Trayvon’s Mom is new Cindy Sheehan

Our more recent website visitors may be asking ‘who is Cindy Sheehan?’ Well, Cindy was the Media darling during the years of George Bush’s Presidency.   For those who get their history from the Mainstream Media (MSM) and Hollywood and for whom history only goes back a few years, Cindy Sheehan was THE war protester once George W. Bush initiated the invasion of Iraq. After 9/11 (anyone recall the Muslim attacks on the WTC and Pentagon?), the Bush Administration decided that the best way to keep America safe from further Muslim terrorism was to take the war Islamists had declared on the USA to the Muslim backyard. Iraq and Afghanistan – two Islamic States where any group plotting to attack the USA could be sure of a safe haven – were invaded by the USA, and a number of other equally hostile Muslim States, including Syria and Libya, feared that they were next for invasion. 

    As it transpired, George W. Bush failed to prosecute this bold invasion strategy with sufficient political energy, but he was a declared Christian and socially conservative enough to inflame the emerging and all-powerful Media Class and its Leftist allies with rage, for they were on the cusp of taking power and imposing America’s first revolution since its Founding. It is hard now to recall the venom that the Media Class in its MSM and its Entertainment empire daily directed at the poor honest, harmless but ineffectual Bush. Bush had ‘cheated’ Al Gore out of the White House and thereby delayed the fundamental transformation of the USA. That transformation (revolution) would have to wait for the Media Class-financed election of Barry Hussein Obama in 2008. Many revolutionary policies, including Same-sex Marriage and the destruction of traditional Christianity, had to be put on the back-burner for an intolerable (for those governed by their appetites) eight years and so the anti-Bush rage was unleashed on TV screens, Newspapers, Comedy Shows and on the streets. Leftists, orchestrated by the MSM and supplemented by those tough guerrilla fighters from the mountains of Beverly Hills, marched against “the Bush war for oil” from San Francisco’s oppressed Sodom and Gomorra to New York’s poverty-stricken Greenwich Village and all places academic in between. 

    Still, as any Hollywood observer will be aware, skilled propagandists know that a personalized emotional story always beats a cool factual one, at least with the low information voters. Enter Cindy Sheehan! 

    Sheehan had lost a son. He had been killed whilst on voluntary service in the Army. I can’t remember what happened to Mr. Sheehan (senior). I suppose there was one but he never got a mention. Still, his wife was able to express enough grief for the two of them and more! Now, Cindy must have been genuinely grieved by the death of her son, for any mother, no matter how flaky, deranged, neglectful or self-obsessed, is going to feel a profound sense of loss when the child to whom she gave birth, predeceases her. We must allow that Cindy Sheehan had genuine feelings of bereavement and some anger over the loss of her son. But Cindy, ignoring the reality that her son had voluntarily joined the US Army and may have even been motivated by patriotism, chose to join the Far Left Peace Movement and hold George W Bush personally responsible for a scandalously unjust and illegitimate war and the death of her son. In short time she was marching at the head of every street anti-war protest all across the USA and giving aid and comfort to America’s Islamist enemies. And her target was the same hapless George W Bush that the Media Class also hated. 

    It was not long before the MSM and the Media Class celebrities and Entertainers were promoting Cindy as the poster child of Peace, Socialism and Motherhood. Now, not a day went by but Cindy was on the front pages, in pictures, headlines and gushing reports, and getting star billing on TV news reports. We were always reminded that she had ‘lost her son’ and was seeking retribution, especially in person from George W. Bush. She became the albatross around Bush’s helpless neck, placed there by the Media Class and all its propaganda arms. Ultimately, and to the intense delight of the MSM and its Leftist comrades, she set up a tented camp with a litter bevy of Feminists of doubtful sexuality. The camp was at Crawford, just outside Bush’s Texas Ranch. Here she enjoyed continuous, wholly sympathetic Media exposure as befitted a celebrity. 

    Nevertheless, (and we invite skeptical visitors to research our archive) we repeatedly warned Cindy to make the most of her celebrity, for it would not last once her usefulness to the Media Class agenda was exhausted. We asserted without reservation that the Media Class and its army of reporters and celebrities cared not a fig for her or her late son, or much about war. It was Bush they sought to destroy. And we were absolutely right, for once Obama was in the White House and pushing the revolutionary social and economic agenda of his masters and their Leftist allies, wars – Barry’s wars – were quite acceptable. Poor Cindy, deluded about her own importance and her cause, and still convinced that those reporters and celebrities really admired her and really cared, continued to protest war – even Barry’s war – but the cameras and reporters were suddenly elsewhere. Cindy and her little band of unwashed, unshaven Feminazis marched and protested like trees that fall in the forest. 

    Today, the poster child for the Media Class and its Leftist allies is another mother who has lost a son. Sybrina (“use my broken heart”) Fulton is now being taken up by the Media Class and its Leftist allies. Despite the uncomfortable fact that she tossed Trayvon, her 17 year old son, out of her home and deposited him on his father’s girlfriend, and despite the fact that she seems to be financially capitalizing on his posthumous celebrity, we must concede that she no doubt grieves for her dead son. It is likely that she has put aside the stressful memories of his delinquent behavior and her many worries that he was destined for a life of crime – and perhaps a short one in the ‘hood’ – and is viewing his teenage years through the proverbial rose-colored glasses. This is understandable. Yet some seasoned observers believe they can detect the glint of green in her tearful eyes. Still, she should make the most of her new-found celebrity, for it will last only as long as her grief serves to promote the current Ruling Class agenda, which includes gun control, reducing those ‘bitter clingers’ to defenselessness, and ramping up the Black vote for 2014. Poor Sybrina will not be more than a temporary member of the celebrity class, for she is a mere tool. The rich and powerful members of our Ruling Class may talk a lot about equality but they will not have Sybrina living in their neighborhoods nor will she be invited to Obama’s great and fashionable $30,000 Hollywood/New York fundraisers as an equal – at best as an exhibit. We can be certain that the trouble-seeking Trayvon, clad in hoodie, would not have got far in Beverly Hills or Marin County before being profiled and removed. 

    We suggest that Sybrina reads our past warnings to poor Cindy and does not let her current Media attention go to her head. The MSM reporters and Leftist celebrities who now refer to her son as a ‘child’ are well aware that he was a young and increasingly dangerous delinquent and the sort of Black youth they avoid like the plague. 

    All of our website visitors – and indeed the masses out there who get their news from the MSM – will be wholly familiar with the murder of Kelly Hunnewell, aged 33! Poor Mrs. Hunnewell, the White working-class mother of 4 young children, was toiling in a bakery kitchen on July 1st at 3 a.m. in Columbia, S. Carolina. Three young Black “men” (children?), two aged 18 and one aged 16, allegedly broke in to rob her. The police claim they took the small amount of cash available and then casually shot her dead. She was, I suppose, lucky not to be first raped and then sodomized, for this is the fate of many women murdered in similar circumstances. It is likely that one or more of the accused who allegedly shot as well as robbed her, were motivated by the racial hatred that has now been further inflamed by the MSM, the President and the race baiters. Are these young accused men more of the sons Obama never had? Did poor Mrs. Hunnewell invoke ‘stand-your ground’ laws and thus wantonly bring about her own fate? What’s that you say? You haven’t heard of Lorenzo Young (18), Troy Stevenson (18) and the unnamed 16 year old who were all out on bond releases for other felonies? How can that be for surely this is the kind of case that the MSM always regards as news? Has Obama been in touch with Mrs. Hunnewell’s grieving children to offer sympathy? According to police reports the accused are all members of a gang. Since the MSM hasn’t mentioned this dreadful racist crime and since Eric Holder is not investigating it for racism, I suggest you visit the website Free Republic for July 25th for the link, posted by Howard Morrison, to this report from Jason Old at wistv, “Police: ‘Documented gang members’ killed mother of 4 inside bakery” 1. You might ask yourself why this crime has not been reported in the MSM, nor the one on Free Republic directly beneath it. (Fox – Flash Mob robbery at DC Convenience Store, posted by Altura Ct. 2.) And then you might consider how many other similar crimes the MSM is not reporting and why. 

    I will finish with this observation on Obama’s recent speech in which he drew much attention to the pain of profiling he has personally experienced when crossing the road or getting in to an elevator. I will just mention these irrefutable facts. He – and all African Americans – are fortunate to be able to walk in virtually any White or Asian neighborhood in the USA and suffer only profiling and the painful experience of lone women clutching their purses. Any White, Asian or Hispanic-American who is foolish enough to walk in Black areas in Oakland, Detroit, LA, or virtually any large or medium-sized city in the USA, is inviting robbery at best and quite possibly death. 

    I recommend that our website visitors listen to the speech by Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, at their Birmingham rally on 20th July 2013 3. The MSM would have you believe that Dave ‘Hug a hoodie’ Cameron speaks for the British people. Cameron is also hot on SSM, which largely explains why the MSM everywhere treats him favorably. Robinson, a family man who must daily live with death threats from the Islamic Imperialists, is a rough but eloquent orator, and he is worth a hundred Camerons. 

    Weather – Here in middle California it is typically hot for July and we are told that the southern end of the UK has also experienced some global warming. Other parts of the US are experiencing cooler – than normal weather but this too is evidence of MMGW. 

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