Top Billing

Almost every American news media outlet today covered the news release by Ayman al-Zawahri, in which he threatened Blair’s UK with more retribution for supporting the US invasion of Iraq. Zawahri is one of those privileged world figures whose statements get fully quoted. No words are taken out of context, no judgemental words are inserted by a reporter to sow doubt and no opposing ‘activists’ are quoted at the end. Zawahri’s words are delivered faithfully by the US mainstream Media and the UK Media have done the same thing. One would think that the man was a world leader and not a gangster in hiding. President Bush is rarely given this privilege, but Zawahri gets it every time, as does Bin Laden. One gets the impression that the Media feels a kind of self-righteous exaltation from the whole thing.

The same is true about the Media treatment of US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Media keeps a careful body count and it is not difficult to imagine that reporters feel a certain satisfaction every time another milestone figure is reached… 1500… 1750… it may soon reach 2000, they exhort expectantly to each other in the news room. The latest figures are posted for the public’s benefit and ‘right to know’, though not much news print or TV time is wasted on the men who died, or their families, except to undermine their sacrifice.

Again, as with a number of issues, the Media marches in lockstep. It is not hard to understand why the news is slanted this way, if one sees the Media as the most powerful Class in society with subsidiary constituencies it likes to reward and mobilise.

This is how it is. This is Bush’s War and Bush is (oh dear) a born again Christian (and a Texan). The Media, here representing the Pacifist Academia and the Leftists, properly described in the USA as the ‘Hate America’ crowd, were disappointed at the rapid removal of extremists and their bases from Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein from Iraq. Defeat in the war now will bring about Bush’s downfall and pave the way for a president who will be more likely to promote them and also the rights of all the rest of the minority constituencies. In the UK (and in the USA) Blair has been abandoned by the BBC-led Media, as a punishment for his support of Bush in this war. Just as the Madrid bombings were used to undermine ruling politicians in Spain, with the co-operation of the Media, they will do the same again in Britain. So, Zawahri’s threats and related bomb attacks in London and elsewhere can now be laid at Blair’s door.

Thus, the Media-controlled news gives Zawahri star billing. All the Media constituencies get something out of it – except the ordinary, patriotic people who keep the nations afloat. Unfortunately, too many of those people haven’t figured it out yet because they are too busy watching the entertainments, the soaps, sports or chat shows, to pay serious attention to the news Media.

Well, the Media does not have the total monopoly it would like to have, and here on the internet you can read the real story. Zawahri is a thug and an enemy of mankind and if his tentacles reach into the UK and USA, it is because these countries’ Leftist Elites have allowed it to happen. Quite unforgiveably, millions of culturally alien people have been allowed to enter and encouraged to stay without a care about the consequences. It was forseeable that a fifth column would emerge, and it has.

But the Media Class appears content to steer this course and so are its constituencies.

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