Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman – Plucked from Obscurity by the Media

The primary purpose of this website is to reveal how the Media Class, which now rules the USA, pursues its agenda through the Mainstream Media (MSM), the Democrat Party and the White House. Because, in the pursuit of its revolutionary agenda, the Media Class has reduced ‘news’ to propaganda and wholly abandoned truth, we attempt, along with many Internet sites, to post up the truth and truthful analysis about contemporary issues.

Some two weeks ago, in the small Florida city of Sanford, at about 11pm one evening, a Neighborhood Watch employee of a gated community shot and killed a 17 year old youth within the precincts of the community he was patrolling. Since on any day of any week, many American citizens die violent deaths by shooting and knifing, such events rarely make the news headlines beyond the local newspapers and local radio and TV stations. Violent deaths attributable to criminal behavior are especially common in African American urban areas, and to a lesser extent in Latino areas. This is a simple fact beyond dispute, though the MSM and Leftist politicians have by intimidation prevented most people from mentioning it. The most common deaths from shootings are of Black on Black, usually as a consequence of gang warfare between young Blacks. Black on White murder is also fairly commonplace, though greatly under-reported in the MSM and much avoided by academics researching crime. I am fairly sure that most Latino killing is Latino on Latino. White on Black and White on Latino murders are rare though hugely publicized in the MSM. Asians are sometimes victims – mostly of Black attackers – but Asians rarely commit violent crime.

We give this information because we believe in truth and because, as so often on this website, we consider the wider context of an event to be important to its full understanding. There is nothing racist in recording the facts where they are at all relevant, though the Left and the Media Class are playing the race card and politics when they refrain from reporting many murders and single out others for continual headline treatment. We seem to be witnessing the latter situation in the unfolding case of Martin and Zimmerman – a case which is already a tragedy for both men and their respective families.

Young Mr. Trayvon Martin was an African American. 28 year-old Mr. George Zimmerman is a Latino who was born in Virginia and who moved to Florida. The key fact in the MSM’s pounce on this slaying is that Zimmerman sounds ‘white’. Anyone familiar with Sgt. Bilko will remember Pte. Zimmerman – a young, very white, soldier. Zimmerman is a German name, but at one period in the past many Germans emigrated to Mexico and South America and intermarried. George Zimmerman certainly looks Latino and his father insists that he is.

We on this website are convinced that when the MSM editors decided to take this event nation-wide and front-page, they wrongly assumed that this was an ‘armed White on unarmed Black’ story that would nicely fit a Leftist/Obama agenda in this election year. Two Ruling Class motives were probably at work. One was to launch an attack on what is now known as the ‘stand-your-ground’ policy recently adopted by the Republican Florida Legislature. This legislation allows law-abiding citizens to defend themselves with deadly force in public places if they are physically threatened. The more important motive of the Ruling Class and its Leftist allies, we believe, is the need to arouse African American anti-White feeling and thus ensure a maximum Black turn-out in the November elections.

Too late, the MSM discovered that Mr. Zimmerman is Latino and Brown. By that time the issue had gained traction and some African Americans across the Nation, always ready to ‘play the victim’, were on the march. Worse still for the MSM, the Reverend Al Sharpton, ever the race-baiting opportunist, was on his way South. It is now too late for the MSM to bury this story quickly, though we believe it will do so as soon as possible. Why do we think this? Because the MSM and its Leftist allies are busy trying to create an Obama/Democrat voting coalition out of African Americans and Latinos – two racial groups that do not fit comfortably together. If Mr. Zimmerman is unfairly persecuted and martyred in order to feed artificially aroused Black emotions, many Latinos may stay at home on November 3rd.

In order to create a story of Black victimization in the Martin shooting, the MSM began with its usual corruption of the facts, in fact, it did not wait for the few facts to emerge from the Sanford Police Department. All photos of Martin in the MSM have been of him at age 15 or younger. It is now claimed on many websites that Martin was a big, powerful and heavy 17 year-old and that he was already suspended from school prior to his death. According to a Sanford Police report in the immediate aftermath of the deadly shooting, there is a witness who claims to have seen Martin astride Zimmerman on the ground and beating him. Martin, it seems was much bigger than Zimmerman. If Zimmerman shot Martin in this situation, even though Martin was unarmed, then Zimmerman has no legal case to answer. It may be that this is why the Sanford Police Chief did not arrest and charge Zimmerman.

Those who are agitating for Zimmerman’s arrest and punishment – even before any trial can examine the facts – appear to be claiming that Zimmerman is a trigger-happy, anti-Black, vigilante who shadowed and confronted an innocent Black youth who was returning from a late-night store visit to his father’s girlfriend’s house in the gated community. These claims may turn out to be true and the Sanford police Department would surely, given time, have come to a decision based on all the facts that could be established. In the meantime, the Left and the MSM are busy investigating and recording every negative aspect of Zimmerman’s past. I have yet to see any similar digging into Martin’s past. It is hard not to draw a parallel here with the MSM treatment of Sarah Palin and Obama.

In the frenzy whipped up by first the MSM and now the Left and Black agitators, the Sanford Police Chief and the city Prosecutor have apologized for the delay in arresting and charging Zimmerman and have temporarily handed responsibility to others. These moves suggest that MSM and mob pressures are supplanting proper justice for Zimmerman. This would not be surprising, for the Obama Administration in pursuit of the revolutionary agenda of our new Rulers, has ushered in an era of Leftist lawlessness. We will be watching and commenting on events as they unfold.

I heard it reported on the Californian News that California had experienced an unusually mild and dry winter and thus there would be no surf in Half Moon Bay this March. It has certainly been drier than recent winters but let no-one believe that this has been a mild winter. On the contrary, like last winter, this has been an unusually cold one. Always believe your lying eyes!

On the BNP website last week I saw video of Clive Jefferson, a BNP official, standing up to a clever and hostile police inspector in a Northern UK town where the BNP was peacefully demonstrating against Muslin pedophilia. Jefferson not only stood his ground physically but cut through all the smart arguments that were employed by the police and cut to the essence which was that Muslims should not have to suffer annoyance by native Brits exercising their rights. Three cheers for Mr. Jefferson and his stand for free speech. That takes some courage in modern Britain!

Music Choice – Astrid Gilberto was a Brazilian singer who enjoyed a spectacular hit in Europe and the USA in the early 1960’s with the Jobim song “Girl from Ipanema”. Her ‘little girl voice’ together with an intriguing song, complex rhythm and Stan Getz on tenor sax caught a mood and introduced Bossa Nova to a wide public. Lesser known was her 1963 recording of another Jobim composition, again with the master tenor player Getz, “Corcovado” (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars). Also on the recording are Gary Burton on vibes, Kenny Burrell on guitar, Gene Cherico on bass and Helcio Milito on drums. Gilberto’s singing has no vibrato and can sound artless but a closer listen reveals a good technique. On difficult tunes she hits notes that are awkwardly placed with never a hint of being off-key. Enjoy this one!

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