Trayvon: The Son Obama Wished He’d Never Had!

Before following up on the title of this article I must return to the Boston bombing, for at the moment of writing (Friday April 19) the police were still searching for the second suspect.   One Boston policeman has been killed and another lies critically wounded as a result of the attempt to capture two suspects. The two suspects caught on camera on Monday have been identified as the Tsaraev brothers aged 26 and 19. The elder suspect has died in hospital of injuries sustained from an explosion and gunshots. It appears that both brothers had more bombs, other explosives and bullet-proof vests and were prepared to resist arrest using explosives and other violence. Greater Boston was shut down as the police searched for the 19 year old armed and dangerous suspect. 

    The whole Mainstream Media (MSM) has been working hard since the dreadful events of Monday morning to plant in the public’s mind the belief that the bombers were most likely right-wing extremists. It is vital to understand that this outrageous accusation was not initiated by the Leftists of the Democrat Party. As always the Democrat politicians trailed way behind the reporters, editors and Media commentators, for it is the members of the now-Ruling Media Class who set the political agenda, issue the propaganda and call the political shots. Obama and his comrades in the White House and Congress, in Governor’s mansions, State Senates and Houses all across the Nation come in on cue when summoned by their Media Class masters. 

    The Media Class, which is campaigning and legislating to marginalize and then forever criminalize Conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism were hoping that the bombers would not be Islamists. What they desperately dreamed of was a pair of White men from the Deep South, who attended a Fundamentalist or Catholic Church and who were members of both the NRA and the National Organization of Marriage. Since they knew that such people do not plant bombs or attack American citizens, the Media Class, through its MSM, got to work smearing in advance the people it considers to be the enemies of its Ruling Class agenda. The Media Class activists of the MSM know that mud sticks and smears work well on the unsuspecting masses – those Rush Limbaugh calls the ‘low information voters’ i.e. the people who scan the newspaper headlines as they turn to the Sports pages, who watch only TV News, who trust ABC News clips and read AP and Reuters bulletins on Comcast. For many of these LIV’s the myth of the Rightwing Boston bomber has already taken root. The Media Class wishes to implant the general belief that Right-wingers of all shades are the most dangerous people in America – a hidden, secretive, violent network of richly-financed, gun-owning, judgmental White bigots who work to prevent Black voters getting to the polls and would deny loving buggers the right to marry. 

    Make no mistake, the Media Class regards those it calls ‘Right-wingers’ as the most dangerous and hateful people in America – not because such people represent a threat to the ordinary working people of the Nation but because they will not embrace the Media Class agenda. The Media Class and its Leftist allies seek to silence them once and for all, for they understand that the people they paint as ‘Right-wingers’ are in fact ‘counter-revolutionaries – all that stands in the way of a completed Revolution that the Media Class is working through Obama to impose on America. 

    I will stop calling the Tsaraev brothers ‘suspects’, for they are surely part of the group that planted the Boston Marathon bombs. Incidentally, on this website we correctly predicted that the outrage was the work of more than one man. It is said that the police are searching for a third suspect and we think there will be more who have played a supporting role. We correctly predicted that the bombers had bombed for Islam. We needed no inside information to be correct, for we simply viewed the basic facts through our ‘lying’ eyes and absent an agenda. 

    The facts that have already come to light reveal that the bombing was the work of Islamic Imperialists, in this case some at least from Chechnya, and that once again, whilst many good would-be immigrants from the UK and Western Europe are left stranded by the legal processes, America’s most unsuitable and hostile applicants get fast-track admission. A rational observer might ask why Muslims are ever admitted to any Western country, since Islamic Imperialism is now unapologetically at war with the West and seemingly has an army of educated, prosperous, dedicated and bloodthirsty young Fifth Columnists already here. Now I well know that there are Muslims in America who are not Islamic Imperialists for I have long-time friends who, although rabid Obama/Democrat supporters, have no sympathy with violence. However they get their politics from the MSM and have never cared a fig about America’s splendid past and unique Constitution. They simply came to take advantage of economic opportunities. So why is America taking a chance by admitting more Muslims? One reason now is that we have a crypto Muslim in the White House. Incidentally, you first read the description ‘crypto Muslim’ here on this website! 

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is now in hospital and in custody, thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of many police officers. Already the MSM is in overdrive to falsely define the whole picture and once again this website has to draw attention to two facts so important yet so obvious as to be missed. First, the Leftist politicians have had no active role in setting the false scene. It has been entirely the work of the Media Class. Secondly, the unity of the MSM, all across the Nation and across the various mediums (TV, Newspapers, Radio and Internet providers) is yet again striking and cannot be the result of a conspiracy. Its uniformity in pursuit of dishonesty can only be explained by the existence of an identifiable Class having its own unique agenda that has arisen naturally from several years of refinement. 

    The WSJ has a front page dominated by the Boston bombing story. No fewer than seven ‘reporters’ have contributed to two separate narratives. The respective reports continue on an inside page but the front page cover is noteworthy because nowhere are the words ‘Muslim’, ‘Islam’ or ‘terrorist’ mentioned. The real propaganda, where the future Media Class narrative is planted, is contained in the long article by Jennifer Levitz (Jewish?) and which continues at great length on page 6A accompanied by pictures sympathetic to the two Muslim terrorists and their family. Levitz only mentions the word ‘Islam’ once – and it is presaged by the word ‘radical’. She skillfully uses it in the context, not of the brothers, but of a Nation. “The family had come to America after facing discrimination as ethnic Chechens living in Kyrgyzstan during wars in their ethnic homeland. A separatist rebellion there, with elements of radical Islam, had been crushed by the Kremlin under presidents Yeltsin and Putin.” Much later in this disgustingly whitewashing piece of propaganda Levitz writes “Authorities are now trying to determine whether or not the young men had contact with (what about the phrase ‘sought out’? – Mr Right) terrorist figures (what about the simple word ‘terrorists’? – Mr Right) Last year Tamerlan traveled to Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan. Dagestan is home to a simmering Islamist insurgency.” Later she writes that his father was with him on the trip and says that, “there is no way his son interacted with Islamic fundamentalists while on the trip.” In Levitz’ final paragraph she tells us that Tamerlan was showing signs of stricter religious beliefs, had started to pray and had married an American woman who mothered his child and converted to Islam. 

    In between, her article is one long narrative of a Tsarnaev family beset by struggles, poverty, discrimination and social isolation, despite the evidence she unwittingly provides of frequent travel back to the East, many excellent educational and sporting opportunities and a host of admiring friends. Other reporters also contributed to the article, we are told, but the narrative is clearly selected by Levitz and it is intended to paint this pair of happy killers as hard done by in America and by Americans. 

    Why is it that the latest Analysis 1 from the BBC suggests that, “We may know the names of the suspects in the Boston marathon attacks and also much about their lives, but the question of why they did it remains elusive. Recollections of friends and family, as well as the digital data trail people now leave on social media, means we can get a picture of a young brother who seemed to be a well-adjusted student,” when any search on the internet for the brothers’ digital trail, such as Youtube and, broadcasts their motive to all who want to see? 

    What are the facts that any honest reporter would have covered? Well, these young men – if they are guilty and they have not yet been convicted – had ample opportunities in the USA, where they and their extended family were given refuge and a great new start in life, where they were offered and took opportunities and friendship – including an American wife who was accommodating enough to convert to Islam – and frequently travelled across the world. Only the religion of Islam provides any motive for their murderous attack on so many innocent human beings and it is a religion that is constantly producing enthusiastic cold-blooded killers all around the world, every day! Where is the mystery and where else would any honest reporter look for a context and an explanation? 

    If the two brothers are guilty, we can safely say that they were ungrateful monsters without a shred of pity. They plotted and planned their enormous act over at least many weeks – perhaps much longer – and almost certainly in collusion with other Muslims. All that time they were impressing teachers, neighbors and friends with their ‘niceness’. They were planning to walk among their victims – people who had done them or anyone else no harm – and put down the bombs that they knew would take legs, arms, sight, hearing, inflict death and both immediate and lifelong pain, tear parents from children and children from parents. These were educated and intelligent young men who had had the benefit of years of education in America’s most Liberal and ‘caring’ State, daily receiving the blessings of the great Liberal philosophy of life where tolerance even extends to man buggering man within the institution of ‘marriage’. Are we expected to swallow this outrageously dishonest Media picture of deprivation, isolation and discrimination intended to excuse two monsters who walked among their victims and then retreated to safety to resume and enjoy a normal life with the gullible liberal people of Boston? Did they chat and laugh with their Bostonian friends whilst reading and hearing about the death and suffering just across town? 

    Radical and Right despise the Media people who seek to paint an attractive and sympathetic picture of killers who are no less monstrous than Hitler or Stalin. If the Tsarnaev brothers did indeed mislead people it was because they were without conscience and knew gullible dopes when they met them. The comments of people who were fooled do not paint a picture of confused young men who had their good points but were mixed up or developing resentments. They paint a picture of calculating, cold-blooded, manipulative killers who were not fit to walk the earth. They tell us that Muslims cannot be taken at face value and that Islam is a religion that effortlessly motivates and trains its adherents – relatively fortunate people – to cruelly kill non-Muslims. I suppose we can now expect to hear some Liberal Pastors exhorting their Congregations to understand, forgive, set hatred aside and redouble efforts to make America inclusive. 

    We might ask why the Media Class and Leftists are trying to ensure that the Boston outrage is so misrepresented. To answer that question we might ask why Obama has been looking so sour this last week. The answer to both may be that the Boston bombing, by Muslims, reveals that the Obama regime and its many decisions to placate and redefine Muslim terrorism has not made America safer, it has made it more dangerous. Obama, who we now say is either a quasi Muslim or a crypto-Muslim, has been energetic throughout his Presidency cozying-up to Islam and now has to extricate himself in the public mind. He need not worry for the MSM will rewrite history and save his neck, for he is the President who has evolved on same-sex marriage and seeks to disarm and marginalize Christians and all counter-revolutionaries. 

    To return to the title of this article, it is apparent that the Media’s Zimmerman frame-up is unraveling. In our last article we referred to two websites that appear to reveal the late Trayvon Martin’s criminal history and suggest that poor Zimmerman was doing his job when he kept Martin under observation. Mr. Radical has suggested that Obama may now wish that he had never so publicly claimed that Trayvon was the son he never had. Obama should not worry too much for the MSM will surely come to his rescue. Identification with Martin served its purpose in cementing Obama’s links to African American voters just before the election. The MSM has no trouble burying the past and inventing a new one. 

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