Trayvon Martin Revisited

The lull in the legal proceedings against George Zimmerman affords this website an opportunity to comment and speculate further on the alleged victim, Trayvon Martin. From the beginning of the Media’s promotion of this sad but far from untypical death – by – shooting of a Black youth, the stench of propaganda has been erupting from the Mainstream Media’s bowels like gas from a drunken glutton. As we have noted in other recent postings on this website, the Media Class and its Leftist allies have extracted this commonplace event, twisted the facts and concealed facts, in order to aid the re-election of President Solyndra Obama in November. If there was any doubt about the purpose of the MSM’s Martin story, it was quickly dispelled when Obama immediately inserted himself and his mythical son into the narrative. This intrusion of a sitting President (is he not supposed to be a President of all the people and an upholder of justice and due process?) was almost unique, except that Obama had previously taken sides in a law-enforcement issue without waiting for the facts and had revealed his racial bias.

In our previous articles we have shown how the Mainstream Media (MSM) has relentlessly portrayed George Zimmerman in the most negative manner, often by dispensing with known facts and in many cases concealing facts that would present Zimmerman in a positive light. Let us repeat again that so far, there is not a scrap of evidence to suggest that Zimmerman was doing anything other than trying to protect his neighborhood from crime. It is possible – though the facts so far revealed do not support it – that he acted over-zealously and just might be guilty of manslaughter. There is absolutely no evidence that he is a racist thug who took the opportunity to hunt down and execute an innocent Black youth. Nor is there evidence that, in spotting a hooded youth who was not a resident of the gated community, he was acting unreasonably by following him. His immediate cell-phone contact with the police department, far from being an indictment of him, serves to enhance his reputation as a diligent and responsible Watch volunteer. It is worth writing – since it has not been noted anywhere else – that the police responder’s advice regarding further surveillance (“you don’t need to do that”) was almost certainly offered to ensure Zimmerman’s own safety. It was not an instruction, as Special Prosecutor Angela Corey has falsely stated in her indictment. It was surely Zimmerman’s legitimate role to follow a suspect and even question him as to his presence. One Media report described Zimmerman as a “volunteer with a penchant for calling police to relate suspicious happenings”. I have read that Zimmerman called the police 8 times in a year – hardly a ‘penchant’ and surely the actions of a good citizen and neighbor. Gated communities exist because the residents seek safety, security and freedom from crime. The communities are often sited close to neighborhoods where predators and criminals reside and the residents are often vulnerable people including the elderly, the handicapped, single women and people who have to leave their homes unattended. There is a gated community close to me and if I was walking there in the dark I would not be affronted if a security worker stopped me and asked why I was there.

The MSM may well have exhaustively investigated Zimmerman’s background, indeed should have done so, given that its reporters have seized on this case to promote intense public interest. So far however the entire MSM has been remarkably coy about Zimmerman’s circumstances, probably because his life is largely blameless. It has also been coy not only about Trayvon Martin’s background but about his movements on the tragic night. Here are some questions that spring to my mind and yet seemingly have not stimulated the MSM reporters to dig. Maybe they have and the facts do not fit the MSM agenda.

Why was Martin sleeping at the home of his father’s girlfriend and not at the home of either parent? There may have been a very unremarkable explanation but on the other hand a number of possible reasons spring to mind. Was his father also staying there? Was he was not wanted at home? Was he a young man who was drifting from temporary kip-down to temporary kip-down and footloose? Where was his mother and why did he not live with her? Who is the father’s ‘girlfriend’, how old is she and was she offering care and supervision to Trayvon Martin? Was she home at the time Martin was alleged to be there and did she verify to the police the fact of his going out to the store to get candy? Was it raining and how far was it to the store? Has the store been identified and his purchases confirmed? What time did he leave the house and was it after dark? Why did he not ring his parents, father’s girlfriend or the police if he was fearful of Zimmerman’s presence in the street? Why ring his girlfriend who was far away? Given the illiterate gutter-language and misogynist nature of his tweets, what kind of young woman is this girlfriend who is now being touted as the key witness, albeit at the end of a phone?

Now some of the above questions may be irrelevant to the case against Zimmerman and the police may well have investigated every one. For sure it would not normally be the role of a website writer to even raise such questions, for violent deaths are best left to the police to unravel and Courts to judge. But since the MSM and President Solyndra have chosen to intervene in such a one-sided fashion and since it seems that a Special Prosecutor has now also taken sides and a man may be sacrificed to a racist mob, we all have a right to raise questions and make comments. Just as Martin has become a symbol for many African Americans, thanks to the scurrilous work of the Media Class, its Leftist allies and race-mongers, so Zimmerman may have become a symbol for all the rest of us, including Latinos, who want to protect our property and our lives when attacked. We can still hope for a legal outcome that is based solely on truth and facts and which is accepted by all decent citizens but on this website we are not holding our breath.

I read that Obama, at the big meeting in South America, talked about the ‘Maldives’ when he meant the ‘Malvinas’. I am sure he doesn’t know the difference and could find neither on a map. He is actually poorly educated and I would venture to say the most ignorant President in modern history. Still, with a protective MSM, he can get away with anything. For such a gaffe as this, George Bush would have been crucified by the entire MSM and lampooned by every comedian.

This week the Miami-Dade Herald newspaper reported that Capt. Brian Beckmann, a fireman, has been suspended from duty for a “rant” on Facebook. I have read his posting and there is not a mention of race in it. His criticism is of unspecified “urban youth” dwellers. Leftists and race activists have assumed that he is referring to Black youths who riot etc and someone sent his ‘rant’ to an African American website. Although his ‘rant’ specified that he was not suggesting that his views represented his employers, he is now suspended for expressing his personal view of social conditions in the USA. I am sure that his criticisms were mostly directed at African Americans but some might say ‘if the cap fits, wear it!’

The first lesson of his suspension is that posting anything other than inane drivel on such websites is foolish. The second is that any remarks and sentiments that might be sniffed out as racist by Al Sharpton or Eric Holder are fatal for Whites. The third is that views that are considered politically incorrect are not dealt with by a caution or a reprimand, even if the ‘offender’ has a long and good record of public service. We have seen with pro-sports offenders that past achievements count for nothing. Finally, we can assume that free speech is rapidly vanishing and that truth is no defense when ‘Rightwing’ views are expressed. If Beckmann’s views had suggested that he would not rescue Black youths from a fire or would not take his fire truck to a ghetto, suspension would have been justified, but his ‘rant’ contains no such implication.

Weather – I saw on the UK’s BBC website for the Southwest that the area’s drought might last until Christmas. Lower down the page the weather forecast was for heavy rain for the next three days. Our informant from Devon says that there is no drought. In the North London area, another informant says that rivers are normal for this time of year. This ‘drought’ Media talk is meant to scare people and underpin the Man-Made Global Warming narrative that will lead to more Government control of the British people. If there is a water shortage it will be due to the decades of mass immigration into the UK that has been relentlessly master-minded by Governments. Here in California, after another period of rain and endless cold weather we might be getting some warm sunshine later this week. If so, the MMGW will be peddled by the MSM in order to justify Obama’s attack on carbon fuel and high gas prices.

Music Choice – We regularly maintain on this website that Entertainers are now a major segment of the Media Class. We also maintain that modern popular music is almost wholly pathetic, hypocritical and infantile. Both of these assertions were borne out last week when the Red Hot Chilli Peppers played for Obama at the White House. This Pop band, like almost all others, actively supports the Media Class Leftist agenda and donates to the Democrat Party and other Leftist causes. I managed to read some excerpts from their albums, “Soul to Squeeze” and “Skinny, Sweaty Man”. I recommend you find these ‘lyrics’ for yourself and contemplate their utter drivel. After that experience you might restore your sanity by listening to 1950’s star Guy Mitchell’s recording of “Look at that Girl” with Mitch Miller’s Orchestra. No-one would claim that Mitchell was a great artist or that his songs had unusual depth but they were musical, happy, literate and free of pretense. Nor would anyone conclude after listening that Mitchell was a pimply, whining, ungrateful, self centered permanent teenager.

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