Trump Only 60 Short Of Victory

With almost all of Oregon’s Republican votes counted, Donald Trump received 67% of the total. Cruz received 17% and Kasich 16%. When the Oregon delegates are awarded it seems that Trump will have 1177 delegates, just 60 short of the 1237 needed to be acclaimed the Party’s victor in Cleveland. Not bad for a man with no professional political experience!

For Sasse, Romney, Kristol and Levin, preoccupied with unearthing the Party’s grass roots and constructing with them a new conservative ‘movement’ for the long-term future, Trump’s Oregon disaster will have been a source of satisfaction. It will go some way to off-setting their disappointment over Hillary Clinton’s twin catastrophes of Oregon and Kentucky.

Yesterday was another humiliation for the Clintons, and not even the Mainstream Media’s propagandists in the trenches can rescue her from acute embarrassment. What they all avoid noting to the suckers who swallow their tripe, is that if the old Trotskyite had her super-delegates and she had his, he would now be winning the Democrat nomination. Moreover, California is likely to deliver to her the coup de grace next month.

Clinton did not even try to win in Oregon where there is virtually no uneducated, unemployed Black vote. Instead she and Billy Boy spent all their energies in Kentucky, where the non-College-educated Black vote was sufficient to eke out a 42% win. With 97% precincts reported Clinton had 212,549 votes (46.75%) to Sanders 210,626 votes (46.33%). In a properly supervised general election there would have been several recounts and Sanders would probably have won comfortably once the dead voters were eliminated. Incidentally we only draw attention to the ‘uneducated Black voters’ because the MSM constantly denigrates Trump’s White educationally-unqualified voters. We don’t actually believe a college education means much.

Hillary deserves full marks for chutzpah however, for she greeted her victory like a Gold Medal winner. I know there is a lot of surgery and make-up involved in the camouflage, but those cruel eyes are continuing to glitter even as the humiliations ramp up. Perhaps she is consoled by the money that has built up in the Clinton bank account since she and Bill left the White House broke. And then there is the Clinton Foundation, their charitable effort to cure dysentery in Africa, that according to Mark Steyn – and he quotes from impeccable sources – for every million dollars collected from rich Arabs, $60,000 reaches Africa and $940,000 ensures that the Clintons live and travel in style in pursuit of their fund-raising.

Billy Boy is now her not-so-secret weapon, brought into the campaign to reap the attractive-women vote to supplement the ugly-women vote that she owns. I have not been able to find any reports of them campaigning together, though whether this is because she cannot bear to be near him or vice-versa, is not clear. But he is going to be locked inside her cabinet taking care of their finances – or did I get that wrong? A local pastor reminds me every week that I must be kind in thought even to enemies, but somehow the Clintons are just too much of a test for my generosity of spirit! I will say this though in mitigation. The Clintons are in it solely for themselves. The Obamas are in it not only for themselves but also to punish the rest of us who are White.

Once again, we caution our website visitors not to become over-confident with these latest election results. The Democrat turnout in Oregon dwarfed that of the Republicans. And this was the White American vote!

Once again we were proved right! We predicted that the engineer who drove the Amtrak train into a bend at 106 mph, killing 8 and injuring hundreds of Philadelphians, would benefit from being a member of America’s most privileged ‘community’.

Members of the LGBT + Other Perversions ‘community’ are now beyond the law. This is because homosexuals, perverts and libertines are the richest and most organized element of the Ruling Media Class. It was this group who promoted Obama over Hillary back in 2007 and he has served them faithfully from the White House ever since. It is not our opinion that Obama is ‘one of them’ but his recent edicts and those of his DOJ Loretta Lynch suggest that he is enjoying imposing their wildest homosexual fantasies on us in the closing days of his Rule.

No-one with a Government job to protect or employment in a Big Business now dares to criticize a publicly-declared pervert. They are even more protected than young African American law-breakers. The National Transportation Safety Board has now reported on the Amtrak crash. Engineer Bostian, who was wont to advertise his anal attractions and toilet on the Internet and was a homosexual activist, drove into the bend at twice the permitted speed (106 mph!!!) because he “was distracted by radio chatter“. He also “lost track (no pun intended!) and situational awareness of where he was before he accelerated”. Although high speed was the cause of the crash, this has been attributed to “human error”. Much of the report is occupied with blaming deaths on “inadequate requirements for passenger protection”.

We suggest that if you recklessly drive at great speed around a tight bend in your car and cause death and injury, you try claiming that you were distracted. See where that gets you! If you are not a homo activist, chances are you will face a charge of death by dangerous driving or second degree murder.

Finally another example of ‘radical and right’ being right. Look back at our several past comments on the Greek debt crisis. We continually said that the Greeks would not pay up and that Merkel would let them get away with it. They still haven’t paid and now another ‘crisis’ is looming. Their debt will be wiped out by EU money printing, aka inflation, just as America’s debt will be if Clinton wins in November. In this way small savers, pensioners and ordinary workers get stiffed without knowing it!

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