Trump. Has The MSM Won The Election?

In a week that has revealed the Crypto-Muslim in the White House handed $400m worth of assorted currencies to the Muslim rulers of Iran in exchange for four American hostages, and the American economy remained in the doldrums of the last seven years, we learn that Hillary Clinton has a lead of 15 points over Donald Trump.

It was a week in which Trump raised a record $80m in campaign contributions, held numerous giant rallies in several key States, and was forced to turn away tens of thousands with signs of ‘Full House’. In the same week Hillary Clinton’s attendances were so underwhelming that the Mainstream Media was forced to doctor the pictures and lie about crowd numbers.

The McClatchy/Marist opinion poll’s 15 point Clinton lead tops the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll’s 9 point Clinton lead among registered voters. According to this latter poll, conducted for two organs of the Media Class/Far Left Alliance, Clinton has 47% and Trump 38%. The poll also claims that in a two-way race Clinton leads 43% to 42% among men and 51% to 35% among women. Battle-ground polls also show Clinton way, way ahead in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Michigan.

In short, according to the MSM, the contest is over because Clinton’s campaign has vaulted from a united and bubbling Convention, to a problem-free meet-the-people victory tour of battle-ground States. So obvious is it that she is Presidential material, that some Republican politicians are publicly announcing their intention to vote for her. Other Republican politicians are marching in droves to MSM cameras and microphones to attack Trump. Republican scribes are pointing out that he is a sociopath hiding bankruptcy, and Republican TV personalities are plotting an alternative candidate.

The polling figures may be deliberately skewed to benefit Clinton, create a Clinton momentum, and demoralize Trump supporters, but it would be foolish to dismiss the trend among voters. There is nothing false about the MSM picture of a Republican Party leadership intent on sabotaging the candidate selected by the Party’s rank-and-file. We are learning that the depth of Republican collaboration with the Ruling Class was even greater than we ever suspected.

The picture that the MSM is presenting to the gullible masses of voters, is of a Republican Party in complete disarray, deserters leaving a sinking ship in droves on overcrowded lifeboats, and the captain down below decks brawling with the remnants of the crew, and incapable of exerting command. Quite a lot of this MSM picture is convincing, though the stormy sea that is tossing the boat so dangerously, has been created by the same MSM. For the MSM rules the (air) waves.

Let me confess my partisanship! I have a large Trump poster on my lawn and I put up a Trump sticker in my car window when I am driving. I hide it when I leave the car, in order to avoid damage to my car. Here in California I have yet to see another Trump sign. My son is attending a summer camp and he reports that all the kids (mostly White) say they hate Trump. I know Christians who supported Cruz, who say they will not vote for Trump, and I am sure Erick, who emailed this website, represents secular Conservatives who also will not vote in November. Sadly, such ‘purists’ are little better than the deserters and collaborators who are pandering to the MSM.

I would crawl to the polling booth to vote for Trump and defeat Hillary Clinton, even if gun rights was his only policy difference with her. I would crawl if it was only in defense of free speech. Ditto for the Mexican Wall or Muslim immigration. But he wins my vote on all those things and many more. As Americans say “it’s a no-brainer”. But it goes deeper, and way beyond her criminality and her Party’s Far Left platform.

There’s Nationalism! Many long years ago when I was young and an indoctrinated Trotskyite, I was in a London West End Greek Cypriot restaurant, having just come from a political meeting. I knew the waiters (nice guys) quite well, from being a regular patron. The BBC mid-day news came over the radio and announced the death of a British soldier in Nicosia. The waiters cheered. Suddenly I felt like a traitor to my people.

Not long after, my work brought me into social contact with a number of Protestants from Ulster. They were poor working men in threadbare suits, but I discovered that they were very hardworking, proud to be British, clean-living, and apart from their accent, just like my older relatives and neighbors. They were ready to take up arms to resist an IRA takeover of their homeland or a British Government sell-out. My Socialist internationalism, reinforced by constant BBC propaganda against Ulster Protestants, ended, and I realized that these were MY people. When I see the crowds at the Trump rallies I know instinctively that they are MY people and that I must stand with them. I cannot stand on the sidelines and by doing so hand this Nation over to the crooked Clintons, Obamas and the even-worse slimy privileged academics like Elizabeth Warren.

Trump, in this campaign, has said nothing wrong or dishonest. He was right to point out that a Latino judge could not be trusted to treat him fairly. He was right to say that criminals are pouring across the Mexican border. He was right to question the journalistic standards of a Fox bimbo. He was almost right to attack John McCain’s exploitation of a war-time reputation. He was right to point out that Mrs. Khan is a subservient Muslim wife, and her husband a political enemy of America. He is right to denounce and dismiss the Republican collaborators.

Trump is losing the election contest because the MSM, which is the all-powerful voice of a Ruling Class and its allies intent on destroying America from within, control the airwaves, TV screens and mass entertainment. Trump’s only mistakes were that he never read this website (and thus did not know the real enemy) and thought he could manipulate the Media in the all-important Presidential election.

He is losing, not because he is any less right or smart than he was in the primaries, but because the MSM has cut off his communication with the uninformed voters, is pumping out wall-to-wall lies about him, and hiding the Obama/Hillary Clinton crimes. And a ruthless Ruling Class controlling mass communication and the Government machine has no problem recruiting traitors from Republican ranks.

It is possible that an unexpected event might level the playing field before November, but the MSM has developed the power and skill to turn almost anything to advantage. The day of reckoning will come whoever wins and those good people who are flocking to Trump rallies, like the Ulster Protestants I mentioned earlier, ‘Will not surrender’. I know which side I will be on.

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  1. It’s still a long time until November. Anything can happen. And Hillary’s lies will not go away, even if the MSM tries to hide them. Also, the MSM have pretty much show their hand. Trump now knows what he is dealing with and will have time to adjust. He will not fade away in despair.

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