Tim Kaine’s Personal Hostility and Aggressiveness Predictable

I admit I only watched a few segments of last evening’s VP debate and that is not much of a recommendation to continue reading this article. My problem is that I can no longer bear to watch Democrat liars for more than 50 seconds without risking a stroke, and run-of-the-mill professional Republican politicians bore and disappoint me to the point where I want to quickly switch off the TV, radio or computer.

Given that yesterday I admitted to feeling rage over this election and called for unforgiving retribution for the Far Left and Republican deserters after a Trump victory, it may seem hypocritical to focus on the obnoxious Kaine’s personal hostility and aggressiveness. But I write for this website not because I enjoy politics but because I like truth, honesty and realism to guide the country in which I live, and those three things are being destroyed by the Mainstream Media and its allies like Kaine.

I would prefer to write articles about popular music (not Pop music) and jazz, and about novels and history. I suspect I share the same values and interests as George Orwell, only lacking his literary gifts. I long ago got the sense that Orwell would have enjoyed writing about anything but politics, but was driven to concentrate on politics because a generally-civilized Europe’s values were under grave threat. It seems to me that America’s (mostly) civilized values of truth, honesty and realism will vanish completely unless Donald Trump wins in November.

All America’s Democrat politicians are despicable, and so are Democrat activists. It was not always so but we live in Revolutionary times and today’s Democrat Party has no connection to its past. It is a party of Revolution and Revolutionaries – which is to say dangerous and nasty people.

Most Republican politicians, given that we live in highly dangerous Revolutionary times, are a great disappointment, and more than a few are as despicable as the Democrats to whom they suck up. Mike Pence is clearly a nice man. He is probably a sincere Christian of the modern turn-the-other-cheek variety, doesn’t lie, advocates sound economic and financial policies, defends the innocent almost-born and never feels the rage I now feel towards Revolutionaries. To his credit, he is very actively supporting Donald Trump and casting in his lot with the Counter-revolutionaries of the Broad Right. But to quote a website visitor “Trump, and we, need a General Patton as VP candidate”.

I have yet to meet a Democrat activist who is tolerant and remains reasonable, if I reveal my political and social views. The Democrat intolerance shows itself in a readiness to assert Far Left political opinions in any gathering, daring anyone to disagree and be publicly denounced. Democrat activists are not discomfited by displaying arrogance and hostility in any social gathering. I suspect that their anger and frustration arises from a lack of warm hands-on parenting which they have not resolved by maturing. The modern Revolutionary, Feminist, envious Democrat Party has provided a rationale for their feelings and prevented the maturing process.

I won’t touch on the greed, ambition and calculation that also drives many Democrat activists, and excuses their lying and cheating in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘idealism’. Mike Pence should have anticipated Kaine’s personal hostility and aggressiveness for it is the norm for Democrats. No-one could rise in the Democrat ranks without such character traits for they show commitment and effectiveness.

Anyone on the Broad Right who thinks that a polite, Christian Republican politician will ‘see off’ a Democrat in debate, is going to be disappointed. Only an un-Christian street fighter, willing to take the gloves off AND kick below the belt, has a chance of besting a Democrat, especially in the hostile territory of Media studios and Universities.

Mike Pence – a nice man – is a disappointment to me and is a reason that I no longer want the Broad Right to be led by politicians. What turned me on to Donald Trump was his not being a politician. At his rallies he operates in our territory and not theirs, and he takes off the gloves. I could wish he was a little more dignified, and as focused in his rambles as he is in his set speeches, but I sense he is motivated by an appropriate rage against the Revolutionaries and their stealthy betrayal of ordinary Americans.

I often get things wrong and maybe Pence helped our cause last night. But he will never fire me up like Trump the orator does when speaking to our people and goes after the enemy with the venom that they deserve.

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Mary Ford (with Les Paul) singing “How High The Moon”. This 1951 multi-recording has an interesting history and Paul was a good jazz guitarist and innovator. The song written by Morgan Lewis, lyrics by Nancy Hamilton, is an evergreen but it is Mary Ford’s so-feminine, floating, all-American voice that stands out.

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