Troy Davis Executed – Justice Done!

On this website we do not gloat over the judicial executions of killers. The execution in Georgia today of Troy Davis is a sad business for it does not bring back to life the off-duty police officer he casually gunned down in a parking lot in 1989. We can spare some sympathy for Davis and his immediate family who after all these years had to count down the hours of life left to him. It is possible that the years on Death Row and the approach of his execution caused him to have genuine regret for his actions and for the pain he caused the family of Mark MacPhail. Since Davis protested his innocence right to the end, however, it is more probable that he had little remorse and much concern for his own life.

There is no room for doubt regarding his guilt and anyone who thinks otherwise should read Ann Coulter’s latest article in which she examines the evidence that was produced at Davis’ trial. In this excellent article, Coulter does what an objective Mainstream Media should have done for the benefit of the world’s public. That the MSM of the USA did not do so can be satisfactorily explained only on this website. We can explain why the MSM marched in lockstep to conceal the facts of Davis’ trial, twisted the story to cast doubt on his guilt and did all it could to generate sympathy for him. We leave it to Coulter to give you the facts that convicted Davis beyond a shadow of doubt and instead, on this website, we look at the protestors and their motives and why the MSM is predictably on the side of killers and lawbreakers, though only in certain circumstances.

Most people in the world, who rely on the MSM for information, will not be aware that another man was judicially executed on the same day in Texas. He was White and guilty of pitilessly killing a Black man. He too deserved his execution as far as we on this website are concerned. Had this execution not coincided with the Davis execution, the MSM would have made much of it, with plenty of sympathetic detail about the victim and plenty of unsympathetic reporting about the supposed motives of the killer and his partner in crime. For the Media Class and its leftist allies, any punishment of a Black criminal whose victim is White is a cause for protest and dishonest reporting. Any punishment of a White criminal whose victim is Black is not quite enough justice and requires journalistic outrage. This tells us a lot about the ruling Media Class, its revolutionary agenda and the partnership it has forged with Leftists in order for its (Democrat) Party to win elections.

The protestors of the Davis execution who enjoyed so much Media publicity, and all of it sympathetically detailed, were the usual mixed bag. We can start with the Pope, who always gets top billing in these circumstances from a MSM that in every other circumstance seeks to demonize or ridicule him. Suddenly, when the Pope’s consistent opposition to killing human beings happens to coincide with the Media’s and Leftist’s agenda, the Pope is a valued moral voice. When he protests the murder of innocent babies he is ignored or attacked by the MSM. The rest of the protestors consist of:

1) The usual bleeding hearts and who Lenin called the useful idiots. These are the undistinguished nonentities who believe they enjoy a moral superiority by defending the indefensible. They are small in number and are always outside prisons with placards whenever the cruelest killers are about to die. They seemingly have no concern for the victims or future victims. They are always ready to believe that the killer on Death Row is either innocent or wholly remorseful and safely embarked on a new life.

2)The publicity seekers who gravitate to any protest where there is a chance of publicity.

3) The calculating politicians such as the Rev Al Sharpton who make a good living out of promoting victim status for Blacks.

4) The Leftist ideologues who use any opportunity to mount ‘mass’ protests, who seek to demoralize the law-abiding ordinary people by promoting injustice and who seek to cast the lawless as natural revolutionaries.

The MSM told us that hundreds of thousands of people around the world were begging for Davis’ life to be saved. On what basis were these hordes mobilized? Why would such ‘masses’ care about him? In fact we can be sure that few ordinary people around the world had ever heard of Troy Davis, much less cared about his imminent execution. Few would have been aware of his crime or cared about his victim, for ordinary people can hardly be bothered to vote these days, let alone spare sympathy for a cop-killer. The Media always parades a list of politicians (mostly in Europe) and UN bureaucrats as those these people represent masses. They do not!

The truth is that the Davis protesting masses around the world are a MSM fiction, created for propaganda purposes in collaboration with the Leftists who seek to frustrate the will of the decent ordinary people by promoting injustice. Davis deserved his end! The only cause for protest was the length of time he was allowed to live thanks to a legal process designed to give employment to lawyers and to bring the Death penalty into disrepute.

Let us hope that Davis, in his final moments, truly repented and that the MacPhail family will now finally feel that justice has been done.

Music Choice – Tony Martin, who I believe died earlier this year at the age of 88, was born Alvin Morris in San Francisco in 1913, the son of immigrant Jewish parents. He began his musical life at an early age as a saxophone player gravitating to Big Bands including Glen Miller. He then began a long career as a singer and film actor. His rich manly voice brought him great success and many hits but my choice is the difficult song “I Believe in You” which has a terrific arrangement and backing from the Joe Castro Orchestra. This is another example of the marriage of a great song, great lyrics, great voice, great arrangement and great orchestra.

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