Todd Akin is not a Baby-killer

On this Website we repeatedly claim that the USA is now ruled by the newly-arisen Media Class. We maintain that this Ruling Media Class controls the Democrat Party and enjoys a coalition with the ever-growing public sector workforce and its Union bureaucracy. The greatest strength of the Media Class lies in its control over News and popular Entertainment, both of which have been reduced to propaganda. The Media Class is also extremely rich and growing richer by the day. The Public Sector workforce (the junior partner in the coalition) provides the ground troops for the Ruling Class and bolsters the ranks of those who demand a Socialist/ Leftist America of redistributed wealth and Government control of the people. The Media Class itself has little interest in economics but its amoral agenda requires the subordination or destruction of the Christian religion and Conservative Nationalism.

We say that the Media Class Coalition placed Obama in the White House in 2008 and that as a result the USA is experiencing a Revolution, both economic and moral. For this revolution to be completed the Coalition has to ensure that Obama has another 4 years in the White House. In this Revolutionary context, the Media Class and its allies are prepared to employ any and all methods and all of its power to win in November.

In our view the Media Class power of propaganda is unprecedented in American politics and it is enabling the Obama Administration to ignore the constraints of the Constitution and employ arbitrary Government power. If this was not enough in itself to retain the White House and Senate, the Media Class enjoys an extra power, which is the power of seeming neutrality between the Republican Party and its own Class vehicle, the Democrat Party. Although most conservatives complain that the Mainstream Media is ‘biased’ they do not realize that:

1. America is experiencing the rule of a powerful new Class with a revolutionary agenda. It is engaged in a covert civil war. As only one side perceives the current situation as a civil war, this hands it a tremendous advantage.

2. It is not only the Mainstream Media (MSM) but all Media (with very few exceptions) that is waging war against the American Right. Every tin-pot local newspaper, every magazine, every children’s comic, every Internet provider and almost everything put out by Hollywood contributes to, reinforces and supplements the propaganda of the TV networks, the major Newspapers and the News Agencies of Associated Press and Reuters. All of these organizations have long been purged of those employees unwilling to work diligently for the Media Class agenda.

3.The Media Class and its allies are determined to destroy the Conservative and Christian wings of the Republican Party, so that what will remain is a Party of the ‘Right’ in name only and one that has succumbed to the ‘moral/social’ agenda that is paramount to the core members of the Media Class.

4. There is no way that the Right of the Republican Party can mollify the hatred of the Media Class and its Leftist allies or extract the tiniest concessions. The era when Republicans and Democrats could find common ground is gone forever for the Democrat Party is now a vehicle for the Revolutionary Class war. There is a civil war taking place in America – even though that war is publicly undeclared by the Revolutionaries and only dimly recognized by the Right. Rush Limbaugh is partially correct when he says that Media bias “is what it is and Republicans just have to get on with it.” He is absolutely correct to believe that Media ‘bias’ will not go away. The word ‘bias’ however is wholly inadequate and implies that the MSM is merely and unprofessionally favoring one side of the political divide over the other, when it is itself the ‘one side’ and the Democrat Party is only its political mouthpiece. Limbaugh is absolutely wrong to maintain that Republicans ‘just have to get on with it’ for this is a recipe for defeat.

5. The Democrat Party’s public agenda, since its takeover by the Media Class, has been calibrated to conceal its revolutionary nature from the Conservative/Christian majority of Americans. It has been posing as a moderate and patriotic Party, whilst the MSM has been busy redefining moderation in the public mind. As a consequence, the slumbering American people are being convinced that yesterday’s mainstream beliefs are today’s Rightwing extremism. The Media Class and its allies have been boiling the Republican frog and the American people by degrees for decades. Now, with complete victory just one election away, the Media Class is turning up the heat.

It is in this context that the Media attack on the bewildered and inept Todd Akin must be seen. Since the start of this election campaign the MSM has been wholly engaged in the search for a slip of the tongue or a whiff of a scandal by any Republican candidate. All Republicans know that the MSM has absolutely no interest in Democrat slips or Democrat scandals, indeed is ready to bury them at birth (no pun intended!). Every Republican candidate is interrogated by MSM reporters who have no interest in the answers except to find something to twist, misreport and inflate as a Republican crisis. It is no accident that the issue that has erupted is abortion, for along with same-sex marriage (homosexual advancement) it is one of the two pre-occupations of the amoral Media Class and its MSM reporters.

In our last article we explained why abortion-on-demand is so important to the Media Class and Leftists for, like same-sex marriage, it opens the door to a new post-Christian and totalitarian society. We can be sure that every MSM interview of a Republican candidate will be focused on setting traps on these issues. The Media Class, like Obama, has no intention of being on the defensive on any issue, but especially on the moral issues. Going back to paragraph 5 of this article, the MSM has been effective in standing traditional morality on its head.

On this website we remind visitors that the discussion of homosexuality should be focused on unnatural sexual practices – the disgusting anal intercourse, ‘rimming’, ‘water sports’, leather, sado-masochism and for lesbians the need for mechanical devices. These are the realities of same-sex sexual relationships and not the kissing, holding hands and talk of ‘Human Rights’. The MSM and its allies avoid the realities like the plague (no pun intended!). Let us visit the realities of abortion, the same realities that the MSM also avoids like the plague.

No honest and rational person denies that a still-born baby is a dead human being. Ask any woman who loses a baby at this late stage if she considers it to be merely a fetus. What about a baby that is aborted two weeks before birth, is he/she not a human being? Undeniably! What about four weeks before? Six weeks before? At what point can anyone honestly say that the baby inside the mother is not a human being? The answer is that it is undeniable by any person with a shred of integrity that at the moment of conception a human being exists. This is not to take a position on abortion. There might be a civilized argument for it in some circumstances, but the reality is that an aborted baby is a human being – one of us! Women who have miscarriages know that they have lost a human life. The debate about abortion should be based on this reality and not on some red herring like a ‘woman’s right to choose’. Those on the Left and in the Media Class who demand abortion as a woman’s ‘right’ and at any stage of the baby’s existence – and this includes Obama – are unwilling to discuss the reality, for it exposes them as no better than members of Nazi Death Squads and NKVD murderers.

The MSM’s reporters will not allow discussion of the realities of abortion to surface in any interview, just as they will not allow discussion of sodomy to surface in the context of homosexuality. They are only willing to interrogate Republican candidates and Christians about the Leftist definition of ‘Rights.’

Akin was lured into discussing abortion only in the context of victims of rape. His interrogator knew that abortion for rape victims is the only aspect of abortion that can bear examination in the public mind as a truly problematic one. Sympathy for a rape victim who may have to carry the rapist’s baby for 9 months is understandable, especially if the public has been brainwashed into believing (falsely, as we have demonstrated) that a fetus is not a human being. Akin, probably aware that he was being lured into an intellectual trap and that the MSM is completely hostile, stumbled over his words. He was trying to make a stand for principle to an unprincipled reporter, by pointing out that even in cases of pregnancy as a result of rape, the baby is an innocent life and should not be killed. He was taking the high ground and one wholly consistent with Christian beliefs. It can be persuasively argued that a man can be principled in this way but he is not the one forced to carry an unwanted baby that is a reminder of a cruel crime. Still, there is no disputing the fact that the unwanted baby is a human being and innocent. Akin’s position may be open to a charge of hypocrisy (he being a man) but it is not open to the charge of being callously indifferent to an innocent human life – a charge that should be leveled against Obama and his comrades.

Akin also pointed out – though in clumsy language – that not all rape claims are equally worthy. Akin did not say this but we do that some charges of rape brought in this era of Feminism and political correctness are too non-judgmental. Women who get drunk and invite men into their bedroom and then later claim rape are an example. In a one man/one woman situation rape is difficult for a man to perform without either much greater strength or the believable threat of extreme violence – usually with a knife or gun. Akin also pointed out that once you make any exception for abortion – other than when the life of the mother is at risk – you open the door to manipulation of facts. This is unarguable.

On both these points Akin was on decent ground. When he ventured into speculation that a woman’s body may have a mechanism for denying conception as a result of rape, he was deserving of ridicule. Nevertheless, this is a small ‘crime’ against women compared to the charges that could have been made against Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and many other Leftists who are defended to the hilt by Feminists and Democrats and to whom the MSM reporters have relentlessly turned a blind eye. If the blabbermouth Biden had made an equally silly remark, the MSM and every Feminist would not have blinked.

The Left and the Media Class never join in Republican attacks on their comrades. Many do not hesitate when defending even the indefensible. Republicans however, terrified by the power of the Media Class, have rushed to publicly denounce Akin. Coulter and Palin have learned nothing if they believe that denouncing Akin will fend off the Media’s attacks on the whole Republican Party. In private, many may have wanted Akin to withdraw from the Missouri Senate race, but this could have been put to him behind closed doors.

In the next article we will state what the Republican Party should do to best counter the Media Class.

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