion Polls in lockstep here comes the USC/Dornsife/LATimes daily tracking poll. Trump’s lead has grown to 5.6 The figures for midnight 29/30 September are Trump 47.3 and Clinton 41.7.

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  1. You did an excellent job of deconstructing Ms. Rabinowiz. The pathology of some of these people is so profound and irrational, they simply become untethered to reality. I suspect there is an enormous hidden reservoir of hatred driving much of their vituperative verbosity.

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