Trump: American Hero Is Earning Victory And Our Support

As Donald Trump continues his epic campaign of three rallies a day with little rest (not bad for a 70 year old!) but full of zest, it behoves all of us to dig deep into our resources to support him. I am not just talking about money, though he certainly needs it to match the evil Soros, the Hollywood perverts, the Government Unions and the Silicon Valley tycoons.

I am also talking about the overt support of big bumper stickers, yard signs, caps and shirts, and fearless talk among friends, neighbors and in public. It is time to stop being polite, time to stop worrying about upsetting acquaintances and work colleagues, and time to be bold and assertive. For too long the Left has occupied the streets, public places, work places and neighborhood gatherings.

If a 70 year-old man can abandon the comfortable life of a billionaire, put his family, his life, and the business he has created at permanent risk, then surely we can risk a few fragile friendships, a little discomfort at work and the possibility of Leftist aggression in the parking lot. No-one is expected to put their life on the line by driving around Detroit or Oakland and inviting trouble from thugs, but for most people the likely hostility is merely uncomfortable.

Trump has been enduring the relentless, vicious, unfounded personal attacks of the Mainstream Media, and he has doubled down. Our hope is that his election to the White House will signal the turning of the ‘progressive’ tide and a return to a free America of traditional values. But it will take all of us to turn the tide and we have to do out bit in our daily lives. So get out there this weekend and take back America in your neighborhood, your workplace, your local store and shopping mall and among your friends. Wear Trump, talk Trump, drive Trump and encourage ‘vote Trump’! It shouldn’t be difficult to defend a brave patriot against a proven criminal. If you can’t obtain a Trump bumper sticker or yard sign, make one, make it big and bold and take it everywhere!

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