Tiller: The Killer

Despite the grim news this morning that Obama has engineered the Socialist take-over of more of the auto industry (never miss the opportunity that a crisis provides!), the lead story in many newspapers and Media outlets is the assassination of Dr. George Tiller. And predictably so, for this is probably a death in the very real Culture War that now rages in the US and other Western Nations. For the benefit of UK visitors to this website, Dr. Tiller, a 67 year old ran an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas and specialized in late-term abortions. Tiller boasted that he was willing to carry out abortions even into the 9th month of a pregnancy and women from around the world came for such late-term removal and slaughter of an unwanted child or children. Tiller was shot dead on Sunday in the Lutheran Church where he was an usher. The alleged assassin has been apprehended but at the time of writing this piece no motive has been offered by the Wichita police. It is possible that the suspect had a personal grudge or is mentally ill, but the Media and pro-abortion Leftists have been quick to assume that the motive was opposition to Tiller’s late-term abortion practices. They are probably correct, for late-term abortion is seen by most civilized citizens as the murder of an innocent human being and it is predictable that some abortion opponents will regard Tiller’s work as intolerable child murder. On this website we do not condone illegal killing and Tiller was not doing anything illegal so we must condemn his assassination.

Abortion is not an easy issue except for those who, on the one hand, base their moral stands on Biblical teaching; or for those on the Left who believe that ends always justify means; or for those who, like the Hollywood crowd, believe that no consequence should complicate the next orgasm. If Dr. Tiller was offering late-term abortions only to women who had life-threatening illnesses or who had learned that their expected baby was grossly handicapped, then it might be argued that his mission was defensible. If not, it seems likely that he was motivated by money. The other possibility is that Tiller was motivated by a Leftist social/political motive, in which case he was no better than the German SS men and women who gained satisfaction from ridding the world of Jews and Eastern Europeans in order to create living space.

Decent and civilized people may justifiably argue that early-term abortion is, or is not, the taking of a viable human life. Late-term abortion is, beyond any argument, the cold-blooded murder of an innocent child. In the US and the UK such killing has been sanctioned by the same politicians who oppose the execution of killers who have been found guilty by juries of premeditated murder. How is this so? On this website, we believe in free speech and that includes allowing debate and written argument about anything including Hitler’s Mein Kampf, genocide, sado-masochism and pornography. This does not preclude societies from criminalizing actions and we support those who would criminalize late-term abortions, the production of some kinds of child pornography and other activities that are greatly harmful to society and creates innocent victims. Abortion in any circumstances should be sanctioned or denied through the ballot box. We believe that after a truly fair public debate, the voters of the US and UK would criminalize late-term abortion and maybe nearly all abortions. The problem is that there is never a fair and honest public debate, for the Media adopts rules that preclude all the most relevant facts. Just as the public debates about homosexuality, same-sex marriage and sodomy are never allowed to mention the disgusting aspects of anal intercourse and accompanying perverse practices like ‘watersports’, so the mechanics of abortion are not permitted to be shown by pro-life campaigners. The Media Class, which promotes both homosexuality and every kind of abortion, pretends to be concerned about not causing offence to ordinary viewers and readers, but we all know that the Media thrives on being shocking when it suits its agenda of immorality. The truth is of course that the Media Class knows full well that if the voters are made fully aware of the gross things that are at the heart of both sodomy and abortion, they will vote for more conservative policies. A proper voter decision about late-term abortion can only be arrived at after voters have seen a little baby (no different in reality from your daughter or my son!) being ripped from the womb with limbs torn apart or lying on a hospital slab awaiting execution. The Media Class will not allow such evidence to be presented by those who oppose abortion and the reason is that its agenda would then fail at the ballot box, just as its homosexual advancement would fail if the public were exposed to graphic pictures of sodomy. Instead, the issues are wrapped up in the distracting philosophic topics of life-style choice, anti-discrimination and adult human rights.

On the basis that no crisis should be missed for an opportunity, the Media Class is using Tiller’s assassination to create a climate of opinion in favor of suppressing the free speech of abortion opponents. Obama has already selected this murder to comment upon. Yet many police officers are killed each week whilst doing the job of protecting us all. They do not rate a mention by Obama or a page 3 (with large photo) half-page article in the Wall Street Journal. Readers might ask themselves why Tiller, whose claim to fame is that he killed little babies, merits such attention from the Media Class and it’s bought-and-paid-for politicians. The explanation is that abortion is an agenda item of the Media Class and its Leftist activists. The Media reports leave us in no doubt that Tiller was a family man and a Church attender. Many pro-abortion activists are being quoted expressing outrage and shock that his assassination took place in a Church, the implication being that such an act is more shocking when committed in God’s sanctuary. These are the same activists who deny the existence of God and are doing everything possible to close Churches, exclude Christianity from the public square and marginalize Christians. We might ask what kind of Church would embrace a killer of babies and give him a formal role. The answer is that the Lutheran Church is one of the few Churches that has ‘modernized’ its beliefs and therefore is fashionable for the enlightened and fawned on by the Media. It is true that traditional Christians try not to be judgmental and welcome all who have sinned. There is an expectation however that sinners change their ways and Tiller was not changing his ways. I have read that Tiller was one of only two US doctors with clinics that provide late-term abortions. I doubt this and assume that there are many but that he was one of the few who boasted of his services. He had been shot once before and many death threats had been made against him so he was clearly a man with a mission. On this website we do not want to see political and moral issues settled by violence for we have a ballot box system and no matter how the Media distorts news and information no-one should resort to terrorism. We will never know for sure what really motivated Tiller to take abortion to its extreme but he has probably paid the price with his life.

Whilst Tiller’s death will be amplified by a now-dominant Media Class intent on winning the Culture War, another Culture War event has been slipped under the Mainstream Media carpet. We have World Net Daily to thank for bringing it to light. The Obama administration has given a Federal job to Kevin Jennings and it is the very influential one of Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe Schools. The job title may sound innocuous but all parents should be greatly alarmed. Jennings is a militant homosexual whose particular interest seems to be in school children. Besides campaigning for Barack Obama, Jennings is reported to be the founder of an organization with the title of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network). In his new Federal post Jennings will be working on ‘Safe Schools’ programs for educational institutions nationwide in order to make schools safe for Gay and Lesbian youth. According to Jennings, “Homophobia represents a threat to students’ safety by creating a climate where violence, name calling, health problems and suicide are common.” Whether homosexuals are born or nurtured, overt sexual behavior of any sort is inappropriate in schools. Any boy who feels compelled to wear female clothes, or make-up, or sexually interfere with his male classmates belongs somewhere other than amongst normal children. His alternative to special education is to wait until he is home or elsewhere ‘to express himself’, or to suppress his urges until he is an adult. Boys who have an urge to fondle girls (and most teenage boys probably do!) have to control themselves or face punishment. Homosexual and lesbian urges should be controlled in the same way. Boys who are effeminate (and girls who are butch) get teased and it is the job of teachers to control bullying, but fat children are teased as are very thin children and children with protruding ears, short children and red-headed children. Teachers should be discouraging bullying at all times but let us be realistic about kids and their behavior. Bullies have to be curbed and victims have to learn about survival, for life is tough beyond school. The latest tactic of the homosexual activists is to manufacture problems and invent victims so as to justify the promotion of homosexuality amongst children. Under the ‘Safe Schools’ program, homosexual activists will be getting into schools to train (indoctrinate) teachers with their self-serving programs and then to lead classes where under the guise of solving a problem they will be both teaching vulnerable children that homosexuality is normal, desirable, worth exploring and deciding that those who recognize perversion for what it is are not fit to be in educational employment.

This week, UK citizens go to the polls to vote in County Council elections and to elect Euro MP’s. Only one Party has earned the chance to benefit from the MP expenses scandal, from the immigration scandal and from the economic problems that have overtaken the UK. It is the British National Party and it is detested and feared by Britain’s Media Class and its Leftist allies. Radical and Right hope the BNP makes the breakthrough that will turn UK politics upside down. The BNP is a long way from governing power but if their day comes in the UK there will be no same-sex marriage, no homosexual indoctrination of children, no more Leftist PC speech codes, no more late-term abortions, no more persecution of traditional Christians and the British pub will be saved from extinction. What more justification is required to vote BNP?

Here in California the cooler-than-normal weather continues into June. Predicted high temperatures have not arrived.

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