Three Topics and A Book

Generally, the articles posted on this website focus on a single topic and one that is always related to our contention that the Media Class has gained ascendancy in the Western World and pushes its agenda relentlessly through doctored “news” and cunning propaganda embedded in entertainment. This article, in contrast, will be more of a ramble!

1. Follow the Money

When I began collecting material in order to write a book on the rise of the Media Class, I saved the weekly columns in the Friday Wall Street Journal headed ‘Private Properties”. Last week I ceased to do so because I now have so many and they all reveal the same thing. It is that almost all of the expensive properties in the choice areas of the US are being bought and sold by people in the News, Fashion and Entertainment industries. The properties range from a mere $5m for a tiny apartment in Manhattan to $20m plus in such places as The Hamptons, Cape Cod, Beverly Hills, the Montana Hills and seafront villas in Miami. Often the wealthy involved are singers from groups I have never heard of and actors and actresses who have never been household names. Then there are the fashion designers, film and record producers and artistic types who nobody has heard of outside the Media Class’ inner sanctum. Of course, the big names are ever-present too—Britney Spears, Madonna, Jayne Seymour, Stacey Keach, Cher, Ricky Martin and all the others who are constantly in the news and who I would not cross the street to see or hear.

Here is just one example! In July, Fashion and Commercial photographer Albert Watson listed his longtime Manhattan home and studio for $35m. You have never heard of him? Nor me, but clearly he is in the money. I am sure there are just as many examples in the UK. Billy Bragg has a large country estate in Dorset, England from where he makes endless Leftist public pronouncements on behalf of the disadvantaged. I think he is a singer or comedian of some sort. Occasionally, the Properties Column reports an expensive purchase by an Industry boss, a Wall Street financier, property dealer or the offspring of an old wealthy family, but Showbiz and News People are the ones with the money who now buy up and sell the most desirable properties. Many are what one might call “rags to riches” people, who seem to have accumulated wealth overnight.

My experience in life has been that a good salary, frugality and determined saving does not result in wealth. Taxation sees to that and the Government has its hand in your pocket at every turn. True, some HiTec people made big bucks in the bubble era, but few do now. The Media people however seem to get richer and richer and there are more and more of them. Presumably their salaries and profits are huge before taxation. Or perhaps they do not pay much tax, taking advantage of scams known only to the Leftists who advocate more taxation for everybody else.

I think that this ubiquitous evidence of who the new rich are tells us that the Media Class is ascendant.

2. The Disease that Terrifies the Media Class

At the same time that I began collecting cuttings of rich property buyers, I also began collecting cuttings that featured AIDS. I had noticed that this disease seemed to get constant media publicity and was a preoccupation of the rich and famous as well as of homosexual activists. Again I have given up saving, since every newspaper and magazine carries almost daily “news” about AIDS and the worldwide campaigns to raise money and “awareness” of the disease. Led by the First Lady of Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor (once referred to on a nationalist website as a “creaky old boiler”), the Showbiz gang has long ensured that this easily avoidable contagious disease has priority for research spending. Since more people in the US die every year from diabetes than from AIDS and breast cancer combined, we might wonder why it has such priority. In Africa, now the focus of the AIDS campaign, the really big scourge is malaria. It kills huge numbers of children and is a disease that cannot be avoided by a moral lifestyle. There are many similar diseases in Africa and they get short shrift from the rich and famous and from the media.

In the First World too, there is a multitude of deadly and cruel diseases that afflict children and adults and receive little or no publicity and miniscule funding.

I recently wrote about Bill Gates and his new preoccupation with funding AIDS research and relief. I suggested that he had found a good way of becoming the darling of the Media Class and ensuring that he would receive the kind of favorable publicity that would rescue him from obscurity after he retired from his company. Within a few days of my piece he was headline news, pictured with Bill Clinton as both were feted at the Toronto international AIDS jamboree. Most of the publicity surrounding AIDS funding also includes a reference to malaria or some other deadly African disease, but I suspect their inclusion is a smokescreen. It is AIDS that the Media Class wants to cure without a change of behavior. I leave it to the reader to work out why this disease has the global priority of the Media Class. If there is a reader who can’t make the connection, he is too dim to be reading this website!

3. It’s a Dog’s Life

I also collect cuttings about pets, though not because I am a pet lover. There is a correlation between the media preoccupation with pets (mostly with dogs) and the decline in the birth rates in advanced countries that is now drawing much publicity and alarm. Thanks to Feminism, abortion, Family Planning organizations, a Media-induced preoccupation with materialism and glamour, the decline of Christianity (and other great religions except Islam), and the attacks on the institution of heterosexual marriage, women are not bearing children. The one-child family is popular and so is the one-parent family, and “new forms” of family, especially with the media and the Leftists of academia. Am I mistaken in detecting a stigma attached to large stable heterosexual two-parent families? Are there ever films, soaps or news stories that pay tribute to the married couples who raise lots of children (sometimes including chronically sick or handicapped members) successfully?

One does not have to look far to see that the dog has replaced the child as the centerpiece of many couples lives. Since reproduction lost its popularity many decades ago, there are now many older people who have no grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Adult emotional needs that in the past would have been satisfied by children, are now filled by a pet (or two or three).

In the inquest on the Katrina New Orleans disaster, it was revealed that rescue operations were greatly hampered when people stranded in flooded homes refused to leave their pets. The San Jose Mercury News reported on 22nd September 2005, “As the aftermath of Katrina unfolded along the Gulf Coast, the failure to include pets in the rescue efforts shocked millions [who counted, I ask?] of pet lovers across the country. Television viewers watched in horror as a poodle was ripped from a little boy’s arms in New Orleans….. and saw boat after boat pass dogs stranded on roofs for days, then weeks.” It was announced that future plans include the rescue of pets with owners.

This kind of madness draws no critical comment from the media. Americans now spend $34 billion a year on their pets, double what was spent in 1994. Much of this enormous sum is spent on toys, beds and frills and special dog furniture is manufactured to match owners’ home décor. All of this excess spending comes at a time when a small increase in gasoline prices is orchestrated by the media to make President Bush look heartless. The same media that celebrates this outrageous indulgence of pets in the US sees no hypocrisy in complaining that poverty amongst people is always on the increase. What is behind all of this reporting is the humanization of pets at a time when millions of innocent human babies are cruelly aborted for adult convenience? The media never juxtaposes these two facts. Indeed, the same media that sets out to elevate dogs to human status, operates a censorship on the details of late-term abortion.

Many financial conservatives will not like what I have written here, since pet worship is not a Leftist monopoly and much conservatism has become detached from Christianity. It is a sad fact that the Media Class’ twisted morality has re-defined how so many people think. Of course, the never-ending attacks on Christianity by Leftists, is based on the Darwinist theories that Leftists impose on public school children and students. This Darwinism proclaims that man and animal share a common accidental origin. From this, it is a short step of reasoning to ask why shouldn’t the puppy and the human baby be of equal value.

4. “Godless” by Ann Coulter

This leads me to mention the latest Ann Coulter book “Godless”. You will not find it seriously reviewed in the media, despite it having recently been a bestseller. You might though, hear it vilified along with its author, on many political chat shows. Coulter is painted as THE extremist of the Right, not because her ideas are extreme, but because she so effectively and ruthlessly lays bare Leftist nonsense. I try hard to find Leftist responses to her arguments, but there is only personal abuse. Her chapters on crime/ punishment and abortion are excellent, but it is the chapters on Darwinism versus Intelligent Design that stunned me. I have never been convinced by Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest”, but I did not realize just how threadbare it is nor the lengths that today’s Leftist academics will go to in order to prevent it from being debated anywhere. This book is a must for anyone who values freedom of speech and freedom of ideas and wishes to be informed. In it you will discover the facts the Media Class will never give you.

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