Trayvon Martin Death – Media Mobilizing Black Vote for Obama?

It is rare on this website that we stay focused on the same story for more than two articles but the Trayvon Martin death in Florida over a month ago is developing into several parallel stories and they all cast light on the Media Class and its power to turn all News into political propaganda. One story – and it is the one that should be at the heart of anything reported about Martin’s death and Zimmerman’s role in it – concerns whether George Zimmerman deliberately and without good cause, shot Martin dead. This tragedy is not being reported as news but as propaganda.

The Martin/Zimmerman deadly conflict should not be making National headlines – at least not for more than a day or two – for deadly shootings, stabbings and other serious physical attacks occur every day in America’s modern urban areas with great frequency and are too commonplace to be nationalized. This is a sad state of affairs but can be attributed to the stresses caused by multi-racialism, multi-culturalism, the long-past history of slavery, the decline of the two-parent family, population over-crowding and – most of all – the attack on Christian/Judeo culture that has been undertaken successfully by the new Ruling Media Class. The consequences of all of the afore-mentioned, mostly Leftist policies – and they are linked in cause and consequence – is that many young people and quite a few not-so-young kill other human beings for relatively trivial reasons. Some of these killings are extraordinarily callous yet do not make Mainstream Media (MSM) national news. This is a story in itself and the explanation can be found in many of our previous articles!

It is undeniably true that in the USA (and the UK) the majority of killers are Black and so are many of the victims. Obviously there are reasons for this but these are beyond the scope of this article. What is clear in this context is that Martin’s violent death is relatively commonplace, not least if Martin is innocent of any and everything, for many young men, and especially young Black men die violent deaths every day. So why has the MSM, with the exception of Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio, acted in lockstep to pluck Martin’s death from obscurity and confer on it a great importance? In two previous articles we have explained this.

The second story is the way that this death has been reported by all the MSM, again with the exception of Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio. The reporting has been more than one-sided, it has been grossly inflammatory. In fact I cannot recall a crime that has been reported in so blatantly a dishonest manner. The pictures displayed of Martin and Zimmerman have been polarized – Martin as a smiling child and Zimmerman as a cold-eyed killer. There are now many pictures on the underground Internet that present Martin as a teenage ‘gangsta’ and Zimmerman as a neighborhood Samaritan. I am not alleging that Martin was a thug or burglar and that Zimmerman was a Saint, for we might never know and in any case both opposites may be wide of the mark. Nevertheless we must ask why the MSM is again marching in lockstep for clearly it would have been easy to print pictures of Martin that are contemporary and pictures of Zimmerman that treat him decently. After all, Zimmerman has not yet been found guilty of any crime and no-one, including the police seem to have any hard evidence to the contrary.

One can only assume that the MSM has an agenda that is being served by extracting this unfortunate killing from the daily fare and then twisting the facts and slanting everything reported in order to achieve the conviction for murder of a man who may be innocent. In previous articles we asserted that the explanation for all this is not that the Democrat Party and its Leftist allies are responsible, though they are now panting aboard the bandwagon. We say that the Media Class, the revolutionary new Ruling Class who funded and promoted Obama into the White House, is responsible, for it seized upon this killing in order to mobilize November’s Black voters for its Man and his Party. It is a central tactic of the Media Class and its Leftist allies to pretend that the US is still in the era of post Civil War reconstruction of the South. We were probably the first on the Internet to assert this and to point out that the Media Class moved too quickly, assuming that Zimmerman was White. We predicted that now that it is clear that Zimmerman is not White – he is in fact a Latino registered Democrat according to Florida sources – the MSM would drop the story. We might have been wrong on that last prediction though there is some evidence that the MSM is retreating. Both the LA Times and the AP are now printing stories that put Zimmerman in a more positive light. It is probable that the Media Class now fears that it may be alienating Latino voters and driving them into the Republican voting booths.

The next few days will challenge the ability of the Media Class to successfully change course with its propaganda. The New York Times on March 25th was still denying reality by calling Zimmerman a ‘White Hispanic’, whilst printing pictures of a Brown-skinned man. Reuters on 27th March was also still describing poor Zimmerman as a ‘White Hispanic’ even though the logic of this is that Obama must be a ‘White African American’.

There is another story now emerging from the inflammatory and dishonest reporting by the MSM of Martin’s death. We intend to identify it here. It is that of the Leftist mobilization of the ‘mob’. It is not clear if the MSM intended this result, for mobs are difficult to control and often frighten those non-political citizens who will be voters in November. The mobilization started relatively safely with headlines like “Churches call for Justice for Trayvon” (Comcast News 25th March) and sympathetic reporting of the arrival in Florida of the opportunist Race agitators Sharpton and Jackson. Campus demonstrations and Northern city marches were also approvingly reported and the Black Media star, Spike Lee posted Zimmerman’s address on the Internet, surely with the intention of encouraging violence against him. None of this has been discouraged or condemned by the MSM, even though Lee posted the wrong address and an elderly couple found themselves living in fear. Then the New Black Panthers issued their Fatwa on Zimmerman, complete with a $10,000 bounty and a new element of violence was introduced. So far, the lawless Eric Holder has characteristically failed to take action against his fellow Black comrades and now a racial powder keg of unchecked Black youngsters is showing signs of spontaneous ignition.

Not surprisingly the first sparks have occurred in Florida. Miami TV’s ‘News on Ten’ on Friday showed a riot caught on video and this, although carefully ignored by the MSM, soon appeared on the Internet. ‘Students’ – no doubt many hoping to become pilots, or doctors or scientists – walked out of North Miami Beach Senior High School and joined a demonstration ‘March for Trayvon’. It did not take long for the marchers to invade a Walgreen’s store they were passing and ransack it. Members of the mob, seemingly not fearing prosecution (why should they with Eric Holder at Justice and Obama in the White House?) were later interviewed on camera. Many were well-dressed and well-fed young women who excitedly and pleasingly pointed out their part in the invasion and destruction of the store in mid-afternoon. Many were only able to speak in ghetto language, thus confirming that much public education is a waste of taxpayers’ money and all justified their actions by claiming to be ‘angry’. All were Black.

If George Zimmerman is not arrested soon, a lack of evidence notwithstanding, we can expect a Nation-wide outburst of Black rioting. It will be a challenge for the MSM to present such rioting in a way that shifts blame away from the rioters and simultaneously promotes Obama’s re-election prospects. So far, the MSM has shown itself to be equal to any challenge requiring the suppression of News and its manipulation.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman has had to go into hiding. The Authorities in Sanford now have to pull all the facts together and decide if they can act on them, or perhaps, simply placate the mobs-in-waiting. It is still not possible, from the facts already known, to ascertain the truth, although the burden of proofs lies heavily on those who claim that Zimmerman is a murderer. The Martin family may have a legitimate complaint that the Sanford police did not investigate with sufficient thoroughness in the immediate aftermath of their son’s death. Leaving aside the MSM propaganda, and given that Zimmerman’s account may be self-serving, much will hinge on background and circumstantial evidence. The one witness and Zimmerman’s alleged injuries support his account but after that we are left with the characters’ of the two men and the situation in this gated community. Was Martin a harmless young man? It now appears from Internet postings that he was not the budding pilot and dedicated student that his parents presented to an eager Media. His Internet tweets as a self-proclaimed “nigga” suggest that he was a typical disaffected young Black similar to those who invaded and trashed Walgreens. It is clear that his school was not honest about his suspension. ‘Tardiness’ was only a part of a much less flattering picture. What else has the school concealed?

Zimmerman may have been justified in shadowing a young Black man in a hoodie who was not a resident, given that this gated community had been experiencing young Black burglars in recent times and for this reason had formed a Neighborhood Watch. We can only hope that the truth emerges despite the MSM and its agenda on behalf of Obama’s re-election.

Visitors to this Website are frequently referred to the NOM (National Organization for Marriage) Website for news about the campaign for (and the campaign against) same-sex marriage that is being promoted by billionaire homosexuals, their anti-Christian Leftist allies and the Media Class. Recently in New York State the Senate passed a Bill legalizing the grotesque same-sex marriage. The Bill squeaked through because a handful of Republican Senators, who had been elected as opponents of SSM had been bought by promises of funding.

Most Democrats voted for SSM. The NOM, local Black Churches and Orthodox Jews have banded together and vowed to defeat those Democrats and the Republican turncoats at the ballot box. One Democrat has already been replaced by a Republican supporter of real marriage, though the MSM has predictably hidden this significant news. Now, it seems, the coalition of counter-revolutionaries has scored another success. It has been reported – though not confirmed – that David Storobin, a Republican committed to real marriage, has defeated Lew Fidler, a Democrat supporter of homosexual ‘marriage’, in a NY State Senate seat election. If this is correct it is indeed cause for great celebration, for this was a ‘very safe’ Democrat seat and has a large Jewish population. Fidler was a Jew, yet it seems that many Jewish voters consider real marriage to be worth crossing the religious and political divide for. You can be certain that the MSM will avoid at all costs mentioning this significant election result!

Climate Report – Here in central California’s East Bay the March weather is continuing unusually cold and thus making this a very cold Winter. The drought has ended too and although not as wet as last Winter, March has made amends for the cattle ranchers. Last weekend, the hills here were covered by snow. No evidence of Global Warming!!

Music Choice – Bud Powell was the outstanding piano genius of the 1950’s and, along with Charlie Parker, a trail blazer of grown-up music before the Media Class infantilized popular music. Powell was preceded by another African American pianist of the 1930’s and 1940’s who was also worthy of the title ‘genius’. Powell was undoubtedly greatly influenced by Art Tatum. Tatum, like the superb jazz pianists George Shearing and Lennie Tristano, was blind, yet developed a breathtaking technique and speed. Tatum, a shy man who preferred to play from the shadows, was eventually well recorded by Norman Granz. I recommend his piano solo of the tune “Willow Weep for Me” which can be found on the album “The Best of Art Tatum” by Norman Granz.

“Willow Weep for Me” is one of the great American songs of all time. It is a Blues-tinged ballad and almost every jazz musician has played it at some time or other. Its composer was Ann Ronell (real name Ann Rosenblatt) a Jewish woman whose family came to the USA from Russia. Ronell, a lifelong Democrat, was born on Christmas Day and died on Christmas Day in 1993 at the age of 88. She wrote both this wonderful tune and the lyrics yet failed to write anything else of much lasting value. Enjoy both this wonderful tune and Tatum’s dazzling playing!

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