Transgender Bathroom Nonsense Must Be Squashed

I am 5’8″ tall but I would like to be 6’2″ inches. I have lost a lot of hair but would like a thick mane. It is tough but I have to put up with what nature (or God) has blessed me with. Many years ago, I worked in Mental Health with the power to put mentally ill people in hospital if they were a danger to themselves or others. I had daily dealings with mentally ill members of the community. Among the many sad patients I dealt with was a man who developed the belief that he was a direct descendent of the King of Spain and at some time in the near future would be offered the throne. He was mentally ill.

I write the above to make the point that we are from conception stuck with inherited genes that bequeath a lot of physical and mental characteristics that we have to come to terms with, or remain perpetually discontented. We may choose to pretend otherwise but we cannot expect society to pander to our fantasies. More particularly we cannot expect government to force other people to pander to our fantasies. If government is captured and used to enforce fantasies the result is a society best described as a lunatic asylum.

The sex we are born with is not arbitrarily and erroneously ‘assigned’, but is a reality. We cannot self-identify our gender. A person can decide to be ‘gender-nonconforming’ (a mild form of mental illness, though mostly harmless to others) but has no right to expect others to endorse his subjective, wishful decision, and certainly has no right to use the law to force his mild madness on others.

Do some males develop feminine traits in behavior? Yes! Do some females develop masculine traits? Yes! How much of this is a result of faulty parenting and how much is bad luck with genes, is not clear, but the same can be said for my lack of height and thin thatch.

Gender is settled at conception and everyone is stuck with one or the other. Because sexual behavior and sexual appetites have to be controlled in a civilized society, rules evolve and safeguards erected. These safeguards include the use of public bathrooms, legal identification and rules governing use are also erected especially to protect children and women. A sane society will not abolish those rules to please those sad people who are confused or dissatisfied with their lot, or to please sexual predators, peeping toms and exhibitionists.

Of course there is much more to all this than society being pressured by a small minority of the mentally ill, misfits, exhibitionists and the permanently unhappy. There is the larger minority of perverts, who we lump together as homosexuals and sodomites, and who now have enormous political power due to their preponderance in the Media Class. Their agenda includes using government and law to spread, convert and recruit sexual partners, and remake society in their own image to create a new ‘normal’.

Nationalists, along with Conservatives and real Christians will reject homosexuality, all other perverted behaviors both hetero and homo, and this latest lunacy of transgender ‘rights’, (and down the road man/dog relationships) as grossly unhealthy and a threat to the strength of the Nation.

It is reported that Betsy DeVos at Education is sympathetic to the transgender nonsense, and Judge Gorsuch and his wife are also pro-same sex marriage and homosexual rights. If so, Donald Trump, as a Nationalist intent on MAGA, needs to make a public stand for real marriage and real gender recognition. It is time to reject the Revolutionary policies of perverts, the mentally disturbed, and those who seek to make America weak, and return to policies that are based on common sense and thousands of years of hard-earned wisdom.

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