Trump Deserves Continuing Broad Right Support

Last week, in the early hours, my Trump sign and an American flag were stolen from my front yard. Given the Far-Left hatred and intolerance that has exploded since the election, I am surprised they survived this long.

I was intending to replace them with a bigger home-made sign and flag, until the Syrian missile attack and the rumors surrounding Bannon and Kushner dampened my Trump enthusiasm. Was this the end of Trump the Counter-Revolutionary, and the early start of Trump the collaborator, or Trump the dope?

I am grateful to Maria Lamorena of the Ecumenical News for her April 8 post on Free Republic, which reported that President Trump has nominated Tennessee State Senator Mark Green to be US Army Secretary¹ and to replace Eric Fanning.

Fanning, a homosexual pervert was appointed in 2016 by Obama, and was obviously intended to further advance the moral corruption of the US military and to keep up the pace of destruction of a fighting force. Much of Obama’s homosexual agenda went below the public’s radar, thanks to the collusion of a Mainstream Media (MSM) intent on advancing by stealth the moral transformation of the Nation.

Mark Green is a Christian, a Conservative, and a former US Army Flight surgeon, who left the Army in 2006. As a Republican State Senator he has been campaigning to restore the right of Tennessee employers to exercise their freedom of choice when recruiting staff and accepting jobs. It is reported that he was considering running for Governor.

It is not hard to imagine the organized fury of America’s perverts, the Far Left and the MSM over this nomination, and a well-financed homosexual Front group which calls itself the American Military Partner Association has already expressed rage.

Senate approval will be required, so Green’s appointment is not assured. The Revolutionary, Far Left, extremist, Senate Democrats will be under orders to fight tooth and nail, and the wealthy perverts of Hollywood and Silicon Valley will be mobilizing to fund opposition. Collaborators in the Republican Party will be put under enormous pressure to vote for ‘tolerance and inclusion’ and resist ‘bigotry’.

When I consider this Trump nomination, and the appointment of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, I realize that I must start work on replacing my Trump sign, for the Counter-Revolution is continuing despite setbacks. We on the Broad Right must march on in lockstep.

¹For the latest information, follow this link.

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