Tottenham Riot – Bitter Fruit

Those of our website visitors old enough to remember the words ‘Broadwater Farm’ will be aware that the events connected with them had nothing to do with agriculture or fruit farming but with the fruits of the multi-cultural experiment that has been imposed on the native British people. The Broadwater Farm riots of 1985 resulted in much destruction, much looting and the death of a police constable who was brutally murdered doing his duty. Broadwater Farm was and still is a massive public housing project in the London borough of Tottenham.

This borough of North London was, in the days before mass Third World immigration, a respectable part of working class London, famous for its soccer team which at one time had the combined talents of Jimmy Greaves, Danny Blanchflower, Cyril Knowles and Dave Mckay. Much of Tottenham, including Broadwater Farm is now a ‘No-Go’ area for native British people. I assume that except for the most unfortunate, the native White people have long since fled to Devon and other Celtic fringes of the United Kingdom. Many have gone much further to Australia, New Zealand and Canada and more than a few to Florida, rural France or coastal Spain.

I mention this so that the true context of the riots which took place in Tottenham last night is presented to our website visitors. Much of Tottenham these days is a foreign land to the native British people and a very hostile one at that. The London police, like the Paris police, have been purged of men who remember when Tottenham was British, when the streets were safe, when criminals went in fear of the long arm of the law, when no police officer would have been seen dead near a ‘Gay Parade’ and when the term ‘political correctness’ had not been coined. It is hard to have much sympathy for the modern London police force, which has been transformed into a repressive and very active weapon for the Media Class forces of the cultural revolution, intent on sniffing out Christians who think sodomy is disgusting and arresting BNP members who have the temerity to show their faces on the streets.

Still, one has to sympathize with the police men and women – even those policemen who wear pink underwear – who last night had to try to protect property and restore order in the face of many hundreds of Black rioters, all the time mindful that the new Ruling Class of the UK will be quick in the aftermath to put the blame for events on the police and the native White population. In the end, the police failed to protect property and failed to establish control of the streets. The result can be seen in many graphic pictures on the Internet, as Black youths and some not-so-young Black activists took over the streets of their neighborhood, burned a double-decker bus and some police cars, set fire to several grand old buildings and looted at will. As always when Black mobs take over the streets, clearly pre-primed for violence, the ultimate targets behind the mayhem, are electrical goods shops, clothing and footwear stores and other sources of ‘free’ luxury goods.

Let us go back to the Broadwater Farm riot for a moment for its aftermath was a defining moment in modern, post revolutionary British history. Like last night’s event, there was a manufactured cause of Black resentment. It was the death of Cynthia Jarrett from a stroke probably brought on by a police search of her home resulting from an offence by a relative of hers. This was used by Leftist activists to ignite the mob-in-waiting, and once the streets were taken over and set ablaze, the looting began with a vengeance. In the course of all this, a policeman was murdered by Black rioters. P.C. Blakelock had been called to assist a fire brigade unit which was attempting to put out a blaze in a block of apartments when it was attacked by the rioters. Blakelock fell as he retreated with his little band of comrades. He was set upon by a mob armed with machetes and clubs. He was decapitated. He was the first British policeman to be killed by rioters since 1833, a period which covered great strikes, industrial lockouts, long periods of unemployment and poverty for the native British people and great political conflicts. Of course that was also a time before the benefits of racial and cultural diversity. In the tradition of British justice and in response to the outrage of the native British people, the police began arresting some of those responsible for the destruction and the murder. In the old pre-revolutionary Britain, that would have been the end of the story and stern punishments would have been issued as a deterrent. But the Media Class and its Leftist allies were able to turn the event on its head. Soon, the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Leftists were able to redefine the rioters as victims of White society. The ground for this had already been prepared some four years earlier after the Brixton riot, which was also caused by Black youths. In the aftermath of that race riot the Ruling Class had set up a commission under the liberal Mr. Justice Scarman and the ‘conclusion’ was that White racism, especially the innate racism of the Metropolitan Police, was to blame. The new wisdom imposed on the British people was that they had to make amends for a racially unjust society. The London police force came out of it all as villain of the piece, culturally insensitive and deeply racist. Its ranks were from that time on gradually purged. Keeping the streets safe was no longer its prime or even secondary function. Instead its job was to not antagonize criminals and potential criminals from the minority populations but to tiptoe around a Balkenized London.

The first BBC reports last night called the riots ‘disturbances’. This is a politically correct BBC term used to describe violent riots by certain minorities. The same BBC will always describe two or more White trouble-makers as Far Right rioters. Of course the Internet guarantees that the word ‘disturbance’ cannot be maintained for long but you have to admire the BBC’s chutzpah. The Associated Press, whilst quick to report the Tottenham rioting, tiptoed around the clearly racial character of the rioters and instead used the term “gritty North London”, quickly adding that Tottenham is “one of the most deprived areas in all of England”, and “half of all children living in poverty according to campaigners”. And so the Media has set the scene. The spark for this ‘spontaneous’ riot which the MSM intends us to regard as the result of poverty, was the shooting by the police of Mark Duggan, a local Black man with a criminal record. According to the police he was resisting arrest and armed. According to locals, carefully sifted by the MSM, Mark was a gentle soul, who had abandoned his gun just prior to the confrontation with the police.

The MSM, the political voice of our (and the UK’s) Ruling Media Class will be able to turn this latest multi-cultural disaster into another event where the criminals become the victims and the true victims will be the White, Brown and Oriental working people who pay taxes, work diligently and abide by the laws. I am aware that there are good Black people, even in Tottenham, and that they too are true victims of a post-revolutionary and near-lawless society. The moral of all this is ‘Do not believe anything you read in the MSM!’ Not unconnected with this riot is the news, largely and deliberately suppressed by the US MSM,of the riot that took place in Wisconsin’s Milwaukee last week. Here several hundred Black youths descended on the State Fair and attacked White families. Associated Press reports failed to mention the clear racial nature of the attacks, instead using the term ‘racially charged’. This is a term that would be useful to the UK’s BBC.

All previous Presidents of the USA, even the other-wordly Jimmy Carter, would have been shaken by the economic and financial events of the past week. Not our President Obama! Off he went to celebrate his 50th birthday in Chicago with a party combined with a fundraiser, where attendees were charged something like $50,000 per head. It is difficult to know whether these attendees are people with so much wealth that such a sum is chump change, whether they are business people who will gain greatly from his Government’s lawless policies or businessmen who fear his and his comrades’ vindictiveness. President Obama is just ‘so cool’ and I am beginning to think he could occupy the White House for the next 30 years without getting a grey hair. Before going off on his birthday jaunt, he appointed yet another open homosexual to the Federal Court. J Paul Oetken was given the blessing of all but one of the Democrat Senators (the courageous Hagen did not vote) and only 13 Republican Senators voted against with 7 abstentions. Obama is meeting the requirements of his financial and political sponsors of the new Ruling Class and packing the Courts with homosexuals and lesbians. For the record, the 13 principled Republicans were Blunt, Boozman, Cochran, Crapo, De Mint, Hatch, Hutchison (good for her!), Lee, McConnell (good for him too!), Moran, Risch, Roberts and Wicker. Those with not a lot of courage were Inhofe, Murkowski, Rand Paul, Rubio, Toomay, and Vitter. I am indebted to Eugene Delgaudio of the website Public Advocate for this information.

In other times I would have said that appointing the occasional homosexual to the Courts was merely fair play if legal detachment and experience were the criteria. However we are in the midst of a cultural revolution and the ascendancy of homosexuals is the most important aim of the revolutionaries. Packing the Courts with them is a key policy of the Left and their man in the White House. The outcome will be the shredding of the Constitution, the suppression of the Christian Church, the end of free speech and the corruption of US children. All Republicans – even closeted homosexuals – should have opposed Oetken’s appointment tooth and nail.

Music Choice – The CD “Autumn in New York” featuring the Charlie Parker Quintet is a must! Recorded live from the Rockland Palace Dance Hall, NY City in 1952 it catches Parker playing for dancers with a small group of his own choosing and some additional strings on a few ballads. The sound is terrible for the group is captured on old-fashioned recording equipment, presumably by an enthusiast who knew that here was the Master and his time running out. Parker, at this time was supposed to be on the skids, both physically and musically, at least according to those scribblers who make a name for themselves by writing shallow biographies. It seems that no-one told Parker that he was musically over the hill for here he is magisterial and clearly enjoying himself. I must draw particular attention to the guitar player Mundell Lowe, who takes one joyous solo after another, though the recording person cuts him out of one track, perhaps to save tape. Lowe was not overawed by Parker’s genius, in fact he sounds as though he was inspired. He later became a very successful session musician in Hollywood and also a composer but he surely never again played in such exalted company and with such invention and magic. The quintet also included Walter Bishop, piano; Teddy Kotick, bass and Max Roach drums. Lowe is especially noteworthy on “My Little Suede Shoes”.

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