Today Is Memorial Day In The USA

For UK visitors to this website, Memorial Day is the equivalent of Armistice Day (Poppy Day) in the UK. It is the day when patriotic US citizens pay homage to those servicemen who have fallen in war and when surviving ex-servicemen can gather with old comrades. For anti-war (anti-American) citizens it has become a day for self-styled ‘peace marches’ and demos against the US military and, of course, the Media Class bete noir, President George Bush.

To their eternal shame, a number of prominent Democrat politicians are joining the protests, and doing their bit to politicise a day that once united the nation. No doubt many of these Democrats are pandering to the new and powerful political forces that are largely inspired by George Soros-funded organizations, that, with the complicity of the mainstream media, can now drive a patriotic Democrat from the Party. Senator Lieberman may have held his Senate seat as an independent, but few Democrat politicians will wish to emulate his isolation.

This year’s Memorial Day is taking place under the shadow of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is impossible for it to be otherwise, when US soldiers are dying there each day; their deaths a joy to the reporters and their editors and producers back home. No objective reading of the Nation’s newspapers or viewing of almost all of its TV channels, can conclude other than that the deathtoll is gleefully monitored and recorded. Democrat politicians and their Leftist followers have gambled on US defeat in Iraq (and Afghanistan) in their bid to regain Congressional power and the Presidency in 2008. There is no positive event in the war that could be reported as such. If Bin Laden were to be shot tomorrow and his followers decimated by US offensive strikes, the Media would find a way to report it as a US military disaster on the front pages and a dubious success in one para graph on the back pages – if at all!

This last week, US forces raided a building in Iraq and liberated more than 40 hostages. Most of the Iraqi hostages were being tortured at the time, many suspended upside down. The military operation has not been celebrated anywhere in the US or Western Media and little outrage has been expressed on behalf of the Iraqi victims of torture. Compare this to the Media-orchestrated outrage over ‘panties on the heads’ in Abu Graib. Those who read this website regularly and understand the power and the aims of the Media Class, will not be surprised that there was virtually no investigative journalism and speculation about the event and its outcome. “Least said, soonest mended” seems to be the Media tactic!

A patriotic Media would have celebrated the fact that Iraqis must have provided intelligence for the raid. It would have reported in depth on the poor victims who were freed and their gratitude to the US forces. We would have learned about the joy of their relatives and their hatred of the ‘insurgents’. We would have learned too, about the terrorists who must have been caught holding and torturing the captives. Who were they and where were they from? Are they now being ‘pantied’ and threatened by dogs and humiliated by women soldiers in order to extract information? No doubt there are many Allied successes each day and many grateful Iraqis, but we will never hear so from this Media Class.

On this day, when we remember dead soldiers and surviving casualties and their families, and the brave men and women who are over there in Iraq and Afghanistan risking death at this moment, let us also remember those who daily undermine them. Let us remember the Rosie O’Donnells and the Ben Afflecks, the Cindy Sheehans and the Harry Reids, the Barbra Streisands and the George Soros’s, the Ted Kennedys and the John Murthas and all the Media weazels who provide them with a platform and keep them immune from Media criticism.

In a democracy, there is a place for dissent, and criticism of a President’s actions may be healthy, but criticism in a time of war must be clearly based on the safety of the Nation. On this website, we criticise President Bush for his performance as a Commander-in-Chief. Having rightly declared the Nation to be at war after 9/11 (and supported in this declaration by virtually every Congressman), he has never demanded sacrifice of the American people or led and stomped the land for the troops. He has allowed the nation to play at home whilst the troops are exposed to unnecessary risk abroad because of half-hearted war policies. Bush should have continually stumped the US and its allied nations demanding full support. He should have visited Iraq and Afghanistan at every opportunity, addressing the troops in person. He should have condemned the war’s weazil opponents with the strongest words, calling them what they are. War is not a time for gentlemanly approaches to dedicated domestic political opponents of the war, it is a time for the gloves to be off and thrown away and for bare knuckles and the boot in the groin. And every other issue – pensions, health care, minimum wage, same-sex marriage, should have been put on the political back burner. For war is war, and we should not expect the ultimate sacrifice from our soldiers in a far-off land whilst we all go about life pre-occupied with trivia. We should not buy the CD’s of entertainers or watch their films unless they have entertained the troops first. If the Media had ignored Bush’s war campaign he should have opened a website and put his case for the war there.

What is despicable about the anti-war brigade is that they have never put forward one remotely convincing alternative to taking the offensive against the Islamic Imperialists. Their alternatives are either pious ‘we should all be able to get along’ pleadings, or ‘Why do they hate us, it must be our fault!’ or ‘If we get out of the war zones they will leave us alone’ or ‘ we should concentrate on apprehending terrorist when they attack us in the US and give them full legal rights in US courts’.

The accusations that the war has been engineered by Big Oil, or Cheney’s Halliburton or Bush’s Jewish neo-con cabal are not worthy of discussion. This is the stuff of Goebbels or Stalin and is properly defined as propaganda for the mindless. Bin Laden and the Islamic Imperialists had been ratcheting up their attacks on the US for a decade before Bush left Texas. They have made no secret of their global aims nor of their love of mass bloodshed. They gleefully kill and torture not just Christian Americans, but ordinary Shia Muslims in Iraq, Buddhists in Thailand and vacationers in Egypt and Bali. Their intent could not be clearer.

Things in the UK are even worse, for Poppy Day has long been relegated to the margins and soldiers returning from the war are ignored unless critical of it. Any visitor to this website who wants to see what really excites the Media Class should visit the current BBC website where Birmingham’s ‘Gay Day Parade’ receives top billing before, during and after it takes place. It would not be at all an overstatement to say that the BBC promotes this and similar events with its maximum resources and celebrates every sad and dissolute aspect of this grotesque carnival. Again, visitors to this website will not be surprised for we claim that the BBC and much of the Media Class is home to those who would remake society in their own decadent and drug and sex-obsessed image. Whilst men dress as women and women dress as men and act out sick fantasies on the streets of Birmingham, real British men and women risk their lives for us all in a distant land, remembered only when their deaths provide anti-war propaganda.

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