Totalitarianism by Increments

On this website we assert that the newly victorious US Media Class now rules through its politicians in the White House and Congress. In the UK the Media Class, led by the taxpayer-funded BBC, also sets the political and social agenda. No doubt, the same can be said for countless other Western Nations, for the same blind technological process has enabled this Class to coalesce, grow and ultimately dominate in all advanced countries. Those who control the news and TV entertainment control the political process, and this applies as much to the Western Democracies as to China, North Korea and Russia. The difference is that in the Eastern authoritarian countries a political party controls the Media whilst in the Democracies the Media Class controls the main political parties.

The ruling Media Class does not meet in a conspiratorial manner in any Country, nor is it a political Party. It is a network of overlapping occupational groups with a broad common interest. The members of this Class intermingle, live in selected enclaves, frequent the same clubs and restaurants, have sex with each other and marry and divorce within the broad Class. It pursues its Class agenda instinctively and there has never been a written program or public declaration of intent. Nevertheless, a hardcore agenda has evolved over the last 30 or more years and nowhere more quickly than in the USA where the technology that created the Class was first developed. Elsewhere on this website we have argued how the US Print Media, Hollywood, the Fashion World, Advertizing and pro-Sport have all been absorbed into the Television industry and inexorably united around a common agenda. Now that the US media Class has succeeded in choosing a Presidential candidate and propelling him and his Party into power we can more clearly see the agenda emerging into daylight.

It has long been obvious that social and moral issues preoccupy the Media Class, reflecting the interests and the propensities of most of its members. Those not seduced and hypnotized by TV and Hollywood movies will have been aware that entertainment has been increasingly used to promote the Bohemian lifestyle, homosexuality, anti-family values, anti-Christianity and the fragmentation/Balkanization of civil society. News has been abandoned and replaced by propaganda. Other than the issue of copyright, the upper reaches of the Media Class have little interest in economic policy and National defense. There are, of course, some Media people whose Leftist sympathies take precedence over moral issues, but the big players in the Media Class are wealthy people, privileged and sheltered from the trials and tribulations of ordinary people. Their pre-occupations are sex, luxury, gossip, publicity, the flaunting of wealth, public posturing on the political stage, public adulation and re-creating society in their own image. Leftist issues such as redistribution of wealth, global warming and World Government mainly interest them as vehicles for posturing and publicity. The fascinating aspect of the evolution of the Media Class has been its tilt to the Left and its marriage of convenience with the disappointed Communists/Socialists/Liberals best described as Leftists.

At first glance this marriage of libertines and Far Leftists seems improbable. The Leftists, who once regarded homosexuality as a vice, along with narcotics use, self-indulgence and narcissism have now made common cause with the Libertines and perverts. The Libertines and perverts, seemingly seeking freedom from all restraints on personal behavior, have allied themselves with the Leftists who thirst for micro-management of the economy and now pave the way to totalitarianism by increments. How did this come about? The answer lies in their impatient common desire for a revolution.

Of course, things are never quite what they seem on the surface and often dysfunctional people (and the political Left and Hollywood are full of them) are driven by hatreds and fears more than by logic. Thus we see the irrational behavior of both Leftists and Media homosexuals who, in their shared hatred of Christianity, are willing to encourage the growth of Islam in the West. We also see rich Leftist and Media Class Jews aiding and abetting the enemies of Israel and defending Muslim Imperialists who would saw off their heads. And we see rich Media people and Leftists demanding high taxation, low-powered cars and rationed health-care. Cynics on the Right might point out that Soviet Commissars were never subjected to the fair-shares-for-all frugality of the masses, and nor will future imposed restrictions on carbon-burning travel and nationalized health care apply to the new Ruling Class.

The collapse of Soviet and Eastern European Communism was a powerful psychological blow to the whole Left and not just to the card-carrying Communists. For a time Leftists came close to losing their Faith, for what is Leftism other than a Utopian religion? It has not taken long however for the Left to regroup and find new reasons and vehicles for remaking the world (and in particular the US and West). The revolution that Leftists crave involves overthrowing private enterprise, destroying the institution of family (and the Christian Religion that underpins it), destroying Nation States and controlling people’s lives in every detail through one Government. The libertine Media Class, containing a very powerful and impatient homosexual element, also craves a revolution that will destroy judgmental Christianity and empower the State machinery to redefine morality. Perverts, who live for the moment, who can disregard the danger of AIDS for the chance of an immediate thrill, who crave for ever more sexual partners and more available brainwashed and dysfunctional young children, welcome Big Government control over education, and the open borders that reduce cities to cesspits of poverty, crime, feral children and people willing to sell their bodies. And so the Leftists and the Libertines have come together, united by that which they seek to destroy and united in pursuit of the revolution that will accomplish a new world. It is a marriage of convenience, however, so we should not be surprised to see fissures from time to time.

At this point in history those who crave a revolution have created an issue designed to frighten the people of the West into giving up their freedoms and handing control of their lives over to a World Government. Waiting in the wings is a nascent World Government and it is called the UN. This blatantly corrupt and useless organization, which has failed at every task bestowed upon it, is now about to become the vehicle for saving the planet from warming. The UN and the many global and nefarious organizations that it has spawned like the WHO and the International Court of Human Rights, have already demonstrated to both the Leftists and the Libertines that they offer the means of setting aside the wishes of ordinary people as expressed within their Nation States and substituting the policies of an elite. Now, the great Global Warming scam, hyped endlessly by a united Media that has shunned the science that would disprove it, is being mobilized to redistribute wealth across the Globe, place American and Western Business under Government control and transfer political power to a World body.

Within the US, the Leftist Government of Obama and the Democrats, owing its electoral victories to the propaganda campaign of the Media Class, is busy making the revolution that both sides of the marriage of convenience crave. Last year’s financial collapse, brought about by redistributive economic policies of a Democrat-controlled Congress, was utilized to spread panic and thus exert complete control over the financial market-place and to intimidate business leaders. Now, with the Health Bill advancing under cover of a Media-manufactured ‘crisis of Health Care’, the Nation’s people will lose another large chunk of personal freedom. The Government’s power will grow in direct proportion to the people’s loss. Waiting in the wings is the ‘Cap and Trade’ Bill that will be pushed along under cover of another Media-manufactured ‘crisis’, the same one that is propelling the pre-natal World Government gathering in Copenhagen. On this website we have regularly pointed out how the proponents of Global Warming do not demonstrate in any aspect of their own lives a concern for the environment. Whether it is the Copenhagen jets, limousines and banquets, the White House junkets, the Hollywood lavish lifestyles or the global trips of Congressmen, the evidence is glaringly obvious that none of these alarmists believe their own words.

The US Health Care Bill provides evidence of the fault-line that exists between the allies. The Media Class cares little about the Health Care Bill, being much more pre-occupied with issues like same-sex marriage, hate-crimes legislation and the protection of Kevin Jennings as Obama’s ‘homosexual sex in schools’ Czar. For the Leftists, the Health Bill is a means of depriving individuals of choice and expanding control through socialized medicine. It is a tenet of their religion and they are loath to make any compromises. The Media Class is happy to make compromises in order to give their man in the White House a propaganda victory that can be amplified across the Mainstream Media. It is highly important for the Media Class to keep their man safe in the White House for then the passage of revolutionary social legislation can proceed. In this context we can see why Howard Dean, who is a genuine Leftist and not a Media person, is unconcerned to preserve Obama’s reputation and is calling for the neutered Health Bill to be withdrawn.

Whatever the petty differences that erupt between the Media Class and its Leftist allies, we must remain aware that the momentum towards World Government continues and that Media- manufactured crises are the rationale for every next step. A necessary parallel with this process is the curtailment of free speech through the silencing of alternative media outlets and counter-revolutionary Parties like the British National Party, and legislation such as that which imposes ‘hate speech’. With regard to the latter, we should not be encouraged by small victories such as that of the hoteliers in Lancashire (UK) whose prosecution, brought by the State on behalf of a Muslim convert, was dismissed, and the Christian in Alberta (Canada) who was prosecuted by the Canadian State at the behest of a homosexual and finally found ‘not guilty’ after seven long years of legal process. In every country, where this ‘hate-speech’ legislation is employed by the State against its citizens’ right to free speech, the end result is to spread fear and thus curtail the free expression that is our right.

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